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  1. Yes they can, but quicker and easier to just show the SetSail Pass as we head to where we know to be.
  2. Good to know it's only recommended for people born after 1970...which certainly doesn't include us. We're current on all immunizations since we travel often and get our flu shot every year. Costco for immunizations is a great option if you're a member.
  3. We also spent a few pre-cruise days before our B2B and so decided to just spend the turn around day onboard...Sadly it was only less than 2 hours before the new cruiser's starting boarding...but that short time having the ship to yourself (with the 30 other consecutive cruiser's) was nice....Remember you have complete access to your cabin...quickly and easily without letting new passengers see you scoot in/out of those hallway doors that will be closed but not locked for your access not theirs.
  4. It is an extremely industrial working busy port. More than likely your cruise ship will contract with a local provider for shuttle service....probably for a small fee that they will allow you to use your onboard account for. Our RCI ship did.
  5. We actually saw this book for sale in several of the St Thomas gift shops...Perhaps you can contact one of them by a Google search.
  6. I'm sure you'll pick what works best for you in the end. Enjoy this trip with your daughter !!!
  7. Absolutely agree with this option. Contact TJ Travel..We (just the two of us with a driver & guide) had an amazing private tour with them. Well worth the cost and you'll be so glad you decided to see this amazing city with this company. After all this could end up being you're one and only trip to St Petersburg...make the most of it. !!!!
  8. There will be a shuttle bus option from the port to Gustav Adolf's square. We had one on our port visit there with RCI for a small roundtrip fee charged to our SeaPass account. Use this option as it's the easiest to get into town.
  9. This is certainly a very interesting itinerary. Best of luck booking and please come back after this amazing trip with your experience's..it will be quite the read as have the other's that have posted above.
  10. We always print out our SetSail Pass but never have felt the need to print out luggage tags...Easy to just get the sturdy/strong airline type from the terminal porter...Write your cabin number on them...attach to luggage...and you're good to go. Many times the porter's have a black sharpie and do this quickly and easily for you.
  11. If you do decide to do that 10:00am flight home day of cruise end...just do self-disembark which should put you at getting off the ship at 7:00am. Last September off Freedom in San Juan we had had so many flight changes with our AA flight home to LAX via MIA that we ended up with the 9:45am flight...We actually were the first off the ship...at SJU approx 7:20am ...through the agriculture check...checked in for our flight....and at our gate in plenty of time...Best of luck...hopefully you'll be fine.
  12. Our first trip to Rome we also did a private tour (just the two of us with a driver) using RomeInLimo...a great company and very popular on these boards.
  13. Yes they do....however who do you think has made huge investments in the port and it's new pier ?
  14. Hyatt Place is contracted for booking flight crews with several carriers.
  15. Well if RCI has that rule it certainly didn't apply to my Southern Caribbean cruise on Freedom last September. A large group of locals from San Juan brought their instruments onboard...one morning in particular they marched through the crowded WJ...RCI staff and many onboard weren't happy with this cruise and what went on during it at all.
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