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  1. You can use it for whatever you purchase on the ship, including the casino. You cash out, in person, no later than the last night.
  2. The Prinsendam used to have these all-inclusive fares with new itinerary releases. Was a very good deal for that ship.
  3. Just add it to the long list of other things you don’t know.
  4. Thanks for the report. Were they premium tables in the same area each night or were they just random any old where?
  5. Holy smokes. Look at the size of that ship!! Great pic.
  6. There is a ferry terminal right at the pier in Red Hook where you dock. If you are heading into Lower Manhattan you get off at Wall St/Pier 11. It is the third stop after you depart Red Hook. The ferry is the South Brooklyn or SB route. We did it with our luggage but in the opposite direction. Took about 15 minutes and was easy-peasy. Link to the NYC Ferry - South Brooklyn Route Also check the Cunard Board. Lots of good information there.
  7. My hairdresser took her first cruise recently. I told her not to read CC beforehand. She had a wonderful time.
  8. Bon voyage everyone! Have a fabulous trip!
  9. Just took a look at the behind-the-scenes culinary tour. I am shocked at the lady with the flip flops. Can’t believe they let her in as there are no open-toed shoes allowed. Great pictures though!
  10. Wow! Fantastic review and pictures and information. I’m sure this thread will be a valuable resource to others. So glad you are having a great time on Nieuw Statendam. Welcome to HAL!
  11. No. I called to book on the date of sail. Reservations connected me with the accounting department because they could no longer bring it up on their screen.
  12. Yes, you are right. I did assume it mean check-out as well. Definitely not the same.
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