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  1. Over 25+ cruises on RCI and just booked my 2nd cruise with X. Loved the 1st one on Eclipse (Ireland, Iceland & Scotland) in an Aqua 1 category. This 2nd one will be on Reflection (British Isles) in a Sky Suite 2 aft facing on deck #11. Am I to assume this cabin will be comparable to a JS on RCI ? I was hopping it might be better but seems like a very close difference except for the $$'s with X.
  2. Recently ? On one of the ships that have changed from the code access to the username password ? Trying to be able to watch on the TV for a larger picture instead of a laptop etc.
  3. Absolutely agree !!! More than likely once there they will watch that particular flight leave and wish they had been on it.
  4. So I can just use my (AT&T) iPhone with HDMI adapter/cable.....so sorry but this is where I need some step by step instructions. I haven't really used many of the capabilities of my iPhone...can I say I was previously a flip phone/Razor user...Yes that was me. I absolutely appreciate so much the help you're offering and certainly the time you're taking with this.
  5. Thanks so much for the link...also checking out the TP-Link TLWR902AC...I wish someone would post in about their recent experiences ... Most of us are only trying to watch Netflix on the in cabin TV with an already purchased Voom Surf/Stream package.
  6. Ohhhh...now you're speaking a language my non-tech mind can't understand. I need simple 1st grade level instructions :)
  7. We were recently on Vision (Med/Greece) just before Adventure (Snowbird) and they were still using the code to sign on for our internet and this worked great to watch our content on our in cabin TV via our Firestick. I now understand people were able to hack the codes etc.....I just don't understand that mind set at all...and trying to get something for nothing....after spending $$$'s for the cruise what's a few more $$'s. Thanks so much for your input and understanding what we are trying to do. After many cruises we prefer to spend our evening down time relaxing with a movie of our choice....not the horrible offerings RCI offers.
  8. I always hate to start a new thread...but here goes. Recently on Adventure and became aware of the change to access my Voom/Surf Stream account from a code to now requiring a username and password. I have always been able to use my Firestick to watch Amazon Prime and Netflix on the in cabin TV. My Firestick doesn't have the capability/option to use this new format which I understand RCI is putting on all their ships. I thought about purchasing a travel router but have read that this may not be an option either. Does anyone have any recent experience and can offer some help with this ?
  9. Thank you....I've been trying to find one that addresses this new format change for onboard internet sign up.
  10. I tried to watch my Ring doorbell while on the Adventure...fires in my area...I had purchased Voom/Surf Stream and also the cruise package with AT&T (most data plan offered) and went over my data and was charged. I saw several people checking their home cameras multiple times and multiple cameras and seemed to have no concerns about usage...what (plan carrier) could they have had that I should consider changing to ?
  11. Aren't those to be announced week of Dec 9th...so next week.
  12. Our last trip out of San Juan we too had several flight time changes with AA...Ended up with a 9:45am flight back to LAX via MIA...We made it in plenty of time using self disembark....We were actually the "1st" off Adventure at 7:00am.
  13. We've stayed at the Old Town Sheraton a couple of times....loved the location...right across from the Old Town Pier but this particular Sheraton no longer has a casino...It's been converted into a Walgreen's.
  14. You might also check out "Cruise Control"...highly recommended.
  15. You might also add South Florida Shuttles...we've used them and would highly recommend.
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