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  1. Fabulous decision! There is just something special about a guy in a tux! Enjoy your cruise
  2. Success! I think you were correct Favourite Places as once we were a few days past final payment the app magically worked. I had manually entered our passport info on Princess before and when I could finally get into the area within the app that collects travel doc info my passport info appeared and I didn’t need to scan it. However, even though my DH’s info had been manually entered we had to scan his. Makes no sense but I don’t care as we finally have green check marks on all of the bubbles in the app. Many thanks to all of you who tried to help us with this challenge!
  3. Oh, the joys of new technology! Thx for sharing what you learned from your call - very helpful.
  4. Thx for trying to help AF-1! Those are exactly the steps I have followed. I was able to add our photos, pin code, etc. and when I click on the Travel Documents bubble it brings up my country correctly. But, on that page when I click on “add required documents for travel” the app brings up a page that says “There was an error getting your travel document recommendations. Please try again later”. Several days, lots of re-tries (some on different devices) and I continue to get to the same error msg. For some reason it won’t let me go to where I can scan in our passports. When I first started on the app it asked for permissions for Bluetooth, camera, etc and I said ok to all of the requests (and I have double checked in settings and everything is turned on). I am usually pretty good with these kinds of apps but this one is a frustrating mystery.
  5. I am using the new app without being able to get into where I can try to scan the passports. I have decided to give up and have this info added at port which given some comments on this thread sounds easy to do and avoids having our passport info stored on yet another system.
  6. I really like Princess but there are a few pet peeves including all of the above plus: - the push for up sales when receiving spa services - all photographers - overly loud sound systems in the theatre - the unappealing chocolates on the pillow at night - bad coffee made from that liquid coffee stuff I also think it’s unfortunate that room stewards have to spend time on towel animals. And, given the problems I am having trying to put our info into the medallion app, I don’t need that frustration!
  7. I have tried three devices so far with no success but all are fairly new so perhaps the app works better on older devices? I wish I could scan the bar code on my passport but can’t get to where the app supports scanning. It truly is frustrating.
  8. Thx so much for your help! i can’t get to the point of scanning at all nor can I see any way of adding a photo since I dead end at the error message I have been getting. I will try the suggested phone number and see what happens.
  9. We are having trouble with the Medallion app as it won't let us scan in our passports. When we go to the page on the app where this should be done it correctly shows our country of citizenship but when we click on "add required documents for travel" we get a msg that says "There was an error getting travel document recommendations. Please try again later". I've been trying for two days but I always get the same thing. Has anyone found a way around this problem? I don't want to have to call Princess about it as I had to call them yesterday to look into the problem on the app regarding our cruise personalizer info. I was on hold for a long time listening to bad music and would rather not have to do that again if I can avoid it. The problem I had yesterday may be of interest to some CC members as it reflects an issue with the performance of the app. All of our info is in the cruise personalizer and it says "complete" on the summary page yet on the app it says the cruise personalizer is not complete. I went into the cruise personalizer and saw there were several fields that showed the correct info yet were marked with red stars meaning the info was required but not there. I re-entered the info several times but still had the same result. Princess could only tell me they are aware of this problem and are working on it. There was no ETA on when it would be fixed. So, for now I know I can't complete the cruise personalizer on the app but if I can scan in our passports I'd like to get that done. If you have found a solution to the problem I'm experiencing I would really appreciate hearing from you. I know that some have reported problems with how the app has worked during their time onboard so I know that Princess is still working out the introduction of this new system. It's just too bad it was released before all of the functionality was in place.
  10. Sorry, I should have mentioned that what I get is in CAD which explains the difference in the prices. Thx again for your help in finding this info!
  11. many thanks! Found it where you said to look. My mistake was looking under specialty dining. For our cruise the breakfast is $60.75 and the dinner is $135 (both for two). really appreciate your prompt reply on this Astro Flyer!
  12. We will be on Ruby this spring but I don’t see the UBD listed among the specialty dining options. Is it available on Ruby? If so, does anyone know if we can book it in advance? Also, does Princess still off their special breakfast?
  13. What is the upper price limit covered by the premium beverage package when the prices are in AUD? I believe it is $12 per drink when in USD.
  14. Fabulous blog! Thx for sharing so much info in such an interesting and positive way. One last question: when there was music in the Grand Foyer did you notice if people were dancing and, if so, did the floor look crowded?
  15. Thx to all who replied! I have checked our order history but only our excursions show. We purchased them after we had booked so it seems that everything from our booking is not shown but the later purchases are. It is very disappointing that X can’t show each passenger’s full portfolio. They have to have that information in their system so it doesn’t seem that this is a very big ask.
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