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  1. If you’re disembarking from your ship on the morning of your flight, that is where your time challenge will be. If you do not have Global Entry you are going to need extra time at YVR to pre-clear US Customs & Immigration.
  2. I should mention that you need to sign up with your email for sales alerts with Porter. You’ll get your best prices that way as the sales prices aren’t offered publicly.
  3. I do this a lot. It’s amazing how much you can save. Porter is a fantastic airline. You can fly from Windsor into downtown Toronto then take the UP Express to Toronto Pearson. Porter provides a free shuttle directly from Toronto City Centre (YTZ) to Union Station.
  4. The Embera Village is one of the most memorable tours I have ever done. We thoroughly enjoyed it and I have a beautiful small woven basket to remember it by. You still get to experience Gatun Lake so you won’t really be missing anything.
  5. Also check your junk mail in case it gets routed there.
  6. Depending on your TA you may not get them though.
  7. Oh no. That is very sad to hear. Would you be able to do it for them and communicate the information?
  8. Wow. That is so kind of someone to anonymously match donations for wool, and for HAL to contribute also. People are so kind. I wouldn’t have been much help to you on the trivia questions. 😳
  9. Keep in mind that a lot of the cabin pictures on Halfacts were taken prior to refurbishment so if the room looks outdated that will be why. You’ll also find reviews and pictures At This Link. Enjoy your cruise!
  10. I wonder if the increased pricing is an algorithm response to the number of hits they are getting on searches.
  11. Same experience as rkacruiser. I used to live there and would pick up and drop off family all the time. Just need your ID and know which ship.
  12. I thought the wines in Cellar #2 were better than Cellar #3. Even the wine steward said that.
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