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  1. Key difference for us is the entertainment. We used to sail a lot on HAL but not any more. They have dumbed down the entertainment with the exception of Lincoln Centre which is wonderful (classical music). Other than that, HAL falls very short on entertainment. It used to be that the Ocean Bar on HAL ships had great little ensembles playing music that was nice to sit and listen to or, for people like us who love ballroom dancing, to get some dancing in. We spent many wonderful evenings listening to those groups. They now seem very focused on their BB King knock off band which we found had poor quality performances (on several sailings) with music played so loud we couldn’t stay even with ear plugs. They also have excessively loud settings in the theatre. For us, Princess wins hands down for entertainment. We do wish that Princess would do an unlimited laundry service for a fixed rate per day as HAL does and HAL has better room service for breakfast.
  2. I have to wait until Monday to call the Visa dispute centre to find out what's happening (just noticed the problem on Friday evening). I did a cc dispute in early May for three payments: deposit, FP, and excursions. Visa processed all three as credits to our account (actual credits, not pending amounts). After that, Princess came through with a refund for the deposit and FP but not the excursions. I called Visa at that point and they reversed the two payments that Princess had refunded and left the payment for the excursions. So, at that point, we were still made whole. Now, there is a charge to my Visa for the amount of the excursions but no refund for them from Princess. So I am back to having paid for excursions on a cruise that didn't happen and am not happy. My guess is that Princess disputed the refund that Visa had made although since they haven't refunded us, I am at a loss as to why they would do that. I hope to get to the bottom of this soon! And I am just so fed up with Princess - I was before but I am now really at the point of having had my loyalty to this company eroded.
  3. Yes! They just clawed back the amount for our excursions!
  4. Me too! We had all of our first cancelled cruise from April settled and now they have reversed the amount for our excursions. We are SO disappointed. And, we continue to wait for the deposit refund for our September cruise. Princess has lost our loyalty and it will take a very special cruise routing to get us back.
  5. If only they would provide better dance music you may find fellow passengers who tango. We do a lot of Argentine tango but find that most ships don’t provide a lot of good music and dance space. We usually are frustrated but, when we can, we do dance. So look at the passenger dancers as well as what is on stage. You might find a few good dancers to watch!
  6. Like you, I am in Canada and while credit cards here will vary, our experiences may be a little similar. I disputed with Visa in early May and after three weeks they credited my account for the three outstanding amounts (deposit, FP, excursions). Approximately two weeks later Princess refunded the deposit and FP. I called Visa and they reversed what they had credited. They said they would have spotted it eventually and reversed their credit but they appreciated my call so it could be sorted out easily. To date, Princess still has not refunded the excursions so the amount from my Visa dispute stays. Other than some long waits on the phone, Visa was very good to work with and made the dispute very easy.
  7. I am doubtful that cc disputes prompt any action on a refund. I say this as in early May I disputed 3 cc payments (deposit, FP, and excursions) following the March 12 cancelation of our April cruise (option 2 with FCC applied much earlier). By late May the last of the 3 amounts was refunded as a result of the dispute then this week Princess refunded our deposit and FP. So, right now we have a double credit for most of what we were owed ( I am now waiting a little to see if Visa sorts this out before I do another long wait on hold trying to reach their dispute centre by phone). If the cc dispute had prompted anything within Princess I don’t think this would have happened as if they had paid any attention to dispute I don’t think they would have issued a refund. Just a guess and I hope your situation is all resolved soon.
  8. sorry....should have added that the FCC came sometime ago. Now we have to wait for the refund of our deposit for a September cruise (cancelled by Princess before FP). Doing the travel “unplaning” to take all of our trip arrangements apart is no fun!
  9. So glad we went the cc dispute route as we now have our full refund for our April 12th cruise (cancelled on March 12th by Princess with our option 2 request submitted that day).
  10. I am sorry to hear that. While I think today’s email with its lack of specificity on the status of the refund process runs the risk of further frustrating those waiting for a refund (as it did for us), it is hard to understand why the strategy at Princess is to send it to some and not all who are waiting for a refund. I expect that not getting it when others have isn’t a nice place to be.
  11. I agree completely with your analysis ceilidh1. Any company can run into challenges that sometimes, like now, are not of their making. Regardless of the cause, when customers are heavily impacted by a problem in a negative way a good company will develop a mitigation strategy based on strong, clear communication and as much transparency as possible. This is where Princess missed the mark and has incurred damage to its reputation. It is a sign of poor management decision making. Even the email today (aptly referred to in this thread as the “hold your horses” email) was, IMHO, a strategic mistake. For the many who are still waiting for refunds, this note didn’t give them enough information. Had it included something about the timelines and honesty about the approach to the refund process it could have mitigated some of the damage that has been done to Princess’s reputation.
  12. Check with your cc company as early as possible to see what their time lines are. I am in Canada so it may be different here but my Visa carrier is accepting claims up to 90 calendar days from the day your travel should have started. Regardless, I filed last week for an April 12 sailing and am now waiting to see if the provisional refund will stick or whether Princess will dispute it. CC companies have so many differences that you really do need to clarify what applies to you.
  13. So sad to hear about crew stuck on the ships. They deserve to be home during this difficult time and I hope that happens soon for all of them. We are among the many who selected option 2 at March 12 pause (for a cruise on April 12). We filed a dispute with Visa today. Had to wait 1 hour to get through (the dispute centre is very busy these days) but then it was very easy to do and was completed all over the phone. We had hoped that we would not need to go this route but we are too close to the 60 day mark so felt we had to take action. It’s a great relief knowing we have now greatly improved the odds of getting our money.
  14. It is interesting that you the only one who has reported any refunds in the hundreds of posts on CC I have read about refunds for those who selected option 2 for the March 12 pause. Why haven’t others also had refunds? It would be nice if the people you say have received them would post directly.
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