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  1. My only real music/venue complaint is that they basically turned Schooner's into a adult-fun-playtime with the "sing along" guy every night. We were looking forward to trying this venue out as a nice place to relax and have a "high end" drink, but it was always packed with people singing Piano Man or whatever. This noise also carried over into Chops which honestly made it less classy. I'd suggest Royal rethink where exactly each performer sets up going forward.
  2. I was on this cruise. At the beginning there was a Journey tribute band, but they seemed to have gotten off in Florida. No tribute band after that.
  3. Thanks for the help folks. This has persisted a number of days across multiple machines and browsers, so I'll give the email route a try.
  4. When I log in to RC, I can see my cruise and can do the cruise planner stuff just fine, but when I try to update some info on my checkin, it states: " The requested reservation is currently being modified. Please try again at a later time. " I want to clarify that this is not the "Temporarily unavailable..." type of message I've seen if you log out and log in quickly. I contacted my TA who contacted RC who said basically "log out everywhere" which I already have ... but the condition persists. Anyone have an idea of how to get things back in their proper state?
  5. I purchased the deluxe drink package a while back. Is it supposed to "show up" somewhere on the cruise planner? In my calendar I see the other stuff, but not this. I did get the receipt and acknowledgement and all that, but just curious.
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