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  1. Hi Vitalsign, just checked Easter school holidays 2020, they start about 2nd April. We'll be flying out 1st April for a week on Celebration, so could be best to keep the cabin we selected on deck 3 (464)... don't really mind as the reason we chose the cruise is the itinery. Thanks for your help.
  2. Sorry, I meant only a few Outside ones on deck 3 with a fixed double bed.
  3. Hi everyone Just wondering whether any other couples out there have ever selected a Celebration deluxe cabin on deck 6 (these cabins can take 3 passengers) only to be switched due to the cabin being needed for a party of 3, and if so at what point were you notified by Marella/Thomson, and what other cabin(s) were you offered. Booked early for Ancient Affair April 2020, really would like a cabin on deck 6 promenade as we've had one before but I'm aware we could be switched so I selected a 2 bed O/S cabin on deck 3, near centre of ship. Trying to decide whether to take a chance and switch to deck 6 anyway, or stick with what we have, which is one of only a few on deck 3 with a fixed double bed (prefer not to have L configueration) Thanks and apologies if this has been asked before.
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