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  1. I have received emails stating anything from 10 days (March) to 120 days (this week), our cruise was cancelled in Feb. You would think that at least the staff would have a basic story rather than make it up as they go along. I wouldn't believe a word they say, the chickens will come home to roost.
  2. You may be right Richard, initially I was annoyed by the TA who lied through their teeth, in and among the typical rubbish they have been putting out. I did send a registered letter stating I was applying to the small claims court if they did not inform me as to what steps they would take in answer to my letter. I then got an email with a veiled threat; stating that if they went bust I would have to wait even longer (what even longer means is any bodies guess), which may be true. So I have decided to sit back and wait.
  3. I didn't mean to imply I was not going to request a refund or FCC. The money was spent by so I am actually no worse off financially, in fact I am better off as I haven't had to spend on trips and onboard. I just know whichever route I take it will take time.
  4. You could try, I tried several weeks ago, basically told that as the cruise line had not actually refused to give me a refund and were effectively trying to help (ha ha) that I didn't qualify under reg 75. In reality I think banks insurers and cruise lines and TA's are struggling to keep up and whichever route you take will take time., they may have to eventually as I am sure all cruise lines won't survive to fight another day sadly. No body wants to accept responsibility, in fairness I don't think the banks and insurers should be bailing the cruise industry out. I have decided to sit it out and see what happens as it is not worth getting het up about, even though we are several grand down. In my opinion health comes first and we had in effect written the money off.
  5. Not everyone will get this: The husband of a lately departed Yorkshire lady asked for her headstone to be engraved with the words "Lord, she were Thine". When the headstone was delivered it read "Lord, she were thin". "You have forgotten the "E"" said the distraught husband, and the offending stone was removed and returned a few days later, this time reading "E Lord, she were thin"!
  6. I would imagine that FCC will be extended at some point in the future. We have several thousand pounds with MSC that we will not be able to use before the current deadline, so either they extend or give us a refund.
  7. My TA is making even worse excuses for not returning monies, the last one being a veiled threat that if I went to the small claims court and they went bust I would have even longer to wait. My cruise was cancelled in February and I am told no chance of a refund till August/September. I am sure this will be extended once we near that time. It is not in the interest of the TA to get money back from the cruise line as they would lose their commission.
  8. Possibly, it is not just P&O either. I can understand why they want to keep the money, who wouldn't?. They need to keep paying salaries to the people working and maintain their ships, I would imagine there is some very creative bean counting going on. However they should not take so long to give people their money back when requested as they are just annoying their customers. I do agree that companies that register offshore should not be able to get grants from countries they have not paid tax in. Maybe in the future they will consider this?
  9. If you are in a position to take advantage of off peak deals it might, a lot of cruise prices have gone up, some by more than 25% in effect cancelling the FCC bonus. We have been watching a couple of cruises to replace the grand cruise to Japan and notice the price moving upwards, which you would expect if people are using their FCC's.
  10. A short cruise around the med in summer would suit us, or a cruise to the Caribbean in winter would be fine as a one off just for the sun, sometimes after crossing the Atlantic it is nice to set foot on land.
  11. Birds of a feather, just saying.
  12. I have their terms and conditions in writing plus an email stating the refund had been sent, that was February, still no refund. This is no different from P&O who we have a cancelled cruise with. They are all playing the same games. It doesn't take a genius to know things are going to take a lot of sorting out but when you are lied to and cruise lines are constantly changing their so called new terms and conditions they are not covering themselves in glory. Saying that I can't wait to start cruising again once it is safe to do so.
  13. I was told directly by P&O that I couldn't use my FCC towards our 2022 cruise other than to upgrade our cabin, which is what the T&Cs say. I am quite happy to take the FCC as I think I will get better value from the money than putting it in the bank, however if I don't find a cruise I will take the refund later and put it towards the 2022 cruise anyway, why P&O couldn't just do that without having to process a refund is beyond me.
  14. Only for upgrades to cabins, we asked if we could use it towards a future booked cruise (Jan 2022) with just deposit paid and were told no. If we don't find another cruise with P&O before that I will ring P&O and explain that they either let us pay the FCC towards that cruise or give us a refund.
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