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  1. austraveller

    Sleepover in another room

    we've pushed single beds together and they're huge. I think sleepovers are ok (well they dont know anyway right?) but moving furniture into other cabins will probably be stopped.
  2. austraveller

    3 day trips

    no input?
  3. austraveller

    3 day trips

    Hi all, A few questions: thinking of booking a last minute 3 day cruise for either september or october. What are the chances that prices will drop the closer to the date? Has anyone gone on a short trip? do they do any formal nights or dress up nights still? the september cruise is a 'food and wine'... wondering if the majority of the events that make it 'food and wine' are extra expenses? Thanks guys!
  4. austraveller

    bad reviews on pacific sun

    oh look this is an old thread and i already posted on it! lol. Still loved it :P
  5. austraveller

    bad reviews on pacific sun

    hi! I was on the sun in april. It WAS my first cruise so I didnt know what to expect. But I LOVED IT. I was with my nan who had cruised in her younger days when cruising was very romantic and upperclass so she did have higher standards than me. even though she made comments comparing it to 'her days' she had nothing negative to say about it (perhaps the only one was that it was smaller than ships she had been on?). we were in one of the cheaper cabins with a window. and although we were in a small cabin and it was 4 people in it, it was clean and well maintained??? nothing dodgy at all? My only complaint was ONE waiter who was rude to me because i wanted to sit with friends AFTER he had already seated me with other people. He was the ONLY rude person on the ship! lol. all of the p&o staff were lovely :)
  6. austraveller

    Alcohol Prices?

    hmmmm maybe prices vary on each ship?? because when i was on the pacific sun in april (up to cairns etc) i found the drinks quite cheap??? a cocktail was $8/9 and my friend would get a gin and tonic and only spend about $6??? I thought the prices were really good
  7. austraveller

    Cruising with an 'adventurous' toddler

    hi, i have been on one cruise (so not seasoned) and this was without my 2 year old. BUT I knew I would be travelling with a 2.5 year old for my next cruise (which is in september) so i made friends with mummies that were onboard on my first cruise and picked their brains :) so here were some of the tips given to me: -pack a small carry-on suitcase full of stuff for them. suggestions were crayons/paper/play dought stickers etc - whatever crafty items they like doing. then some small toys that they love from home. maybe even some new ones so they are a novelty. -pack a blanket from home if you think they would like a familar comforter. -pack any thing you think you might need toiletry wise. (panadol, bum cream, bandaids). -one lady said her travel portable dvd player (like a laptop) was heaven sent. -you can use the childcare facilities but you have to stay with them, but might be good for some thing different. My tips that i thought would be useful that i've written down for us to remember: -take zip lock bags for food. there is no morning tea served so i thought it would be a good idea to zip lock a few pieces of fruit or some thing similar to keep for his morning tea? i remember at the buffet there were little tubs of yoghurt that i might grab one of to put in our fridge. -im going to take a small container of cordial as my son only drinks water if there is a small drop of cordial in it (i dont know why, you cant even taste the cordial with the amount i put in!) -im going to take a heap of nappies and wipes - on board costs are *so* expensive so i dont want to be caught out! i found most people were really good with kids - especially the crew (as most are islanders etc, where kids are spoilt and treated so wonderfully :) ) there was one family that had a little 2 year old girl and they would have her in the pram at night time and then when the girl had had enough they would all take turns in take her for a walk around the place etc. the decks are very safe (my boy is adventureous and i checked this out too). and if your little girl loves music then she will love the cruise :) If you like when we come back from our cruise in sept i can send you an email and tell you how we went :) my little boy will be 2 and 3 months when we go.
  8. hi, a little back info: am travelling with a elderly relative who really wants to go on particular shore trip, but it is an all day trip and she wont be able to handle such a long day. So I have done some internet research and found a very similar tour, but only 4 hours. and it is not organised through p&o... I would like to book it independently so went to check what time we will be arriving at the port, but cannot find the information any where! is there any where i can find this out? should i just assume that if they are offering all day tours at the port, that i would be able to book a 9am depart/1pm return tour??? eek sorry for the flooding the boards lately - v.excited about sunday :P
  9. austraveller

    so upset

    it has finally been sorted out. after a couple of more 'discussions' of her trying to give me tickets that still said the wrong name saying its ok because the file says the correct name. i kept saying i wanted tickets in the correct to reassure me that me that its all definitely ok. she just didnt get that the fact it was still printing out tickets in the wrong name obviously means that some where it says the wrong name in the system!! argh. she was getting quite rude at me in the end. looking forward to sunday!
  10. austraveller

    Drinks in cabin?

    can i barge in on this topic? is there any way to purchase a bottle of spirits for you room any way? I guess its a good thing that they control alcohol consumption anyway......
  11. austraveller

    Pac Sun July what do you think?

    i would do what i did for my 30th. reserved a function room (free) at my favourite restaurant made a cake and had every one purchase their own meals and said no presents AND THEN went on a cruise with the money I saved :P
  12. austraveller

    so upset

    can some one tell me -when you get your tickets from the TA does it come with addition things? like what theme nights are on deck, what shows? When i looked at the cruise personaliser, i see we can book shore trips etc, but is there any other info i should be getting??? Also, if we dont book shore tickets before we leave is there a chance of not getting a spot???
  13. austraveller

    so upset

    yes not our normal TA unfortunately. Apparently she has changed it and is giving us tickets with the incorrect name on them still and saying it will be fine???? rang p and o and they said no its not ok. rang her, she said that we dont even need a ticket to get on board any way. p and o confirmed that she did change it to the correct thing, but saying she still needs to fix some thing???? Can i get on the boat with out a ticket????
  14. austraveller

    so upset

    im off on a cruise in just over two weeks on the pacific sun (Week Tropique). we went through a travel agent. She has been stuffing us around about our tickets etc. keeps saying they will be there within the week etc. Yesterday still no ticket, so i was looking on the p and o website and i seeing the cruise personaliser log on thing, so I log on and have a look at our account. She hasnt put in passport details! no wonder we didnt have tickets!!! she kept telling us that yes every thing is in etc. So fed up with it all, i fill in all of the details and call p and o and they said, that yep all done, so i can just get my own e-ticket in 5 days. but as im talking to him i realise that she has put my dob and my name in wrong. and i cant change this only the travel agent can. so i rang her immediately, rude person said she would call back first thing in the morning. hasnt rang, so just rang then and she is 'busy' and will call back. Im so upset!! im worried that it wont be fixed in time. And im worried that p and o will consider it a 'name change' and there will be fees to be paid. completely and utterly her fault, when i look at the tax invoice from the travel agency my name is correct on that. so obviously she just entered my name wrong into the p and o database!!!!!!!!
  15. austraveller

    maybe a silly question..

    thank you for your responses :) international roaming switched on just in case. I will take my lap top and i already have a wireless usb stick thing so will take that and take my chances :) I just want to be able to talk to my little boy while im away. first time i'm leaving him :( :(