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  1. Received another email from MSC. States email last week ,l with itinerary changes was not correct... New email does show correct ports in order. Just hanging on..... waiting for more changes🙄
  2. Our direct flights from LAX to FLL were cancelled. They tried to put us on connecting flights over 2 days. NO....researched options and found more desirable schedules. Called in and they did the change I requested without any issue. It helps to know your airlines policies for cancels and changes. For AS, If flight change is 60 minutes or more or cancelled, you are entitled to change without additional fees or fare changes. If I had cancelled and booked new airfare - that change would have cost us $1,200 more.
  3. Received same email regarding Nov 13 Meraviglia cruise. Not impressed with the 2 ports . But, it now has stop at OC, which was missing before. No offer of any OBC to accept changes. . So, we can accept it, ( with no additional perk from MSC) , cancel it ( with refund of deposit) or change to a cruise with much higher rate. As of now, will hang in there….. waiting to see how things shake out this summer. Our final payment not until August 10. Had to call in and get our YC cabin back on this cruise. It was important because we have B2B and had same cabin for bo
  4. Weekends are the worst time to try and call MSC. (MSC does their "online housekeeping" on the weekends.) Waiting until Monday seems to work much better, at least that has been my experience.
  5. Sounds like they are blocking certain cabins to maintain limited capacity and distance of passengers on each deck. Also, it has been reported that MSC is setting aside blocks of cabins in each category for quarantine of covid cases.
  6. HUCA is always the best advice when getting less than desirable response. Have to do that all the time with the airlines.
  7. Yes, this is totally dependent on agent at the other end. We were told we were GTY because our cabin was for 4 and we were only 2 people. I pressed her on that fact as we were able to get our cabin selection at time of booking. (Did not mention that all cabins suddenly became available for sale when they changed itinerary) As this was a YC stateroom, most will be couples rather than families of 4. Asked that we just get our previous cabin reassigned. Finally, she agreed and send email with confirmation. We are also B2B and worked hard to make sure we had same
  8. Received same email. Looked up cruise details and ours was guarantee also. Had to call and get stateroom back. in reading the email, sounds like we can change to another cruise without penalty before final payment. Increase in fare would be due on new cruise. Thought we could already do that? Also, refund may be requested before final payment without penalty . I guess you would get your deposit refunded? email is strangely worded…. we were hoping they would allow lift and shift but, no.
  9. MSC encourages everyone to get a vaccination so they may have a "superior" experience on their cruise. Comparing Fully Vaccinated passenger guidelines and non vaccinated passenger guidelines, they seem identical. Only difference is having to purchase ship excursions and have some type of insurance. Not too sure those non vaccinated passengers will wear masks when out on their excursions and then return onboard. This does not sound like a "superior experience" for those who are fully vaccinated. We really thought MSC would follow other cruise lines and opt f
  10. Also, those who are this cruise should check their booking on MSC site. If your cabin assignment shows guarantee, your previous cabin assignment is no longer in your reservation. we had to call and request our previous cabin selection be put back on our booking.
  11. I’m with you, just happy to be onboard and enjoying our time at sea. Our cruise will be less about ports but just relaxing and spending time together. Since we also have YC booking, looking forward to a lovely time on a beautiful ship.
  12. Thank you for the heads up on the stateroom assignments disappearing. We did call this morning to have ours reinstated. At first agent claimed we went to guarantee because it was a YC cabin for 4 and we were only 2... Ahhhhh. NO, we already had that cabin before It was fixed and Yes, ours was showing available for booking and I did notice what you described above. Next few weeks will be interesting.....patience?
  13. My understanding is that YC area on OC has umbrellas and loungers for those guests. Since Covid, not sure what practices will be in place when we finally sail again.
  14. For YC3 onboard, there are cabanas for those cabins on Top Sail that are reserved for those guests. On OC, I think they are now charging YC3 passengers to use those on shore....guessing it might be up to YC Concierge for each ship? (It was some outrageous amount like $400/day)
  15. It depends on when you are sailing...Summer Easy Package is included in Promo offered currently. Winter has different packages and Easy Plus is the package included in promo right now. If you go to MSC, click on On Board then Drinks and Dining and then Drink Packages.....It has a Drink Comparison Chart (click on that) with lists of drinks for each package. If wondering if your sailing is under Winter. There is a chart for each ship when the new packages take effect.
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