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  1. Florida and Ft Lauderdale need to do the moral right thing and let those passengers off. Ft Lauderdale was the intended Distination. The US is not a country that turns it back on those in need. There is no reason the passengers cannot be out is gloves and respirators and moved to quarantine safely. I am betting Carnival can find a empty hotel to put them up in. All of that said I think a case could be made to take the Zaandam to Port C. The Orlando hospitals might have better capability and you possible Medivac some out of Patrick AFB to hospitals around the country.
  2. I agree the Cruise line generate lots of US jobs and taxes. Maybe not on the ships but in the ports, at hotels, restaurants, airlines etc. We all know the ships are flagged out of the US because US labor laws would make it impossible to offer cruises at a price people could afford. We will see how the cruise line survive this massive lost of revenue but I am not sure you would see much change. RCL , NCL and Carnival pretty much control it all.
  3. I would love to buy 100 shares of RCL because long term they should be good. The question is can stay afloat until they can start cruising again?
  4. Not that at I know anything but you never mentioned your husband having a fever. Everything I have read on Corona Virus is the #1 symptom is a fever. If he has no fever after 3 weeks odds are you have something else. P
  5. Interesting that they decided to axe the amped work. No doubt because of the cash flow issue it is not the best time to spend millions but they probably already spent much of the money buying what was needed to do the work. It might be with the Virus situation in Spain they have no workers to do the job.
  6. I would call Coco Beach Shuttle. We have used them several times. Another option is just do a one way car rental. It is pretty cheap. We have used Budget several times for this.
  7. I don’t see any issue with the short ad. Seems like they are just trying to show Eden in a different light.
  8. 5 ports is the normal for Southern cruises out of San Juan not going to the ABC islands. The islands are so close together is is easy for the ships to do it. On our cruise last week we just decided to make the St Kitts stop a Sea day in port. It was actually much nicer than a regular sea day because there were no pool crowds.
  9. We just got off the Summit Saturday and walked off. the disembark info said we could walk off about 7 once the the ship was cleared. It also said they requested cabins be cleared by 8am. On this cruise we were staying in San Juan so we were in so rush. We packed all our bags so they were ready and went to breakfast at 7:45 leaving bags in our room. When we returned we stayed in the cabin until about 8:50 and walked off. If they had come to clean the cabin we would have left sooner. I would think you might be able to stay on the ship somewhere in a common space until maybe 9:30 or 9:45. I think that was when the last luggage groups were to be completed.
  10. Is there any number of shares you need to have ?
  11. I love the Summit but after 3 recent cruises I am ready for a change. I am hoping that when the 3rd Apex arrives that X switches things up and uses a S Class ship for the winters in San Juan and Summers doing Bermuda.
  12. We choose the Boat yard and we’re happy with the choice. For $50 we got 2 drinks , 2 chairs, a umbrella, a shirt snorkel excursion and a ride back to the ship. 2 bigger ships and 2 small ships in port that day. No issues or than the food and beer is a bit on the high side. Next time we might try another place.
  13. Carlisle Bay beaches are incredible. We were just at The Boatyard last week. $25 PP gets you a free drink, a free ride back to the ship, A beach lounger and umbrella and option to take the 45 min Turtle and ship wrench snorkel for free. Drinks and food are not the cheapest but it was good. Pirates Cove is similar with no fee snorkel trip. Probably less money. Lobster Alive and Harbor Light are in the same area. Probably less as well. I think all are excellent choices.
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