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  1. Am I correct in understanding that if you make final payment (ours will be in June for a September cruise) you can cancel up to 60 days prior to sailing but you won’t get a refund - all that is available is a FCC?
  2. I don’t think that the new version applies to us as the header says “This update applies to departures from May 11 to July 31, 2020.”.
  3. At last! Another great Jim_Iain blog! I look forward to them - they are one of the main reasons I keep checking this board between times when we are sailing (next one is not until Sept now that Princess cancelled what we had booked for April). Hope you have a wonderful, safe trip. So many of us will be following along with great interest.
  4. We take anti-viral OTC meds available from a supplements store (E.g., Natural Factors makes a good anti-viral that we always use when travelling). We also get a travel balm that a compounding pharmacy makes. We apply it to our nose every two hours when flying and haven’t had any colds/flu after flying since we started to use it. I am sorry that I can’t tell you what is in it since it is locally compounded.
  5. Further to the above, I asked my TA to see if Princess could give any indication about whether they anticipate being able to get to all of the ports on the itinerary we are interested in. If we can look up distances and speed and make a guess, I think that Princes with their greater experience in scheduling would be able to explore this too. I realize that ports can still be missed/shortened for other reasons (weather, etc.) but I do think it would be fair for Princess to provide info about what guests should expect for all itineraries on the Crown on all sailings scheduled until the ship is repaired. It is so frustrating that they are not providing any information. I guess they expect us to book the cruise and be okay with getting this info at the last minute (possibly after final payment). I think it is reasonable to expect them to provide more about the impact of the generator problem now. I'm having a lot of trouble deciding whether to risk it and book on the Crown or do a land tour instead.
  6. Many thanks for this link - it is very helfpul. I put in all of the ports on the sailing we are looking at and it seems it will work at 18 knots. Fingers are crossed that is the case!
  7. Many thanks for all of your replies! This is very helpful....I am heading now to order some pods from the Amazon link.
  8. We will be on the Ruby in April and will need to do some laundry. Is bringing one’s own soap allowed? If so, does it matter if we bring liquid or powdered soap? If not, do Princess ships have any scent free soap options? I ask as due to allergies I do much better with unscented soaps. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for this info. The sailing we are looking at is out of Southampton in September so if before the planned dry dock. We'll have to give this extra thought as missing a port on this Scandinavian itinerary would be a big loss especially if it meant we'd miss Oslo where we'd like to connect with family.
  10. We are looking at a cruise on the Crown. What impact is the generator problem having for those sailing on her?
  11. It’s unbelievable that the IT Dept at X can’t fix this quickly. This has been a known and very frustrating problem for too long.
  12. Fabulous decision! There is just something special about a guy in a tux! Enjoy your cruise
  13. Success! I think you were correct Favourite Places as once we were a few days past final payment the app magically worked. I had manually entered our passport info on Princess before and when I could finally get into the area within the app that collects travel doc info my passport info appeared and I didn’t need to scan it. However, even though my DH’s info had been manually entered we had to scan his. Makes no sense but I don’t care as we finally have green check marks on all of the bubbles in the app. Many thanks to all of you who tried to help us with this challenge!
  14. Oh, the joys of new technology! Thx for sharing what you learned from your call - very helpful.
  15. Thx for trying to help AF-1! Those are exactly the steps I have followed. I was able to add our photos, pin code, etc. and when I click on the Travel Documents bubble it brings up my country correctly. But, on that page when I click on “add required documents for travel” the app brings up a page that says “There was an error getting your travel document recommendations. Please try again later”. Several days, lots of re-tries (some on different devices) and I continue to get to the same error msg. For some reason it won’t let me go to where I can scan in our passports. When I first started on the app it asked for permissions for Bluetooth, camera, etc and I said ok to all of the requests (and I have double checked in settings and everything is turned on). I am usually pretty good with these kinds of apps but this one is a frustrating mystery.
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