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  1. JerryInIL

    Pre-Cruise in Venice Question

    I agree that the pre-cruise would be a great way of meeting fellow cruisers, all the more reason to include a short walking/bus tour for that much money. Fortunately, we have a lot of time to think about it. :)
  2. JerryInIL

    Pre-Cruise in Venice Question

    We would have taken the April 6th cruise, but thought it might be a little warmer in May.
  3. JerryInIL

    What is Dress Code in MDR (Viking Sea)?

    On a recent river cruise on the Rhine, I'd say approximately one half of the men wore a sport jacket, no tie for formal dinners. Rest were collared shirts and nice slacks. Is this about the same for VO?
  4. JerryInIL

    Pre-Cruise in Venice Question

    Thank you OK. So it's worth $1,600?
  5. JerryInIL

    Pre-Cruise in Venice Question

    We booked a 2020 Venice/Athens on Viking Sea and reserved a 2 night pre-cruise for $800pp. Is this just an estimate of the cost? According to the Viking website, this pre-cruise has no tours, just the hotel, breakfast and transfers. $1,600 for both of us for 2 nights seems a little high, unless it's a really nice bus.
  6. JerryInIL

    Viking Ocean Cruises Drink Policy

    So, if I want a glass (or 2) of Chianti or Sauvignon Blanc before dinner instead of the included house red or white, it will be less than the $15 limit?
  7. JerryInIL

    Viking Ocean Cruises Drink Policy

    What do they mean by $15? Per day limit, per drink?
  8. JerryInIL

    Travel agent ??

    So I asked Viking about certified/preferred TA's and they told me they to do not recommend/endorse TA's.
  9. JerryInIL

    Travel agent ??

    I can't find a link on the VO website for locating a TA as some other cruislines do. How do I find a Viking certified/preferred TA? I wanted to use the Big warehouse store, but they don't list Viking.
  10. JerryInIL

    Viking Ocean Cruises Drink Policy

    ...and do OBC apply to the extra drinks ???
  11. JerryInIL

    Viking Ocean Cruises Drink Policy

    Sorry if this was already covered above, but what is the per drink charge for "house" beer and wine, outside of meals and without a drink package?
  12. JerryInIL

    Tipping on ocean cruise

    Do Viking staff magically appear on the last day of the cruise asking if everything was satisfactory, ie. "feel free to tip me"?
  13. JerryInIL

    Dining Room "Entertainment"

    We are looking at a Mediterranean cruise for Spring 2020, possibly "Empires of the Mediterranean" on Viking Star. We are infrequent cruisers, taking a few large ships in the Caribbean and Alaska and one European river cruise. We loved the small river cruise and look forward to a small ocean cruise ship. One thing we really disliked on the big ships was the MDR "singing/dancing entertainment" by the crew (before dessert and coffee). I think they did this 3 times on our Alaska cruise. Maybe we are just boring seniors, but please tell me they don't do this on Viking or any other small cruise ships. tia
  14. Thanks for the info. I like that the Uniworld itinerary includes a visit to the Terezin concentration camp.
  15. Caligirl, we are also looking for a Danube/Prague cruise, possibly Spring 2020. Did you run across any other cruiselines with this itinerary as a possibility? We were very impressed with our Uniworld Castles Along the Rhine tour but would consider others if there were any advantages. BTW were you on the 6/3 Castles tour? We had a fantastic experience.