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  1. Just had a good experience with AA. My (our 10 of us) flight time was changed by almost 8 hours. Called AA and they called me back within 10 min...easily canceled our flights...gave me the website to process them (www.prefunds.AA.com)...full refund !!! Whew !!!
  2. I (we) have 3rd party travel insurance but opted to take RCI's 125% FCC when my (our 10 of us) May 3rd cruise was just canceled. Hoping that AA will make a change to my (our) LAX-MCO flights so I can cancel. We've rebooked our cruise but aren't sailing until May 2021. Not sure if I can put in a claim for just the flights but then not be able to transfer the insurance to our next cruise. So confused on how to handle this!!!
  3. New bookings only or can I do a price change/adjustment for a cruise I just booked yesterday for May 2021 that only had 30% off.
  4. I just actually did the same...didn't want to wait until our FCC's became available end of April. We wanted the basically same cabin category, location (three right next to each other) and KSF for our extended family of 10. I'll wait and apply our FCC before final payment due in Feb 2021.
  5. Do I have to wait to receive my FCC for a cruise RCI just canceled if I want to rebook now and will the FCC serve as my deposit. A bit confused if using a FCC to book why/if I would be required to put any $$'s down when booking?
  6. How long does it take to get the FCC ? I was just canceled last night and am ready to use them to rebook. Do I have to wait or can I call to rebook ?
  7. So very sad...condolences to all of you.
  8. YES...I did !!!!! Don't just assume !!!
  9. Yes...but when do we have to book air by.....It's much too far out ... I have no reason to fly before Dec 2020...next trip isn't until April 2021.
  10. Sorry but a bit confused. Flights were approx $250 pp and we certainly have no idea when they can fly next as the flights that far out aren't available. So would they just get a voucher for future travel minus how much would the fee be at this point as their not due to fly until May 2nd. Sooo confused and was hoping AA would offer no fee for this.
  11. I have three cabins booked for the May 3rd sailing (eastern caribbean). I had to cancel one of the cabins (the rest of us are playing it by ear especially with the new cancel policy with RCI). So I cancelled my daughter and her family and received 25% back to my credit card and 75% FCC for them. Port fees and taxes for them will also be refunded to me. Unfortunately RCI announced this on Friday May 6th...my cut off date for 50% was May 4th...Oh well at least I got some cash returned. Now am hoping American Airlines will start considering a flight voucher as well....Any thoughts if domestic flights may do this too? We're LAX-MCO.
  12. It's too bad you can't use someone else's. I would love to apply the booking I made, own, linked and paid for for my daughter and her family to cruise with us this May...They now can't go and I have 4 cruises booked for my DH and I in 2021.
  13. I was so disappointed that when several months ago I was hoping to book this cruise and then the suites sold out. I opted for Celebrity Reflection next July (2021) British Isles instead, and am kinda glad now. Best of luck.
  14. Hmmm...The train doesn't "come" to the ship.
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