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  1. Devil is in the detail, even when you do read the small print it is not always easy to fully understand some of the weasly phrases.
  2. That's good, we never change dollars and euros as we will always be going back now we are retired, we may even bump into you in Canada as we are setting off Sunday for 30 night Canada in the fall with CMV.
  3. Your best option will likely be to take smaller amounts on your onboard credit account as and when you need it, you are then less likely to have to change back to sterling if the weather is not good and you don't end up doing your planned trips. It is usually when you change back to Sterling that you get stung on the exchange rate.
  4. In 20 plus years of cruising with various lines I have never had staff in any department trying to extract an extra tip, our last cruise was Cunard. I usually try and avoid tipping threads as they nearly always deteriorate into bad feeling between different nationalities with different cultures.But my preferred option is that the tips/gratuities are built into the cruise price, which is what P&O, CMV and Tui currently do, I then hope that the staff are paid fairly, if anyone feels that they need to tip extra, including me then so be it.
  5. https://cruiseradio.net/from-gratuities-to-sex-cruise-ship-crew-member-tells-all/?fbclid=IwAR2g1uho1uWw_a-TSLNDwPImbUi7zQFTS-OYT88VeS2EdpKSENKlxAjD7W0 Picked this up from another site.
  6. Ideally tip in the countries own currency. However if you were to tell someone that you only had USD available I am sure they wouldn't decline a tip.
  7. Thanks for that Richard, we are scheduled to port there next year. So glad things seem to have settled down, as we were afraid we might miss it.
  8. I like that idea. No one knows fully what the future will hold which is why we cruise as often as we can afford to and are trying to tick off as many places as possible.
  9. Correct, currently we get £150 on a Carnival ship with Sterling as the on board currency, whereas we get $250 on a dollar ship for 13 nights and above. Many years ago the sterling value for 13 nights and above was £125 but Carnival re valued the sterling value to £150. If they were to do the same now the sterling value would be approx £205.
  10. You could have just said "yes"
  11. Blimey, you do know there is a weight restriction on your suitcase😁
  12. I thought you were travelling by aircraft due to your title relating to "checked" luggage. As pointed out in a previous post your penknife will not be allowed. I noted it states scissors above 4" are not allowed, however people definitely use scissors above 4" in the craft lessons, including the tutors.
  13. My partner and her friends take a variety of sharp implements on fly cruises including knives which they need for various crafting activities. Most of them take their spares just in case they are confiscated. Check with the airline and airports you are using as they have different rules and regs.
  14. Sometimes they have deals, say £10 for as much as you can get in the laundry bag they supply.
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