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  1. If applying use the official site ,as third party sites will charge much more. An ESTA is currently $14 and lasts 2 years or less if your passport expires. It is always wise to take a paper copy, it shouldn't be needed but we had to show them the last time we went to New Orleans. https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/
  2. On occasions if I am going on a long journey I will fill my tank to the brim as I know it will get me there and back, which may mean only putting £20 in. I would just ask the garage staff whether they wanted me to pay the £20 or take the fuel out, simples. However I do agree with the idea as it would stop people putting £5 in every time they went out.
  3. I believe it is not really an app as such and part of P&O intranet accessible once on board. Maybe worth searching as it has been discussed several times recently.
  4. I filled the car up this morning as I was down to 1/4 tank which is my usually fill up point. There was a short queque, it was quite emotional, in fact when I got to the pump I started filling up.
  5. Started out sunny here but cloudy now. There doesn't seem to be shortages in t'Asda or Aldi, but I recon it will only be cummer inners that are panic buying as us true Yorkshire men don't spend more than we need to and buying of any kind needs much consideration.
  6. You are probably right, supply chain is very fickle especially with just in time policies, great when everything works not so when one of the links breaks.
  7. Another nice day here regardless of what the forecast said. Looks promising for the rest of the week too. We had our flu jabs earlier so just the covid booster left, our local jabbing centre starts next week for those who have had the call. Makes you wonder why there is a shortage of greenhouse gas when we allegedly have an over abundance. Food shortage, looks like a bit of rabbiting or nip down to the stream and tickle an old trout.
  8. The gas Iona uses is LNG so basically it is the same as our domestic supply. Most fuel gases are derived from crude oil or natural gas, some are by-products some not. As you say prices are contracted but that doesn't always stop businesses using a shortage as an excuse to inflate prices, albeit my comment was very tongue in cheek stranger things have happened..
  9. We have paid fuel surcharges in the past, I wonder whether P&O have cottoned on to adding a surcharge for the increase in gas prices for Iona?😉
  10. The price drop policy tends to be an American thing, on the flip side would you have been happy if the cruise price went up, as they can and do and P&O sent you a bill for the extra?
  11. You could always ring P&O and ask them😁, by the time you get through 2024 will be on sale.
  12. Currently there is no cost to transferring a booking, under the flexible transfer policy. P&O do say on their website that contacting them by email is best, however they then do contradict themselves in the transfer blurb. In the current situation, it's important to be able to keep you updated with the very latest information. We want to stay in touch with you in whatever way you choose however we recommend at this time that email is the quickest and most efficient way for us to contact you as things are changing daily. Transferring your booking If your holiday is unaffected by our latest pause but you would like to reschedule, you can take advantage of our free flexible transfer policy up to the date the balance for your holiday is due. This means that if you have a Select Price or Early Saver booking you can: Transfer your booking to any P&O Cruises holiday currently on sale (and not just to those within the next 12 months). Transfer your booking to a cruise of higher or lower value (and not just of a higher value, as is usually the case). Transfer your booking an unlimited number of times (and not just once). Transfer your booking free of charge. Should you wish to transfer your booking you should call our Customer Contact Centre or your travel agent if you booked with them.
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