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  1. I think it would be pushing it, but you never know. I don’t know what that would do to their laundry process or if they even have a machine they could dedicate to just your clothes.
  2. Because it is so much better than flying. Great transportation to another part of the world...no jet lag, not crammed into a flying bus with bad food.
  3. I didn’t know these existed! Gotta look for them
  4. Great info. Thanks! I’ll do that
  5. What did you see and do in Lubeck? We will be in Kiel 7a-5p next May and starting to research options
  6. What did you do? How was it? Any recommendations?
  7. What did you do while in Kiel? We will be there next May and just starting to look at options.
  8. Haven’t had issues in the past, hoping whatever is going on gets resolved before I do online checkin for next year’s cruises.
  9. This is great information...thank you!!! We will start with Vallisaari then. We will be there in May 2020.
  10. I ordered it on Amazon...they sold them in 3s, you pick one length for all 3.
  11. We took our first cruise with free laundry earlier this year and loved it. We took clothes that were all machine wash and dry and had no issues at all. Next cruise I am considering taking some clothes that are machine wash but hang dry. Has anyone done laundry with a no dry request? How did it go?
  12. On line I’ve seen people wearing t-shirts, tank tops, and blouses. I have also seen a video where one of the skirts is being used as a top, as a wrap and as a dress (longer skirts). I’m excited to get mine. Good to hear you are buying more - they must be great!
  13. I have 3 coming in the mail and didn’t choose colors. I’ve never tried writing down special instructions, but happy to hear that has worked for you...I can try that and see what happens. I suspect there will be self serve laundry on board, but would rather not use it. We will be doing our own laundry on land for almost 3 months between cruises so we will be ready for a laundry break.
  14. Thanks for the information. I like that there is nature on Vallisaari. Read somewhere that there are designated walkways that you shouldn’t stray from due to mines. We are used to that here in north Florida. I’m thinking we will start with either Vallisaari or Suomenlinna, then to the other one and finish with Lonna (or skip if we run out of time). I’m thinking we will grab a boat schedule with our ticket for the day and go from there. Am I missing anything I should know?
  15. We have free laundry on board HAL. They wash/dry everything put in the wash as far as I know. Do you think it could take a few dry cycles? At home, I wouldn’t dry it, but we are on 53 days of cruising with HAL next year so I would expect it to be washed/dried a few times by them.
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