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  1. We love going to Infinity Bay Resort. Great location, awesome and gigantic pool, great staff, good food and drinks, and pretty cheap. We went there the last three times we visited Roatan and also stayed for a week as well. Never seen more than 20 people there and treated great.
  2. We always hit up the sloth and monkey places by Boddens on the way to West Bay Beach and snorkel from there.
  3. Go to Bodden's and hit it up first on the way out to West Bay Beach. We do that and it is always great. Will take a little longer to get to West Bay since the roads are a mess from the mudslides but they are repairing them. We use Rony's.
  4. So misinformation to those who are NOT elite will not cause issues. That is why. People overhear someone being told their cabin will be ready when they board because they are elite pisses off people are not elite or FTTF when they get there and it is not. Majority of cruisers are not elite or FTTF so only makes sense to tell folks that the cabins won't be ready until 1:30 since that is a fact.... unless you are ELITE or FTTF of course - then you already know that you can get your cabin as soon as you board.
  5. Of course the folks at the terminal will tell people that the rooms will be ready after 1:30 PM since MOST cruises are NOT elite or FTTF. They don't know what "STATUS" you are unless you tell them. I am sure the ones at the check in desk will tell you what you need to know when they pull up your reservation. This horse has been beaten to death already. lol
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