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  1. yorkshirephil

    Transatlantic on Britannia

    We repositioned in November 2017 and the weather was cool the first 2 days then gradually got warmer the closer we got to the Caribbean. The sea was very calm on that occasion. However we cruised from the UK in early November last year and the first 4 days until we reached the Azores were the roughest we have experienced in over 40 cruises. We were on a very small ship (Marco Polo) and we were at the very back of the ship quite high up. Britannia would have handled the swell and waves better. You are also sailing further south to get to Madeira. The best cabins for stability are bottom middle or the nearest you can get. I suggest you take seasick tablets (we use Stugeron) and have tried several others. These repositioning cruises are very good value, we did our first many years ago in preparation for retirement and taking longer round trip cruises from Southampton, of which we have done 3 with 2 more this year. We love the crossings and find it very relaxing. My advice would be to go for it and enjoy. If you don't try you will never know.
  2. yorkshirephil

    Peninsular tier

    The spend will be applied accordingly 7.5% Atlantic and 5% Pacific, the logical thing to do would be to just use the Atlantic tier card and get 7.5% discount on all your spend. If you have OBC you will need to use that first before discount is applied, therefore if you both have OBC use the Pacific card until the OBC is used then revert to the Atlantic card.
  3. yorkshirephil

    P&O drinks prices and packages

    The drinks on Royal are much more expensive than P&O, it would depend on your tipple.
  4. yorkshirephil

    Does having OBC affect your Peninsular Club discount?

    You would get your Peninsular discount on any cash you deposit but not on OBC given by P&O or your travel agent.
  5. yorkshirephil

    Which currency for MSC Preziosa

    MSC Cruise Line For Mediterranean, Canary Islands, Northern Europe, United Arab Emirates and Eastern Caribbean itineraries, the onboard currency is the Euro. For South America, South Africa, Caribbean cruises departing from Miami and transatlantic cruises going to Europe, the US Dollar is the currency.
  6. yorkshirephil

    Decaf Diet Coke ????

    Especially if you drink it all the same day.
  7. yorkshirephil

    Room Tip Question

    Its not a problem for us men, we just wear them.😉
  8. yorkshirephil

    Compared to Fred. Olsen?

    We can vouch for Tresco gardens, we have been twice, May and September. They are very interesting and quite extensive.
  9. yorkshirephil

    Dress Code - yes again!!

    In general a tie, sometimes no tie, I don't remember seeing many men with suit and bowtie.
  10. yorkshirephil

    Compared to Fred. Olsen?

    We have cruised with both several times, albeit not with Fred for a few years as their prices have gone up and there doesn't seem to be as many good offers. I would say they are similar in many ways, using older smaller traditional ships. Dress codes are slightly more relaxed on CMV, the entertainment is similar, sometimes there can be more Europeans on CMV but only English is used aboard. Fred do tend to look after their clients well which is probably why people stick with them, CMV are a budget line and that has to be taken into account. Go with an open mind and enjoy, Iceland is brilliant.
  11. yorkshirephil

    Dress Code - yes again!!

    There have been many "dress codes" over the years. I remember the furore when semi-formal came to an end for Caribbean cruises, the reason was because of reduced airline hold luggage allowances which did make it difficult to pack for several different codes with only 23kg hold allowance. This then seemed to trickle down to other area cruises. Personally I would like to see the dress code enforced on all P&O ships as I think the balance is about right now.
  12. No problem at all, plenty still wear a tie and jacket in the evening, if you are comfortable with that, I will usually wear a tie if we are fixed dining and someone on our table has a special occasion.
  13. I agree, with drinks prices on P&O being so reasonable, it would be good on an American ship with prices that are nearly double P&O.
  14. yorkshirephil

    Couple of questions

    When gambling in the casino are drinks free? NO Is priority given to people who have booked excursions through the ship for disembarking at the ports? If tender then usually yes, if you meet in the show lounge prior to the trip everyone usually goes down together and gets priority, however this has not always been the case on all P&O ships we have cruised on. Bingo... is it on paper or do P&O use the machines that are on some ships (which I do not like) and how are the prizes in relation to the amount of people playing. I used to enjoy playing on the ships but the prizes are not reflective of the amount of people playing and the cost of the tickets. No idea don't play.
  15. Seems reasonable and as expected, no doubt the doom mongers will be along soon.