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  1. Sophie. We sailed with Princess, the last large ship allowed to visit.We did sail past/through.It was still excellent.We did anchor once or twice but never got off in Antartica.We could not afford the expedition cruises then.It was quite emotional seeing the beautiful huge icebergs float by...The albatross and the flying fish for hours and hours along side us.Stunning to go on deck on a clear moonlit night.
  2. Thank you.Good advice.Will see how we get on tomorrow.
  3. Interesting read.We are looking at a 2024 cruise with Oceania.This weekend we are at a luxury travel show and Oceania will be there. And so now I'm now wondering if we should wait until our christmas cruise to see an Ambassador onboard for best deals? Can someone enlighten me on the benefits offered please.
  4. Thank you all.Do you the sort of temperature there?
  5. we are cruising down the Amazon in December and Im just wondering what to take to wear? Looking at anti mosquito shirts.Thank you
  6. Yep, Im silly but even at opening, two tours we really wanted to do were waitlisted.One is a tour of a lifetime in helicopter and walking on glacier. Whats wrong with 10am in Hawaii? Many Hawaiin tourists on the ships?
  7. It is definitely true and definitely not advertised.
  8. Two cocktails and that's more than $20 !
  9. Come on!. Waited up until 1am last night to book excursions.Exhausting and time consuming.Bed at nearly 2 am and up for work at 6am. How is this fair on a week day.We will have the same for restaurant reservations no doubt!
  10. Regards Regent excursion bookings, it is 8pm ET but 1am for us Brits.Seem a little unfair to have to wait until 1am and get to bed at nearly 2 am on a working week!
  11. O Life drinks package does include ‘fizz’ with meals too.
  12. Yes Iprp. Exceptionally cruel.Breaks your heart. But then I think camel riding and elephant riding for fun is too. Those poor animals have to endure so much just for people to have a laugh or take photos for their own pleasure.
  13. That is more like it. We hardly ever go to the ‘shows’ due to music choice. Why can’t they play more modern music. I would hate heavy metal but ballads by more modern artists, James May, Lewis Capaldi, Ed Sheeran, George Ezra,etc would at least be a refreshing change. I’m early 60s,.
  14. Oceania booked us on Virgin from Heathrow to Miami in December and British Airways from Rio de Janeiro back to Heathrow. We were told we could not choose our seats until flights were ticketed. That turned out to be partly true. Good old Virgin not only allowed us straight away to book our seats in Premium, it was also free. BA made us wait until ticketed by which time the best seats had gone and charged us £91 to choose what was left.
  15. Vancouver hotel on cruise in August this year: 2 nights at the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver, Deluxe Harbour room, B&B Basis
  16. I wouldnt mind an offer like that except the cabin number/placement would be of concern. I’m very ‘picky’ which cabin we have.
  17. Speak to the maitre de and I’m sure there can be something sorted for your wife.
  18. Great idea, OR use the facecloths. Wet them,squeeze them and lay across top of tub.Nice grippage!
  19. Cattle class for us Brits. Rather unfair when others get transatlantic business!!
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