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  1. More than dinner, there's the whole Retreat thing to consider...the "suites only" lounge and sun deck. We've always thought Luminae was equal to the specialty restaurants, sometimes better. Throw in the Retreat and it would be a shame to pay the suite premium and not fully enjoy all of the perks. Especially on a 4 B2B. Depends on how much time you want to spend with your friends. Maybe they'd consider doing a suite.
  2. We've already moved our Dec 2020 cruise out to Jan 2022. By then we certainly hope there will be an effective vaccine and no significant restrictions, such as mask requirements. We have no issue wearing a mask at present for shopping, etc. But really can't see a long flight, much less a week or more on a ship, having to wear a mask and still think of it as a vacation. On the other hand we've had no problem with the social distancing aspect of all this and can't see where that, if required in some way, would create a major inconvenience.
  3. Things go missing? One cruise a number of years ago we searched like crazy for a script of muscle relaxers (methocarbamol) and a pair of DW's sandals. Asked the room steward and he also searched while sweating and obviously very concerned. Glad we didn't report to security because we got home and found the muscle relaxers in the pantry and the sandals in the outside pocket of our large suitcase. They were with us all along. We're often sure about so many things, including our diligent searches, when in fact we're always so fallible. As far as butler's we've usually had excellent on
  4. We always ask for the fridge to be emptied, for extra pillows and mattress topper, and for red wine in exchange for the sparkling wine/champagne they put in the room. Probably a couple of other things that don't come to mind at the moment.. I like the idea of menus in the suite and might consider that on our next cruise. We tend to peruse all the menus (Luminae, MDR, specialty restaurants, etc.) on our first visit to Michael's Club/Retreat Lounge, and usually with a good pour of bourbon in hand.
  5. We've cruised Celebrity many times on both M and S class ships, and Summit is by far our favorite. Got another one planned for Feb. Never had an issue with either burgers or dogs, but thought the high marks given by others for the Luminae burger were a bit off base. Still, had them twice on our last cruise and I promise I tasted beef, not lamb. Can't do lamb. If it's lamb in Feb (I'll ask) I'll try a different Luminae lunch selection.
  6. Wordy? Not at all, at least not in my book. Here's the thing...I've been on other boards, sometimes asking questions but much more often responding to the questions of others. I find the dialogue usually is short and hopefully to the point, but often drifts off course, sometimes wildly diverging from the original question. In depth information can be hard to come by. This is my first Regent thread involvement, but I've found responses to be highly informative, to the point and given with entertaining and insightful back stories...plus I also learned how to post a photo! We started
  7. We always cruise in suites and we always, when given a choice, use the shortest line. Red carpet with gold stanchions seems embarrassing at first, but when you're returning to the ship exhausted and can only envision a couple of shots of good bourbon and a comfortable place to sit, the embarrassment quickly subsides. Now going to the front of a tender waiting line will certainly get you some hard looks and maybe snide comments (God knows there are enough of those on the Celebrity "suite" threads) but last year in Juneau, the cold and wind and rain had me wishing for a priority, "move to the fr
  8. Suites can be a problem! We've cruised a good bit and while we've never done an inside, we started with ocean views, moved to balconies, and then to suites. The problem is once you've moved up it's hard to move back. We did a luxury cruise 10 years ago. Great ship, service, staff and accommodations, but we were totally bored onboard. We sought out more luxurious accommodations on bigger ships to gain a more active onboard experience and found Celebrity provides it. A suite gives us a great suites-only restaurant and club with drinks, and on the Revolutionized X ships, a suites-only
  9. Got that right brother...thought I get in on this before it becomes a multi-page rant!
  10. We've not done the Norway cruise, but on our most recent X cruises (7 nights x 2, 12 nights x 1), we saw only a small number of men in formal dress, as well as their companions ("formal" includes tuxedos, full dress kilts, etc.). We tend toward much less formal--DW in a nice long comfortable dress, me in a suit sans tie and socks--and we're still more dressed up than the crowd. I've never seen ragged jeans and a tee shirt (might be barred from the MDR), but like Orator said, wear what you want...it's your vacation.
  11. Mark...thanks so much for the additional detailed "life aboard" information. You and the others--this entire thread--exemplifies to me the value of Cruise Critic and its many boards. We've been cruising on and off since the debut of RC's Sovereign of the Seas (1987 or '88?) and I think our upcoming cruise in Feb is number 20 or 21. Over the years we've definitely dialed back the wild and crazy party atmosphere (a major reason I can't remember if it's 20 or 21), and with the exception of an occasional 3-day run to New Orleans (Royal Sonesta, French Quarter, the Treme, etc.), we've t
  12. And thank you for the kind compliment. The only thing more gorgeous than his looks is his personality. We live in a private, very pet-friendly neighborhood of 69 homes, and he's the neighborhood mascot. More people know his name than know mine.
  13. Want to thank TravelCat and UUNetBill for the input and advice. We're not really "club scene" folks anymore, although with enough bourbon I can convince myself that my freestyle dance moves are almost legendary (not necessarily in a good way). We do enjoy most of the big production shows, but also smaller venues with a pianist, a classical music trio, a comedian, etc. We've booked many excursions, both ship provided and private, but have usually avoided those that started too early (like 8 a.m.). Still, from the information provided, it does seem that Regent is more active than Silversea, our
  14. Mark, enjoyed your enthusiastic review and wondering what other cruise lines you've used? We've never tried Regent but are considering it. We've been on most major lines (not Carnival) and some that no longer exist. The closest we've come to Regent is a Silversea med cruise 10 years ago and we had conflicting feelings about it. Great accommodations, staff and service; good (not great) food; our biggest issue was being bored onboard. Enjoyed the ports and excursions, but on the ship the choices of bars, entertainment and activities were limited to say the least. For us that made for some less t
  15. The "retreat" areas of X ships are just the latest wrinkle in amenities for suite guests. The provision of those amenities has, indeed, been an ongoing topic of CC debate, led only by "dress code" and "smokers". Of course, Celebrity is not the only major cruise line to provide some additional level of service to those willing to pay for it: RCL and Princess offer special dining options; NCL and MSC have the "ship-within-a-ship" concept allowing for total separation. IMO it's about attracting cruisers who find the smaller ship luxury lines (Silversea, Regent, Oceania, etc.) lacking in onboard e
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