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  1. I also had a similar situation with AA. My May 2020 RCI cruise was cancelled by them. AA made a substantial change to our flight and was credited very quickly for the 10 roundtrip tickets I had purchased for my extended family.
  2. I have 5 total cruise's booked. One with Celebrity and four with RCI. Celebrity...booked long before the covid outbreak. RCI...booked prior or with a L/S. and FCC's I'm not concerned either will go bankrupt. Great deals and I'm taking that gamble. I'll even book more once the schedule opens up further in 2023.
  3. Sorry...but I'll disagree. You can ask any bar for a can instead of the fountain coke
  4. Thanks for posting....Fain said "we" will test everyone before boarding. So I'm going to assume by that key word he's saying the ship will test passengers at boarding. Too bad Del Rio cut Fain off and we didn't get to hear what he was going to say about onboard dining & the buffet. But now we know both want to be the "Coke" and not the Pepsi
  5. But some don't even start out covid related but turn that way quickly
  6. Hold onto hope until there's none to hold onto for your July cruise.
  7. If you're having trouble call and speak to a live person instead...This seems to work out better for me and worth the few minutes it takes.
  8. I'm so sad to hear this...I was originally looking at this cruise as well but ended up with a better deal for July 30th on Reflection X. Still keeping my fingers crossed...Ugh !!! Care to share what you're looking at?
  9. I remember seeing on the local news when the Grand Princess was being held off the Oakland port before passengers were allowed to disembark and many were out on their balcony....You could also see many balcony's that had drying laundry hanging off them too. Another reason to book a balcony
  10. I had never really seen in person any one vaping until we were out on deck late one night in Aruba.... OMG the thick dense fog this person created was unbelievable .... He came up and stood very close to us....we left quickly !!!
  11. Agree...wait...even if allowable the time frame to have the OP back to the ship is cutting it way too close. Most private tour companies we've used always give us a 1-2+ hour window to get us back for the sail out time. OP have you checked your roll call for something comparable some of your fellow cruiser's might be doing.
  12. Well I still want my buffet...they can serve it just like they do during a Noro outbreak. I'm not interested in sitting for a long length of time in a dining room...the only good thing will be that those 2/tops will have to be spread out further apart !
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