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  1. My wife is a vegetarian but does eat some seafood. We just got back and she had no issues finding plenty to eat without even using the vegetarian menu. That said remember they will bring you what you want in the MDR. I always look through the whole menu for attractive sides and appetizers and just ask for them. min a given night you should be able to find plenty of items to choose from.
  2. We just returned from a week on the Summit out of San Juan. At work everybody wants to know if we were worried about being quarantined because they all keep seeing the news on the Diamond Princess from Japan. With the Anthem scare being false and the new boarding measures in place we were comfortable on the cruise and had a great time. So far all the cruise issues have been in the Far East around China. As long as it stays over there I am ok. That said if I was planning a cruise later this year I would be sure to have top line cruise insurance by the all due date that allowed cancellation for any reason.
  3. I just got off the Summit Saturday. Just my opinion but you should be able to make the 10am flight if you hustle. 2 years ago we made a 10AM flight off the Summit with time to spare. With the renovation the Summit is now using the same express boarding and disembarkation as the Edge. To make a 10am flight you will need to walk off the ship or make ask the ship to put your luggage in group 1-4. We always walk off. With rolling suitcases this is no issue if you don't overpack. Saturday the Summit arrived early has it usually does in San Juan. The starting disembarkation for walk offs by 7am. This year we stayed Sat in San Juan so we walked off at 9:00. and were in the cab line by 9:15. Under the new system in San Juan you walk off the ship on level 1. Go into the Customs building. Show them your passport, the ask if you made expensive purchases and you are finished. No long lines, No forms. Usually there is people wanting to leave at the start of walk off and only 3 elevators to take you to level 1 so it might take 30 minutes instead of 15. Either way you should easily be in a cab before 8am, it is a 15-20 min cab ride to the Airport. Today we took an early flight out of the airport. The fruit and veggie check takes no major time. 5 min. The TSA line was long and took about 35 minutes. They did let several late arriving passengers in a express chute to bypass the majority of the line. The precheck line was maybe 10 minutes. 10 Am flights can be stressful but as long as you get off the ship early you should be ok.
  4. We are on the Summit now. We have a outside window cabin. There is a 1ft x 1 ft table next to the large chair. Pretty functional we you are in a 177 sq ft cabin.
  5. If I was flying out of FL to San Juan I would try to book the earliest possible flight. Because the ship leaves later you have some cushion but the issue is what you cannot control. 2 years ago we booked a flight day of to San Juan because it was post Hurricane and hotel rooms were almost impossible to find. We flew out of KY at 6am. When the snow pasted Friday night I relaxed and our flight left on time for Orlando. When we landed in Orlando we got a SW text 2 hour delay followed by another 90 min delay. All because our plane to SJU was stuck in Buffalo. We finally landed at 4::20. Arrived at the Pan Am pier at 5::20 or so. Very stressful.
  6. Pam I have read Beach Limerz is at Fort James Beach. MY question was for the beach in front of Beach Limerz in general not the whole area. There was a poster on one of these resent Beach Lemerz threads that said the beach in front of the bar was in bad shape for getting into the water because the sand has washed out. It went on to say that it happens a few time per year and then the sand comes back. The poster said they walked down a trail about 200 yards and found a great level beach access point. The sand could be back now for all I know thus my question.
  7. I have been on both ships twice. I agree you will love the Summitt but has other have said your kids may like the Freedom better. That said keep this in mind. on Cruises out of San Juan you usually have 4-5 port days and only 1 sea day so you are spending less time on the ship on a typical 3 port cruise. The Summit has a nice pool but the Freedom has 2 outdoor pools and those giant whirlpool pool tubs. I would say with the renovation the Summit might have newer cabins but the big difference is at night the Freedom has more entertainment options especially for the 20-30 crowd. A final thing to consider might be the Celebrity perks Free drinks and cabin credit might be a good trade off for fewer night time options.
  8. Looking forward to your report. Something else to consider for sure. It sound like what we are looking for.
  9. Anybody know anything about Jolly Beach?
  10. Looking at our options for Antigua in 2 weeks. Looks like the ship has beach extrusion to both FFryes and Dickenson Bay. We could taken them or cab it on our own. Price is not awful. I know Beach Limerez has some fans on here. But the idea of walking 200 yards down the road for beach access is a negative to us. Love to have some feedback.
  11. Does Lobster Alive and Harbor light offer the snorkeling for an extra charge?
  12. Meagans Bay is nice but usually crowded. It has chairs and a bar etc. St John’s -We love St John’s but have not been since the a hurricane. Unless it has changed Trunk Bay is a park. Beautiful beach and crystal water but it does have lo lounge chairs lined up to rent. Many people just use their towels or I believe they will rent you a beach chairs. I liked Cinnamon beach better than the more population Trunk but it even more like just a beach. Might not even rent chairs. Keep in mind transit time to St John’s. The most common route is cab to Red Hook and then a ferry to St John’s. Between the cab and Ferry you are looking at an hour. Each way if you time it right. We have also taken the ships excursion explore St John’s on your own which is really just a ferry ride from the ship to St John’s and back. I like this option but on our cruise coming up they are calling it a 4 hour excursion. The boat ride is 45 minutes each way leaving very little time to explore in my opinion.
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