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  1. Fine, so MSC is nearly three years late: my bad.
  2. It is much worse than you all are saying, being that this opening is over five years late!
  3. Yes this happened to me, though I brought my prior cards and was given Black Diamond Status for the cruise: but after seven days, HQ Italy still had not gotten back with the on-board loyalty guy.
  4. Well the Rep on board gave me a Black Diamond Card for the voyage and emailed Italy Monday last week, still no reply from them, by Today. Wow what a company.
  5. Why do they even have an US CEO anyway?
  6. Well the casino rep sent an order request and nothing yet. I talked with the loyalty department, they asked for my upgrade letter, which I forward to them. They agree, but sadly can't do anything about it, as it seems to be an IT issue, and that can only be done in Italy. Sadly, they the US based department is closed on the weekend and they don't know when the home office will get this done. I have been concerned about this for six months, yet I am always told that everything will be fine.
  7. I will try this next week.
  8. I have been in suites, but my Inside YC on Seaside was by far better, than any other experience on my three MSC cruises. Buy the upgrade and never look back!
  9. As a Black Card Holder, it is a written benefit.
  10. This week I was able to get a 7 night cruise on ARMONIA (Monday Nov. 4th sailing) through MyVegas for only 25,000 gold coins. I called the casino department to find out that I had been downgraded to Blue Card Status from Black. I Status Matched as a Royal Diamond and was given Black Card for 3 years, in 2017. I took a cruise on the Divina on 7/10/2017. On 3/11/2018 I took a 7 night Cruise on Seaside in Yacht Club. My question is why did I lose my Black Card Status, as I have done on one cruise a year, for all the time I had the card? I was told it was a three year status. I don't understand why the Yacht Club cruise is not showing online, but everyone I talk too agree (over the past 10 months) that I have the status and to ignore the website. This week, I was told that I lost the status in September, but none has a reason as to why. I talked with a rep today, who said he had several people, call him with the same problem today. Thing is, that my cruise is Monday and I don't see how to get this resolved in time. Any suggestions or thoughts?
  11. Post this on the Cruise Casino Board.
  12. You get full suite benefits, including Club Class Dining, correct?
  13. The full suites are really nice, the best i have been in for 25 cruises.
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