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  1. Sort of sad as we saw famillies dress up for halloween, and look amazing (The entire adams family eating in the MDR!), and tbh most of the hen parties we have seen have been fairly sedate...one group had different themed hats each night with a seafaring theme...captains hats, pirate hats, lobsters and light up jelly fish, and the seaside...the only dodgy one was the 'lighthouse'...it was a lovely shade of pink,but was most definately a lighthouse! we loved it, the staff loved it, and they were giddy rather than drunk or offensive.They have not been on cruises shorter than a week though....
  2. Thankyou...I love a good musical!!(and comedian), but a couple of years ago the costumes and staging were a bit 'off'...very talented performers in the main...went with thompson last year, and although the ship its self was dated, we couldnt fault the shows....really looking forward to this cruise
  3. we havent travelled with Pand O for a good few years...what are the shows like now? we stopped going as they were a bit dated, and have sice been on other lines, but wondered if they had caught up?
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