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  1. I too would definitely recommend Cosol Tours....We did their tour last September and it was just amazing...We've been to St Lucia a couple of times and now I realize what we missed out on...That's never going to happen again and will book with them again for our 2021 cruise.
  2. I for one don't think the "Key" is worth it for us....Given the choice....upgrade...even if we're only talking about a JS (my favorite category).
  3. Ashland

    Diamond lounge access

    Would it have helped to cover your ears
  4. Sorry not Bob....but only for lunch/dinner.
  5. FYI .... there is no pool in the solarium on HOTS.
  6. Ashland

    Two days post cruise help! (FLL and MIA)

    While the Embassy Suites is a good option...keep in mind their parking is about $24.00 per 24 hour period. Just behind the ES is a very popular pre/post cruise hotel ... Hyatt Place (our new favorite instead of ES). Parking there is $8.00 per night and it's right next door to the Harbor Shopping area with Publix market and many shops & restaurants (our favorite Duffy's). We've gotten great rates with Hyatt Place (convention center location just off 17th Street) booking directly with Hyatt as a member or using the website www.valuetrips.com Best of luck in whatever you choose for your family.
  7. We've done an RCI (Mariner) cruise out of Singapore (itinerary was China, Hong Kong & Vietnam) but it wasn't specified to be "culturally enriching cruise" . We found the same food that we have always had on an RCI ship (perhaps a few more Asian offerings). And while there were many Asian's onboard there were also a lot of Aussie's...we had no trouble being in the minority. I would certainly consider an Asian cruise again and am waiting to see when the next schedule opens what's available. These cruises definitely have their pro's & con's.
  8. Well that typo makes a big difference in the details of your post.
  9. Ashland

    Deposit Refund- Help!

    Did they purchase travel ins that may cover this ?
  10. Ashland

    Cancelled cruise question"...

    Someone should have gotten all the detail repercussions for cancelling,before doing so. Your friend should have just been a "no show" !!
  11. Ashland

    Group of six need tour company recommendation

    You're very welcome....If you prefer to do a private tour I'm sure someone will come along to suggest something...but just offering our personal experience. Enjoy !!
  12. Ashland

    Harmony of seas balcony partitions

    Hopefully you were traveling with the cruiser's in that cabin
  13. Sorry, but any interior lounge without windows just seems/feels dark, at least to us.
  14. We tend to always do a JS but on Jan 24th I happened upon the Oceanview Panoramic Suite #1804 for a B2B on Freedom (southern itinerary) for April 18th & 25th 2021 at an "amazing" price for just the two of us. Very excited about this cabin & cruise....especially with the newly added suite benefits. I have YouTubed the video's of it so many times so far.
  15. I certainly wouldn't do it for only $100.00 +.