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  1. The easy answer is pretty much everything on the Lido deck and the Cucina Del Capitano on deck 11 but it's pasta only for lunch. The schedule posted shows Guy's Pig and Anchor but in my experience it's usually only open on sea days, could be wrong though since I've never been on the Vista.
  2. Did you visit the Imax theater? I see Joker on the list and it came out a couple of weeks before you cruised, I'm really hoping The Rise of Skywalker makes it to the Vista on launch date.
  3. I paid my next one off with paypal credit, 6 months with zero interest. I'm guessing Uplift is like Affirm, they are very friendly with their approval rates and the vendor pays them some kind of spiff when you take out the loan.
  4. One thing I really loved about the Fantasy class ships is the aft dining areas. The larger ships have a pool and bars there but the smaller ones have regular tables.
  5. If you plan on cruising again in the future I'd do Chichen Itza from Progreso. It is definitely worth a visit but not from Cozumel.
  6. It's not really about the speed as much as it is the ping time. Under ideal conditions at sea you might be seeing 600+ milliseconds, you are communicating through a satellite link after all. You can certainly get alerts but it'll probably timeout before you get connected to the camera for a live feed. Assuming you have a monitoring package though you shouldn't have a problem reviewing videos but don't expect to be able to talk to someone at your door in real time.
  7. There is also a street car stop fairly close to the cruise terminal. Very cheap, sort of reliable. They do get pretty busy at night time though, I've watched 3 of them go by me at full capacity before ordering a lyft.
  8. Galveston's water clarity can vary depending on the season. I look at it more like the beaches in New Jersey, Delaware and New York. They are a whole lot nicer than not having one and it's very functional but it's nothing like the clear blue water and white sands in the eastern gulf cities.
  9. It's made in Fort Worth, TX by Miller so that makes sense. I bought one on the Staten Island ferry one time, went 1400 miles to have a beer made 5 miles from home.
  10. I did a print to PDF of the single page that shows the stock and pasted asterisks over the id# then faxed it with my booking info. We use ringcentral at work so I didn't have to really print anything.
  11. USS Texas and the San Jacinto monument are pretty cool and I'd also consider visiting the Johnson Space Center.
  12. Correct, they never have. On that same note they can only serve alcohol purchased through Texas licensed distributors while in Texas waters and there is a sales tax on it. Once the ship gets about 12 miles out and the casino opens they switch to internationally sourced booze that's obviously way cheaper for them. If you do the behind the fun tour they'll show you the warehousing area with a separate section for Texas sourced/taxed booze.
  13. Legally speaking you are supposed to pay duty on anything over the duty free amount but other states don't have revenue collectors in the ports, instead they rely on the CBP officers to collect. Which if you've ever really paid attention they generally don't have cash registers nearby. They are looking for narcotics, kidnapped children and anything dangerous that might be coming into the country and really don't care about getting an extra $4 out of every passenger. Now the TABC on the other hand wants their cut, even for passengers getting on a shuttle and heading straight to the airport and flying to Canada. They also get their tax revenue for any alcohol purchased on board while still in Texas waters which is why Carnival doesn't offer Cheers until the second day.
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