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  1. I would love to be able to L/S my July 2021 British Isles to 2022...Watching for the itineraries to be released and have that option.
  2. Virtual musicians on the outdoor movie screen...perhaps ???
  3. No, unlike Celebrity RCI doesn't include perks. Best prices you will see...not necessarily
  4. Glad our first B2B isn't until March 2022...hopefully it will be sorted out by then. To those that have one booked for 2021 best of luck...but I really would think that a B2Ber would be safer since they've been tested during the first leg and especially if they don't leave the ship during the turn around. Seems like the cruiseline would make onboard testing available to them.
  5. WOW prices on my four cruise's cruise planner items have skyrocketed...No thanks.
  6. Anything to get them closer to the west coast...Is A Good Thing...
  7. Waiting to see what Celebrity is going to do about our 12 night Reflection July 30th. Wish we had the option to L/S it to 2022.
  8. So there could possibly be a British Isles for 2022 available to book soon?
  9. Looks like this is going to affect greatly my 9 night Canada/NE in Oct 2021 then. When will we get an answer to the changes...any one have a guess ?
  10. I'm booked for the 9 nighter in October and just before it was removed from the website I noticed not many cabins were still available in the suite category.
  11. How about in Europe (British Isles) what has been your experience with streaming service there?..Might (if all goes well) be on Reflection. We'll be in a sky suite that came with 4 perks is streaming included?
  12. We have done several extended family cruises with toddlers. The under 3's we've made sure to sail on the RCI ships that have the Royal Babies & Tots nursery and the over 3's Adventure Ocean. Our grandkid's are experienced cruiser's now at ages 4 to 8.
  13. RCI's Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale starts Nov 25th...if this helps.
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