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  1. Quiet, well behaved kids having a snack and perhaps a soda, spending time with their family if they are choosing to do so...Why is that inappropriate ?
  2. Our deliveries have been spot on and a phone call to our cabin made just minutes before they arrived....Using the door hanger works well.
  3. Not the same but some on my Snowbird cruise are getting off in Port Canaveral instead of Fort Lauderdale and I believe their being charged a $65.00pp fee for this. I'm sure someone will have an exact price for you that may have done this early off on your itinerary.
  4. We started to walk but I realized it was going to be too much. I opted for the mule, DH walked. It was brutal considering my mule group at one point was a runaway. The leader had gotten off to move a problem mule to the back and didn't tie his mule up...and off it took....running. It took the leader several minutes to catch up and stop us!!!!
  5. Agree...The D+ printing on my SeaPass for last month (Vision) was so tiny I could hardly see it...but the card was silver. Not sure that's denotes D+ or not.
  6. We just returned from a Med/Greece cruise and used them for our port stop in Rome. Very pleased with our driver and the guide that did the Vatican tour with our group. Would definitely use them again.
  7. It probably makes little difference but we're glad we used Chilkoot and did the bus up and train down.
  8. I was there a couple of weeks ago too (May 26th). Luckily my tour included a boat to get to the meeting spot. That cable car line down was taking 1 1/2 hours...I rode the mule....just BRUTAL !!!!
  9. My PK Travel full day Athens was 65.00 Euros per person.
  10. $15.00 per hour in most states here isn't that bad (what my McDonald's employee's get)......and looking for it to increase....so please don't tip for bad service.
  11. Yes.......Thanks for understanding my topic and referring to the Pinnacles as (them). The pins on their swimsuit was
  12. Their my grandchildren...and I'll easily take that bet
  13. I doubt it was any worse than the Vision I just got off of. So sad !!!!
  14. I just got off Vision and my SeaPass card (D+ in a JS) was Silver.
  15. Well darn me for looking then. I hadn't been on the Vision class for many years and guess I just got used to it on other ships in the fleet. What about not having the day number on the Cruise Compass? Is that a Vision class thing too?
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