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  1. There are no USA ports on N103, we did this cruise in 2017, it had Panama canal on Oceana but still a cracking cruise.
  2. It can be a mixture of both depending which cemeteries, I would wear sturdy shoes especially if wet. if you have the chance, go to the last post at Menin gate, I think it is 7-8 ish.
  3. 62 &55 we started cruising in 1997, 40 odd cruises with the aim of making 100, age or number of cruises will do.😵
  4. We did a very similar cruise to yours this year, we also did Caribbean & Panama canal 35 nights in 2017. It is a brilliant way to spend 5 winter weeks. Unless you are very good cruisers I would take sea sickness tablets as the Atlantic can get a bit bouncy.
  5. You really need to book before you cruise, whether it be a private tour or ships tour. The visa will be sorted by the cruise line or the private tour operator. I would check your cruise excursions then google private tour operators, I can vouch for Alla tours.
  6. P&O and Princess used to have reciprocal agreements which were only recently stopped.
  7. Same here, great for watches, camera, iPad, iPOD etc. very light, better than the old days when you needed a multitude of different chargers and cables.
  8. I don't know what the significance of "cruising companions" is but it seems to me that it is a ploy to get you to buy over priced insurance. A package deal should be the responsibility of the company you book with? I would check the small print on the web site or cruise with someone else.
  9. I think they were £23ish in March.
  10. I can only imagine this is the document you sign before boarding that confirms you have not had Norovirus symptoms within the last 48 hours? That is the only document we have signed within the last 12 months on our previous CMV cruises. I would check the web site or give them a call if you are concerned..
  11. Memeathome, here is some info we used for our last cruise. The tour we took included time on your own, not sure if P&O have this still available, check your tours brochure. We went last summer and at no time did we feel in any more danger than walking through any town/city in the UK. Russian dolls could be purchased from the market adjacent to the church of the Spilled blood, they were seriously cheaper than those in the shops we visited, especially those linked to the official sights. If you have doubts about walking around on your own you could join up with others on your tours/trips to give safety in numbers. Whatever you do enjoy as the Baltics cruise is fantastic. Visas for cruise ship passengers Cruise ship passengers visiting St. Petersburg - of which there are now almost half a million every year - do not need a Russian visa provided they are staying in the city for no longer than 72 hours. Therefore, if you book a cruise and St. Petersburg is one of the calls, you DO NOT NEED to get a Russian visa before you depart. However, travelling without a Russian visa does impose strict limitations on your time in St. Petersburg, so it's certainly worth considering the option of getting a Russian Travel Visa before you start your cruise. The 72-hour exemption for cruise ship passengers does not mean that visitors have three days free in St. Petersburg. Not only will you have to sleep on the ship (not a problem for most cruise passengers), you will also have to be accompanied at all times on shore by a licensed tour guide. In other words, from the moment you leave the ship in the morning to the moment you step back on board in the evening, you will have to follow a pre-arranged schedule and will not have the opportunity to explore the city under your own steam. Cruise operators will expect their clients to book the St. Petersburg tours offered on-board or during booking. In fact, there are essentially three options for cruise passengers visiting St. Petersburg: 1. Book the tour recommended by your cruise operator This is certainly the simplest option, the path of least resistance even. However, beyond the lack of choice in what you see and do in St. Petersburg, the tours offered by your cruise operator or booking agent are likely to be significantly more expensive than tours you book independently. 2. Book a tour independently Though you may be encouraged to think otherwise, the tours offered by your cruise operator or booking agent are not the only options for cruise ship passengers to see St. Petersburg visa-free. There are a number of independent companies in St. Petersburg with the necessary licensing to offer shore tours for cruise ship passengers without Russian visas. Not only will this option give you much greater choice in terms of what you can see and do - as well as a wide range of more original and unusual tours, many companies will give you the option of designing your own itinerary - tours booked with independent local companies are in general considerably cheaper than those offered by your cruise operator. 3. Get a Russian Travel Visa If you prefer to be truly free to do what you want while in St. Petersburg, the only option is to obtain Russian Travel Visas before you depart on your cruise. This is essential if, for example, you plan to meet up with friends or family in St. Petersburg, or if you want to enjoy the city's colorful nightlife (especially tempting if you're visiting during the White Nights). While getting a Russian Visa can seem a laborious process, our simple step-by-step guide will help to make it as painless as possible and, provided you apply for your visas in good time, the expense is likely to be no more than you would otherwise have to pay for guided tours if you chose to travel visa-free. If staying out late is part of your reason for wanting a Russian Visa, then it's probably also worth booking accommodation in St. Petersburg as there are likely to be restrictions on returning to your ship after a certain point in the evening. If you book accommodation, then you should be provided with visa support documents free-of-charge (this is certainly the case if you book hotel or apartment accommodation through our website). If you are not planning to book accommodation in St. Petersburg, you will need to order visa support documents separately, which you can do from recommended providers here.
  12. You couldn't see everything in a day, there is so much to see. The last time we went we took the ships tour to the Hermitage with time on our own, which enabled us to spend time at the Church of the Blood and walk around and check out a few bars. Previously we went to Peterhof and Catherine's palace plus canal trip. It may be worth checking out private tours which are intensive and quite costly or check to see if anyone has arranged anything that you can join on the roll call. Whatever you do St Petersburg is magnificent with so much to see.
  13. It could also depend on how well the cruise is sold, if there are a lot of cabins left they may let kids sail free or third person in cabin for a pound. This would affect adult to kids ratio. Usually the kids clubs take lots of the kids and you would like to think they would be well catered for in August.
  14. I fill in the ratings as honestly as possible. It is rare that I give a 10 as that signifies perfection that cannot be bettered, which is rarely the case. If the waiters ask us to rate them as 10 so they get their full bonus I ask them to ensure we get service worthy of a 10. If I feel someone has gone over and above what I expect I will mention them by name. Plus I will make an appropriate comment if something is not to my satisfaction. Saying that in over 40 cruises in 20 odd years I have never been contacted by any cruise line to ask about any comment I have made.
  15. There is a limit to how many wheelchairs can be placed on some of the coaches, folding or otherwise. We have returned from a 35 night cruise to USA and Caribbean with P&O and there were quite a few complaints about how mobility aids were handled on some tours. Ideally you need something from P&O in writing as this could avoid disappointment later.
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