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  1. I have never seen those type of offers with P&O, however don't be fooled by the hype and advertising ploys by travel agents and cruise lines. In my experience booking a cruise on first release works out cheaper as long as you do get added perks or a good percentage discount, this also gives you an opportunity to select your cabin or a cabin in a desirable position on the ship. If you see a "must have" cruise then again early secures the cruise. If you are not particular about your cabin grade or position then booking late can yield some excellent prices, you will be allocated a cabin and may not get your first choice of dinner. We are booked on Iona in 2020 which we booked on release, we did get OBC, the same cruise is now over £150pp more expensive, however this is a new ship and they tend to be popular. I am sure you will get lots of good advice based on other peoples experience, which unfortunately may become confusing. However you have clearly got the bug so enjoy whatever options you take.
  2. The system is currently working but there doesn't seem to be a lot of choice left. The price has gone up a fair bit since launch suggesting the Fjords is selling quite well.
  3. We had a great cruise around the BI's. It is good to visit places you would not likely visit on a land holiday. Bear in mind that you will still be at sea for long periods and should your husband need medical help that couldn't be dealt with on the ship he could be evacuated to another country, depending where the ship is. The sea can also be rough around the BI's.
  4. We just got back from Alaska cruise, amazing we had great weather and the sea was smooth.
  5. It is for the last evening, it is also the same on the first evening. Not sure whether it is a sign of things to come or just for Alaska? We only have 2 formal nights out of 10 nights too, which is unusual.
  6. Cunard do sometimes relax the jacket rule, check your cruise personaliser and see what it says for that night. Ours states the below message for Queen Elizabeth to Alaska. BRITANNIA RESTDining Time: 18:00Dress Code: Smart Attire - Jacket Optional Monday 10 View your itinerary day by day with the calendar
  7. Sketchers and Pavers are my preferred shoe, comfortable and stylish, plus they have wide fitting and half sizes. Great for casual night onboard ship and comfy for long walks off ship.
  8. There is also a chance that a formal night will be changed at the last minute or cancelled if the sea is rough, especially across the bay of Biscay. This has happened to us a couple of times.
  9. I have worn trainers on casual nights and never been turned away in over 20 years, however my trainers resemble casual shoes. Usually common sense prevails.
  10. We will be aboard in 2 weeks in Alaska.
  11. On our last Ventura cruise the latte was £2.65/M and £2.95/L, the coffee card was £22.50 which gave 10 medium latte's. However I thought the coffee card was being discontinued once the drinks packages start fleet wide?
  12. We toured the Dalmore distillery from Invergordon, it is quite close to the Glenmorangie distillery, a couple with us had done both but preferred the Dalmore.
  13. People do still dress for dinner, some more than others. You will need to check how many formal nights you have on the web site or paperwork as it can vary from cruise to cruise. The ship is air conditioned so will be pleasant wherever you are, sometimes a shawl is handy as it can feel a little cooler if you are sat under one of the aircon units.
  14. Cunard next followed by CMV then MSC, recently returned from P&O.
  15. I will be cheering for Liverpool, simply because it is a northern team and more local to me. A great achievement both teams overturning first leg losses to top European sides. Not sure whether I will get to watch as we will be on Queen Elizabeth in Alaska.
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