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  1. Has anyone heard when the new rates for the pre and post cruise packages are being released? At the moment pricing is available only through March of next year.
  2. Marinetraffic.com still has her sitting in the Salinas Bay where she's been for weeks. My viewing of Cruisemapper is showing the X doing the originally planned Galapagos loop starting September 7th (which we know isn't true). So I'm still pessimistic on this news.
  3. Sippican, sorry if I wasn't clear. My main point was in line with first sentence in Ijshome's post above that "Just because the parent company is the same, the individual lines each have their target markets, and can have quite different services, decor and layouts". The Flora and the new Silversea are practically identical ships, so I don't expect any difference in the actual ship. The new Silversea should have the crew/naturalists off the old Silversea (top notch so I understand), so I think Silversea gets a slight edge here. As an organization, Silversea is considered more high end and I give points for this too. So if I was offered the choice at the same price between the two new ships (Silversea vs Flora), I'd go with Silversea. Still, I think Celebrity Xpedition was the best value and did book it for the upcoming Galapagos cruise. I do think though (as you have posted a few times) that Celebrity has not handled the communication well on this. But, to reference SoCalTraveler above, Celebrity does seem to be making reasonable offers to those people that have to be switched. However since it was mentioned that RCCL owns both lines, I was just reminiscing on how IF I believed that cruise line in the RCCL corporation is an RCCL cruise, I couldn't be on any of them. The circumstances on my one and only RC cruise was different then the current Galapagos license snafu, but on that one we should have received at least 1/2 price credit and were truly offered no refunds, but a "one category upgrade" on our next RCCL cruise - offer valid for 1 year only.
  4. Re: "I’m not sure how different the actual experience will be from one line to the other, especially since they are both now owned by RCCL.". I don't think ownership is that much of a deal. Carnival Cruise Line owns Princess, but no one can say that the cruise experience is the same on both brands. If I considered either Silversea or Celebrity as the same as RCCL, I'd be sailing the Galapagos with National Geographic. I've promised myself I'd never sail with RCCL again, and 30 cruises later, have kept that promise. For an analogy of why RCCL is a dirty word, imagine in this case if someone was informed of this licensing issue just a couple of weeks before (wow, this does sound like the current situation, doesn't it), had non-cancellable air tickets and hotel bookings, and their offer from Celebrity was instead of the suite on the Xpedition you booked, your being transferred to the smaller ship in a window room, and you'll get a "free one class upgrade on your next Celebrity cruise if it's for a sailing within one year of this current mess, otherwise you get nothing). From my understanding, Silversea will be run as it's own stand alone cruise line, and I choose to treat it as such. I've also chosen to treat Celebrity as a stand alone line, although this current Galapagos fiasco is causing deja vu nightmares of my experience with RCCL. Previous to this, I have enjoyed my few Celebrity cruises.
  5. I looked at Silversea before booking the Xpedition. Our friends had just gotten back this May from being on the Silversea Galapagos ship and absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, prices for the new ship wasn't out yet when we tried to book (and given the prices of the Flora, we assumed (correctly) that it wasn't affordable. The price we got on the Xpedition was much better and we booked that. Of course now the ship needs to actually start sailing again. If money was no object (and especially if my choices were Flora or Silversea for roughly the same price, I'd definitely go with Silversea.
  6. Thanks to everyone contributing to the wetsuit discussion, those so far, and those doing so in the future. We are booked for late May. Our plan was to take our normal rash (and sun) guard top and leggings and use the ship's shorties. We hate being cold. We also have a full body lightweight cloth wetsuits that has received a decade of use, but probably won't bring those.
  7. Does anyone have an e-mail for someone in the cruise line's management? Under "Contact us" on their website there is only snail mail and a phone number.
  8. I agree that Celebrity is handling this badly. We have reservations for May of 2021, so we have lots of time before it's a big issue for us. That said, it does decrease my respect for the cruise line (I've done two previous cruises with them). I already refuse to ever book a Royal Caribbean cruise again (the parent company). RC's transgression that can't be forgiven happened in the 70's. Since then we've been on over 30 cruises and the company has lost out on competing for all that business. Without going into details on our experience back then, imagine if in this case, Celebrity's offer to those August cancellations was "a free one category upgrade if you book a new Celebrity Cruise within the next year". Anyway, continue to check this thread daily to hopefully see a final resolution one way or the other.
  9. Thanks for the snorkeling suggestions. What is the best way to get to snorkel the Aquarium on Moorea from the PG. Didn't see that as a tour.
  10. Tahitianbigkahuna, on your first June 17 post above, I thought your item 3 advised were to find good snorkeling on the Moorea "BBQ on the Motu" trip. I now see that the hole is at PG's private island. Our upcoming PG trip (June, 2020) will be primarily for snorkeling (this is our 2nd PG and 3rd time in Tahiti). What excursions do you recommend for Moorea, since the Motu one now sounds less then exciting?
  11. Question on the snorkeling at the hole. I assume the rushing water is sometimes heading in and sometimes heading out depending on the tides? We are experienced snorkelers and swimming into the current from the bay towards the ocean (and then letting it push us back when we are done snorkeling) sounds doable. Getting to the hole easy peasy, but then testing how swift the current is trying to push us out passed the reef doesn't sound like a good idea.
  12. Looking at the latest Xpedition offerings, the first cruise they are selling now is in March of 2020. I looked at multiple weeks and one cruise had one deluxe window room 402, one cruise had guarantee pricing only on the deluxe window, and the rest were selling suites only. Looks like they plan to sell the most expensive rooms to try to maximize the revenue on what used to be a 98 person ship (and then plans for 65 guests), and now 48 only.
  13. Just the feedback I was looking for. We're fully booked for the 10 day 5/20/21 Xpedition cruise + Quito on the 4th deck. Now let's hope for the licensing to be straightened out.
  14. Yes, the Silversea pricing seems to be the equivalent to the 10 day cruise/Quito package on the Celebrity (7 day cruise, 2 nights pre-cruise, final day awaiting the flights back north).
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