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  1. W have sailed on 20+ Celebrity cruises, including 4 cruises this year (1 seven night cruise, 1 eleven night cruise and 2 fourteen night cruises). We have sailed in an inside cabin 90% of the time. We can afford to spend more money for higher level cabins, but we are satisfied with our inside cabin, the service, the food and entertainment. We are Elite and enjoy the perks: 1 free bag laundry per person, 1 free dry cleaning item per person and some free pressing, 90 free internet minutes each, and unlimited free drinks between 5:00 and 7:00 pm. All in all, we find our choice a good value. We also can go to Elite Breakfast. The Elite benefits increase our enjoyment with the vacation. I’m not envious of suite guests. Everyone pays what they can afford and/or what they feel is important to them. If a suite guest is paying 5 - 7 times what I’m paying - that’s their choice. I don’t begrudge suite passengers who paid a big premium for the benefits of Luminae., Special lounges, special seating, butlers, etc. We are just happy to be sailing on a Celebrity ship. We enjoy the product and feel well taken care of by the staff and crew. We have met many nice people on board. We don’t discuss who is in which type of cabin. We
  2. Was on the newly renovated Summit in September. There is no game room. However, Mah Jong and card players were allowed to play in Blu from 11:30 am until 3:30 pm. It was a pleasant atmosphere. We also played cards in the buffet area between 3:30 and 5:30 pm. It was after lunch and before dinner. We were able to get coffee, tea, water and snacks served in the buffet at 4:00 pm. Some people read books and played games in the Rendevouz Lounge. It was a cool weather cruise, so people were looking for indoor space.
  3. Sailed on the Summit in June and September. Shows were at 7:00 and 9:00 pm. We had drinks around 6:15 , went to the 7:00 pm show and went to late seating - held at 8:15 pm. We have done late seating on other Celebrity ships and it was at 8:30 pm. We liked the 8:15 dining time, because there was very little time between the show and dinner. We have sailed on 20+ Celebrity cruises and the shows are generally at 7:00 and 9:00 pm. The 7:00 pm show is less crowded.
  4. Love going to the private island. We have stopped at Labadee and Coco Cay during Celebrity cruises. We didn’t get off the ship in Coco Cay because it was a tender port. Now Coco Cay has a regular dock. It’s an easy beach day at the private islands because you just walk off the ship and look for a lounge chair. No cost for taxis and chairs, clean bathrooms, and free lunch - a good deal.
  5. We were on the September 8 sailing with you. We would do it again, as we live in New Jersey and it was an easy trip to and from the port. We loved the newly renovated Summit. We had a big round mirror over the desk, and enjoyed the lamps on the night tables that each had 2 outlets (good for plugging in cell phone, etc.). We had an inside cabin (a GTY) and was very satisfied with our midship location on deck 2. We had late dining - 8:15 pm; we headed to dinner after the 7:00 pm show every night. We found the MDR food to be good to very good, with the beef being especially tasty and tender. We enjoyed almost every show, except for the first night’s comedian. The local husband/wife act from Montreal was quirky and very enjoyable. The one negative was that there is no indoor movie theater. The weather was too cool for outdoor viewing - especially at night. There is no game room, but we were allowed to play Mah Jong in Blu during the afternoon. We also found tables in the buffet area, in the late afternoon (3:00 - 5:30 pm), where we played cards with friends. The ports were interesting and the weather was good, so all in all a wonderful cruise.
  6. We booked an inside GTY on August 7 for the September 8 sailing on the Summit. We received our cabin assignment on September 5 (by checking on the cruise check-in page). We liked our cabin on deck 2. Our friends booked a few days after us and found out their cabin the same day that we did. Their cabin was on deck 7, but their cabin was a “sideways” cabin and it didn’t have the large chair that we had - no room for it.
  7. We are also boarding the Summit tomorrow. Dorian is heading to Nova Scotia this evening. Hope there isn’t much damage there. OP: what are the seas like - how high are the waves?
  8. Thursday at 12:00 noon - found out our cabin assignment on line - Celebrity Check In. We, and our friends, both booked inside guarantee cabins on or about August 8. We are on deck 2 midship. Our friends are on deck 7 forward. We are Elite and our friends are Select. Wonder how Celebrity decides which people go in which cabins.
  9. Topper and Chandelier are THE WORST and need to be retired IMMEDIATELY! Waiting for Celebrity to go retro and bring back production shows containing Broadway and pop music favorites.
  10. It’s Wednesday night and we sail on the Summit on Sunday. Still no cabin assignment. Down to the wire.
  11. These boards never fail to amaze me - what a wealth of information! Thanks! We have been on 20+ Celebrity cruises. I had no idea that the porters would have the ship’s manifest with cabin numbers. I knew they had luggage tags.
  12. Thanks for the info about when the move up offers are processed. Regarding finding out a cabin assignment at the dock: when we arrive at the ship, we give our luggage to the porters. Who exactly would give us the cabin number? The porters wouldn’t have it.
  13. FlorenceItaly. We also sailed on the Summit in June and liked the refurbishment. We liked driving to the port and the ship so much that we decided to sail again 3 months later. As of this morning (August 31), we still have no cabin. Wonder if Celebrity assigns cabins over the Labor Day weekend.
  14. We booked a GTY cabin on the September 8 sailing on the Summit. The ship sails 9 days from now and we still don’t have a cabin assignment. Has Celebrity ever not come through with a cabin? A few years ago we booked a cruise on Princess. They overbooked the ship and called us to see if we would go on another sailing. They offered financial incentives to do so. Unfortunately, we couldn’t change our date and didn’t take the offer. Has anyone not gotten a cabin from Celebrity after booking a GTY? We have been told by our travel agent that we can receive a cabin assignment up to one day prior to sailing. As we are driving to port, we don’t have to worry about flights. However, it would be nice to know if we will be sailing before we stop our mail and start packing.
  15. Leaned from another CC post that the pipes under the pool leaked and caused damage to cabins on decks 7, 8, and 9 on the Summit (August 16 sailing). About 30 cabins were affected. Sorry for anyone in those cabins. Celebrity have passengers compensation. However, we are sailing on the Summit - September 8 - and wonder if those cabins have been fixed.
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