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  1. Its clearly a way for the airline to make free money and they will intentionally put couples/families as far apart as they can who do not pre book so next time they will choose to pre book. For example, everybody flying to Malta for a weeks Oceana summer cruise this year, that's what 2,000 people flying from various airports around the UK for a cruise each paying £35 each way that's £140k pure profit (before taxes) per cruise. I realise some people will do two weeks not one but still that free money will add up over a year.
  2. I might book a concert in Glasgow for example and 5 days before the singer pulls out because they are ill, I don't expect the singer to reimburse me my hotel, I just expect to get my ticket price back again. If I'm lucky I might get my hotel deposit back or, as posted earlier, a lot of hotels you can get the full cost back anyway depending on how you paid for it.
  3. Is the ship staying at the port in Tenerife for free then
  4. Not sure why, hotel costs and travel arrangements are a persons free choice P&O haven't forced anybody to stay in a hotel beforehand.
  5. Having just returned home we have decided there are two types of elderly people, lovely polite ones, happy to chat and share their tables when there are no others free and insist on letting those who are in the queue for lifts before them go first. And then there are (the minority I would add) who are like you describe - we called them "the entitled". They barge past you to get onto a lift when you are trying to leave one, they insist on being first just because they are driving a buggy, they sit in the costa area all day long reading so those who want a coffee have no where to sit. The best one this time was in the buffet restaurant. They were three of us at lunchtime and we found a table for two next to a table of four. The table of four had one person sitting there. We asked her if we could have one of the chairs so the three of us could sit at the table for two. She objected because her husband was going to come back with his food and he wouldn't be able to get through to the table. The other side of us where the good ones as they were happy for use to use a spare chair from their table. Funny thing was when the husband returned he has no difficulty getting to his table. Best comment of the cruise was an elderly gentleman replying to a question of whether he was interested in booking a future cruise - "June 2021" he said "don't be silly, I'm not even sure I will still be alive then"
  6. Sounds a bit "money grabbing" to me, why not just put it on for free so everybody can watch it. I would imagine a lot of people will spend money anyway. Its not as if it costs P&O anything to put it on.
  7. gazwag


    I would add that P&O must also thinking about the affordability of cruises in the future. We are still at a time when those glorious final salary pensions are being received making smaller ships and higher prices the norm. Add 25 years and the disposable income of 50+ year olds will be much, much less than today. Inheritances will be far less likely until mid-late 60's as mum and dad live longer, massive mortgages will still be serviced until retirement or longer due to such high property values and when retirement is eventually reached will pensions be enough to give options above a beach holiday in Benidorm. Bigger ships with more people on board at a cheaper price could be the only way forward to stay in business or company's like P&O.
  8. Ok, I should have said Cruise ship rather than just holiday
  9. I think I read somewhere its half a mile one lap, which sounds about right as 337 metres is just over 0.2 of a mile
  10. I'm not sure I understand why you would need to take a pen knife on holiday anyway, do you sit on your balcony whittling away to make a bow and arrow to shoot fish or something
  11. The message from P&O does say "your vehicle will be moved ready for your disembarkation"
  12. Yes P&O trips may appear to be cheaper but there are so many on offer its difficult to compare like for like. What you should also consider is a independent tour is by minibus with a maximum of 16-18 people. A minibus can park almost anywhere, drop everybody off in a short time and come back after a quick phone call from the guide. P&O tours are usually on a 50 people+ coach and can only park in designated places which if busy can be a walk from the "attractions". You then have the time taken to off load 50+ passengers and then get everybody back on board again, while sitting waiting for the guaranteed stragglers.
  13. We used Alla Tours in June, absolutely brilliant two days seeing everything - its early morning start and tiring but completely worth it. We went straight into everywhere and really early into the Hermitage and Catherine's Palace so they were practically empty. I don't think I have ever seen a such an long queue like the one outside of the Catherine's Palace when we came out of tour groups trying to get in. We just got back to the minibus and the poured hard for 5 minutes, I wouldn't have wanted to be in that queue. Another good thing was everybody had personal radio mikes with an earphone so you could hear the guide talking without having to stand right in front of him all the time. One thing to remember at St Petersburg - pickpocketing is rife, at least 3 people had wallets stolen on our cruise and a friend of mine had his stolen a couple of weeks ago on a different cruise. I would advise everybody to only take the essentials in a spare wallet when off board ship and keep passports and cruise card separate from your wallet.
  14. Can't comment on that ship but I assume it is the same as others I have been on, so based on this assumption, the gym is free to use but you pay for classes. Depending on the length of the cruise will depend on the cost but you can buy a package which covers the first few classes and any you attended after this are free. Spin classes are usually first thing in the morning with other classes running during the day, more are run on sea days obviously. From memory a recent 2 week cruise was I think about £50-£60 for the two weeks and the classes were around £9 each. I think that's the costs, my daughter did them not me. So as long as you do 5 or 6 classes any more on top are free. Just visit the gym after you go on board when you are wandering around the ship getting your bearings and you will be given details of the packages available and you just sign up on a sheet each day before you want to take the classes. There are maximum class sizes.
  15. I suspect the current passengers are glad you are not on it as well with your scaremongering
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