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  1. There is a Dan Murphy's just up the road (about a 10 minute walk each way) and there may even be a boutique wine store among the wharf shops. The wine has to be in your carry-on (not your checked luggage) two bottles per cabin.
  2. Do you know what time they open up for receiving bags at the terminal on embarkation day? We are leaving from the Singapore Cruise Centre and I would like to drop our bags off early in the morning and then do the Singapore Flyer. Legend of the Seas departs at 4:30 pm
  3. The ships photogs will take the passport size snaps you need for Cambodia, for about US$5 each, though there may be a queue... A guy on our cruise recommended the following as an alternative do it yourself method. Which I have used :) Go to a website called http://www.epassportphoto.com and enter your country and photo type you need. Then click on the Get Passport Photos button. Now this next step is vital. DO NOT CLICK ON EITHER THE DRUGSTORE PICKUP or MAIL HOME buttons. Go a bit lower on the page and click on the "or you could use our FREE do it yourself service." Here is a direct link to get a free one for Norway... http://www.epassportphoto.com/70/Free/Norway/Passport/step1 Just follow the instructions, upload your photo, size it then generate the jpg, wait one minute and download the set of four snaps. Take the photo to your favorite printing service, and you end up with good passport photos for a few cents each. It is recommend that you don't print them at home, as some governments will not accept them on plain paper.
  4. We too are doing the cruise this November, not long now and we will have the answers! We lucked out with the drink package A$28 per day for the ultimate and also bought some OBC when it was at 1:1
  5. I forgot about: Suits - 5 and a half seasons The Last Ship - Seasons 2 concluded last Sunday Outlander - Season 1 so far
  6. Justified, finished at 6 seasons :) Sleepy Hollow - season 3 starts this October
  7. Great photos and review, thanks. :D I am wondering if there is an outdoor seating area for the Windjammer (other than around the pool)
  8. As usual, awesome photos and information too :) Thanks for the updates!
  9. It's actually Hong Kong to Brisbane, for the start of the Legend's summer down under, so I was very surprised to find the cheap rate. For the cruise prior, Singers to Honkers, the rate is A$54/day which is still a bargain when compared to the full price of A$98/day.
  10. An Ultimate drink package on our upcoming 18 night Legend OTS cruise is only AUD$28 or US$21 per day including grat. Too good to say no to. The refresh and replenish packs are excellent value too. Someone suggested the prices were so cheap because its an Asian cruise and they tend to gamble more than drink. Whatever the reason it is a win for us though.
  11. I am surprised you are surprised, the purpose of the forum is after all to help fellow floaters.
  12. Did it in 2011 on the Radiance, did it again 2 months ago and was very disappoint to find it was the same mystery! Still it was entertainment and a fun night. Bada Bing Bada Boom they got my money!
  13. And that is the way we should look at it, well said :)
  14. Ahh, so you think Royal Caribbean ships attract a better class of client, hence they can still offer drink packages? :eek: LOL
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