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  1. If you have a rainy spell the socks and undies may not dry very quickly.
  2. I copy what I saw a crew member doing...stop to take a photo of the board that shows the all aboard time. It usually has the port name there too which helps when trying to remember where you took the pics.
  3. While the above is true, it's also true that ATM machines may have limits on the amount that can be withdrawn in individual transactions. I know in Italy this is often true in highly trafficked locations -- it's done so the machines aren't drained of cash as quickly. Often there is no warning to indicate this limit and if you try to withdraw too much, your card will be rejected and you won't know why. If this happens, best to try a smaller amount. Agreed....we have found many ATM machines have a limit that is below what your bank has set. And, yes, there is no warning to indicate the limit.
  4. Mini crossbody just big enough for my phone and cruise card for days I want to carry my phone or have no pockets.
  5. Bank ATMs also let you withdraw more money.
  6. Female. 4 pair. All shoes are comfortable enough to walk or hike miles in on uneven ground. I pack lightly and trips last for months. All 4 get worn every trip. 2 open shoes and 2 closed shoes so they can be alternated and if a shoe wears out on a trip, I have a backup. Olukai Flip flops are worn on hot port or sea days, around the pool, to the beach and if I have to take a shower somewhere I don’t want to be barefoot. They dry quickly. Olukai Flat sandals are worn on hot port or sea days, gala nights, hot hikes with steep hills. Keen Hikers are worn for cold or rainy port or sea days, working out, hikes. Jeep Water shoes are worn in rivers, other water I don’t want to be barefoot in, hot or cold or rainy port or sea days, working out, hikes. They dry quickly.
  7. I personally like the itineraries offered by HAL. I cruise to see new places and to get a taste of different parts of the world to determine where I want to spend additional time on a land tour. I am not loyal to them but now that I have free laundry (best of the 4 star perks) I do always check their cruise options. Because itinerary is is the most important thing to me I don’t worry about the ship details or the loyalty programs when booking. I’m sure that isn’t true for everyone.
  8. Everyone is different...I book based on itinerary because that is what is important to me. Others book a particular ship because of the amenities offered are what matters to them. Decide what is most important to you and go from there.
  9. The fabric and prints were great. I bought the length that should have hit around my knee as a skirt I thought but it was halfway to my ankle...not a length I like. Also the way it fit it added size to my mid section. Then there was so much material when I wore it as a dress or that it looked like I was wearing maternity clothes. And as a shawl I thought the ties were too long with no good way to wrap them so they were a good length. I’m 5 ft 4 inches and 146lbs with hips. I think I probably have the wrong body type for the design.
  10. Well.......got my skirts today. Tried them on, went through almost every possible way to wear them and didn’t like the way any variation looked on me. So, I returned them a few hours after I picked them up. Really wanted to like these, but didn’t.
  11. I’ve never seen anyone wearing them. Don’t know if that is because they haven’t discovered them or don’t like them. Getting mine today and looking forward to trying them. Didn’t know there were pants too.
  12. Thanks. Was there anything unique in the historic area? We’ve seen many historic areas and look for the things that are unusual.
  13. I think it would be pushing it, but you never know. I don’t know what that would do to their laundry process or if they even have a machine they could dedicate to just your clothes.
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