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  1. Plenty of stores to buy this and many other kind's of rum....Havensight or in town.
  2. We were there on a port stop last September and did a tour with Cosol...one of the best tour's we've done in the Caribbean and we felt completely safe...!! Agree with the above post...enjoy St Lucia !!
  3. The ships we or extended family have been on recently (last two years) have had dedicated GF stations (area's)...it's becoming more and more prevalent we've all noticed.
  4. Yes, it is offered and it can be booked onboard your ship...so Port Everglades to MIA. It might be quicker and cheaper to use Uber or Lyft...or book with a shared private shuttle company.
  5. Oh dear, I'm dating my self but we did do this many years ago.
  6. ISP is the one port that we've seen whales very up close from (walking) the shoreline and from the tender (when they used to have one)...easy whale sightings and a great choice to do it in this port.
  7. Not sure, but I seem to remember that RCI did (has) at times used the lifeboats for tendering.
  8. He didn't have to go run or call to ask...He would have already had this information before you even boarded.
  9. Take a taxi...yes they can take you to the terminal.
  10. Absolutely we have ... humpbacks and an orca just below our balcony cabin !!! We also saw many really close not only from the tender but from the shoreline in Icy Straight Point...amazing !!!!
  11. "Good" might be different to us than to you. We enjoyed the night BBQ at Lau Pa Sat (Google) so much we went back two nights. Best satay ever !!!!
  12. So you're ticked at AA & Boeing....Would you rather they consider your comfort or safety ?
  13. This has always been a big complaint of mine...RCI needs to address this....many of us would love a small portion of the WJ to be open late at night...and some breakfast type foods would be wonderful.
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