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  1. We purchased the 40 piece with just one of us being charged. So 40 piece laundry x 1. YES, just check one box. did the same last year and it worked out great for amount of items sent out.
  2. My Husband does like just dressing in nice sweater and dark slacks. He also wears nicer, (dress shoes ) not sneakers to dinner or evening in general. I like to dress in fancy tops and nice slacks with dress shoes. We can mix and match that way , as our cruises are usually more than 10 days. This is for cooler weather cruises, like Alaska. For tropical cruises, I do sundresses and he has Tommy Bahama shirts with slacks. I think if you are dressed in a respectful way and comfortable, it is all good.
  3. When you log into MSC site and look for a cruise. On pricing and details page, you have a choice of clicking on All In promotion box. Interesting that if you click on this for a YC category cabin, price increases . The only thing not already included in YC would be OBC of $100 per cabin. internet will be included in cruises after May1, 2020. All In Plus promotion has drink pkg, internet and OBC and reduced deposits. Available on all regions MSC sails. Checked ours for Northern Europe and fare with promo is $300 more for YC that already gets drinks and WiFi. Not sure it is worth paying $300 for $100 OBC -roll ๐Ÿ‘€ eyes.
  4. Just reread my post.. I really should proofread my stuff. meant to say, โ€œ ambiguous โ€œ not ambitious. Thanks for the recommendations, especially Elbphilharmonie. Was able to get concert tickets . Glad we have a 4 day stay in Hamburg.
  5. Thank you so much for this information. Really helps, Hamburg Card site is somewhat ambitious as to benefits of card.
  6. Not sold out, so thank you for the recommendation. Appreciate all the help and suggestions. Anyone have experience with Hamburg Card / multi day city pass?
  7. We sailed YC last year and I really enjoyed spa access. Just go down to spa reception and they get your cabin info and get you set up. When You go down, give name and cabin number and they gave you key for lockers. Used salt room, sauna, steam and whirlpools. Additional charge for massages, facials etc. did have haircut onboard , which was really good. we are sailing Preziosa , YC, in June. Since cruise is to Iceland, pretty sure I will be spending time in spa area, whenever I need to warm up.
  8. Our cruise is in June. Surprised how many hotels are sold out before and after the cruise dates. Week after cruise is very limited, our favorite hotel chain is sold out. Very surprised.
  9. Just one question....have not sailed YC since last year. can I still get a glass of champagne at lunch and dinner?
  10. Thanks you so much. Just realized I forgot to get back to you .
  11. We were on Meraviglia YC last spring. European cruise and mostly European passengers. Did not see tipping during cruise/dining room/YC Top Sail. We tipped when room service delivered morning meal. . Our Butler was MIA for most of the cruise, except the last night. Our room Steward did all the heavy lifting during our cruise and we tipped him accordingly. When we disembarked, our room steward asked concierge if he could walk us out to our car service. We had incredible service. Did not tip individual waiters as we had a different one every night. Tipped concierges, YC Manager and Luigi, Restaurant Manager. Most importantly , we thanked each one who assisted us during our cruise in person. I think a heartfelt Thank You goes along way.
  12. MSC page describing Daily Hotel Service Charge and the increase taking place next summer (2021) to $14.00pp/day. Currently, 12.50pp/day . This is not listed as a gratuity. Yeah, I know, usual CC semantic discussion here. Just noticed they have a section. TIPS-MSC does not recommend tipping individual staff members. Thought this was somewhat amusing as many do just that. Best advice, pay daily HSC and then anything additional should be personal choice.
  13. That is a ton of work, andThey do not encourage this on the ships. I was going to leave message on cabin phones night before but, Many did not want to divulge cabin numbers. I went with adding reminder when answering their emails and posting here right before the cruise worked best. Meet and Greet usually held first full day, so many still remember the reminders. Good luck, you will do well. Remember, your special events coordinator is your best friend on the ship.
  14. I have organized several M&G, most recent one was Sept2019. It does depend on HD of ship. The most I have ever received was bottle of wine or strawberries delivered to cabin. Did it twice on the Pearl , enjoyed it but received nothing extra. Once, when in a Suite, had a bottle of wine delivered to room. This last one, Bliss(Alaska) they did a great job for everyone. We all got special treats delivered to cabins. Everyone thanked me but, it was special events coordinator who did it. Cabin numbers given at sign up for meet and greet. I gave her a big โ€œthank youโ€ gift at end of cruise. Received nice emails after from my group. We had many first time cruisers, left a great impression. No recap from HD. Ton of work, if done well. Do it only if you are committed to being a good leader for group and able to answer questions about NCL procedures to help new cruisers.
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