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  1. Hi Kaye, Did this work out ok? I am considering doing the same.
  2. Thanks. Sounds like I could get the the airport by about 9am.
  3. Does anyone know what the earliest time one might disembark the Edge in Fort Lauderale. We can carry our own luggage off. I know there could be problems with the ship clearing but I want to know what normally happens. Thanks
  4. Thanks everyone. I don't have many flight options. It is either that 10:45 flight or spend the night in Ft. Lauderdale and fly the next day!
  5. Thanks. I am wondering if a 10:45 flight might be possible.
  6. What time is early disembarkation time in Ft. Lauderdale? We will have only a small amount of luggage which we will carry off ourselves.
  7. We have not booked a tour for Ketchican. Will there be tours for sale when we get off the ship?
  8. We are considering the eurodam for a Seattle to Seattle. Victoria the the last port on the evening before returning to Seattle. Is it possible to disembark in Victoria?
  9. We did eventually get an upsell offer. It came 8 days before sailing.
  10. Anne, Advice is so helpful! Could you recommend a guide that would pick us up at the port, give a city tour then drop us off at The Fairmont?
  11. Has anyone gotten any upsell offers lately? We sail in about 3 weeks. There are still cabins available. We did book a cabin which we will be happy with but I would not might a better cabin if the price was agreeable.
  12. We just got off the NS. Our room was on de k 4 very near the elevator. There was absolutely no noise. There were problems with noise in cabins that were near the Rolling Stone Rock Room. That venue was very loud!!
  13. We sailed enjoyed the production shows on the Amsterdam in December. Now we are considering the Statendam in Febuary. Would the production shows be the same as the shows we saw on the Amsrerdam?
  14. I called Holland to ask the question. The cruise we are looking at is a closed loop on the Statendam in Feb. I was told a passport is required! I am afraid to book until my passport arrives. The Visa is for India which is more time consuming than most others. At this point I will wait for my passport and hope for last minute price reductions. Thanks everyone for their help.
  15. Our passports have been sent away for an India Visa. We are considering a cruise in Feb but our passports will not be back. It is a Carribean cruise, Has anyone done this and what was their experience? Thanks
  16. Hello Terry, I have enjoyed your post. Could you let me know who your guide or tour operator was in Dubai? We will be disembarking Nautica in Dubai this April. We would like to possible line up a tour with a drop off at our hotel.
  17. Which of the ships have BB King and Billboard?
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