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  1. I wasn't rationalizing ! ... Just making a personal comment in regards to my B2B booked for March. Geeez !!! You can't even make a comment on these boards without some sort of blow back
  2. We've pretty much stuck with RCI or Celebrity...Tend to like the familiarity of those lines and knowing what to expect. We recently did a 12 nighter on Vision Med/Greece a great itinerary especially that it included Malta. Enjoy whatever ends up working best for you personally.
  3. Flight changes...been there done that many times. On one particular trip LAX-SJU we had 6 flight changes with AA. We always go down two or three days early. Flying AA or DL and booking several months to a year out we're pretty flexible with those changes. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond...just trying to get a feel from y'all during this uncertain timing in our world today.
  4. Not True ! I just recently repriced our booked cruise that an FCC (125%) had been used on. It was just repriced by RCI (phone call by me) the FCC then dropped off and then was easily re-applied...all while I was on hold...The excess FCC amount will now be another FCC that I can use on one of the future cruises I have booked. Oops..just saw that you were not a USA booking....so policy might vary for you...Hopefully not. Best of luck !!
  5. We called and repriced...once that was done the FCC's dropped off. We then had them reapplied. We're an extended family group of 10 ( four kids that the KSF was applicable) and our May 2020 cruise was cancelled by RCI. Not sure this helps you but it was easy for us to do for our newly booked May 2021 cruise...upgraded category and we still have FCC's amount left over...sad;y it can't be used for OBC.
  6. "For Good" ?? Hope that changes at some point in time.
  7. Certainly not me....I agree...and am looking forward to March cruising.
  8. Sorry for the confusion...see my post #14
  9. I hope cruising starts up in March 2021...if so I'm booked and will be ready to go.
  10. Thanks....all you regulars with experience are making me feel a bit more confident. I've only had to cancel one flight (when our May 2020 cruise was cancelled) after many years of traveling.
  11. Thanks for your input. Cheers to you
  12. Hold close to your heart those old memories and open your heart to making new ones...just as he would like you to.
  13. Sorry, I meant it the other way around. Oh those senior moments at the keyboard
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