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  1. We would like to take the Grand Africa next year (if Covid is not an issue) but need to be in Europe early October for a wedding. I am going to call HAL to see if they will let us join the cruise at the first port stop, Mediera, rather than embark in Fort Lauderdale then do the rest of the cruise returning to Fort Lauderdale. All we would miss is the transatlantic crossing. I know we wouldn’t get a discount for those missed days. I’ve done some research and it appears sometimes a request is approved and something it is rejected but I don’t know why. Has anyone made this type of request before? Did you call a specific Dept or just the normal 1-800 number?
  2. You must have very good hygiene practices or a great immune system. Congrats for never having the flu! I used to not get the flu shot because I thought I had had the flu and it wasn’t bad. In my mid 20s I actually got the flu. It was horrible and kept me in bed for a week. In just 20 minutes I went from happily skiing down a mountain to not feeling right to feeling so bad I didn’t even want to walk to the car. The past 30 years I always get the shot. I never want to feel that bad for that long again. I am looking forward to getting the Covid shot when it is available
  3. It still is listed here.....https://www.hollandamerica.com/content/dam/hal/marketing-assets/mariner-society/documents/Holland-America-cruises-Mariner-Reward-Chart.pdf
  4. What!?!? I hadn’t noticed! Wine package discounts and free laundry are the best two perks of 4 star!
  5. Well said. I don’t expect cruising to start at full capacity when a vaccine is available. I believe once a vaccine is available to the general public that there will still be outbreaks amongst those who refuse the vaccine and because of that I hope we will have to show proof of vaccination when boarding any public transportation...planes, cruise ships, ferries, trains, etc. Another thought....even with a yearly flu vaccination you can still get the flu, either because you caught a strain that wasn’t in the vaccination or you didn’t build enough antibodies, but it is almost always a lighter case than you would have had without the vaccination. No reason to believe that won’t be the case for Covid.
  6. IMO Covid will join colds, the flu and other perpetual illnesses...including those where people choose to skip the preventive vaccination then get the illness.....I think it is here to stay and we will have to get a yearly vaccine like the flu vaccine.
  7. I thought the negative test might be ok until the issues with the cruise line (cannot remember the cruise line name) that just tried to do a cruise to nowhere and a person who tested negative multiple times preboarding tested positive later on board. Another time that a pre-test didn’t work......DH ended up with a horrific infection in the mid 1980s when he was tested negative for an infection on Friday for a tonsillectomy on Monday. But, he had infected tonsils on Monday when they were removed. Over the weekend he developed an infection but it hadn’t progressed to the point of him or the doctor knowing there was a problem until it was too late. He lost an entire semester of college due to that.
  8. Good point and simple solution. People will either have a vaccine or not. If the answer is no, then no cruising.
  9. I think if a vaccine were to be released today it would take many months, probably more than a year to inoculate everyone. That is starting to concern me with respect to travel because we wouldn’t be on any “high risk” list, thus not amongst the first groups to be vaccinated. I wonder what happens if vaccines are required to travel, yet we cannot get a vaccine because we don’t meet the criteria to receive a vaccine the first year (or 2)? I would think cruises would start for those vaccinated first, which per the vaccination plan Congress is currently working on will be healthcare workers, essential workers and high risk people. I’m sure the criteria will change before it is finalized, but that is that last I heard. Will FCC and cancellation deadlines be extended at that point for those unable to be vaccinated because it isn’t available to them yet? What will be required from us to prove we cannot get a vaccine? In the case of yellow fever, a dr note is required if you are medically unable to get the shot and you are allowed to travel. However, I don’t think you would be able to cruise if you cannot prove a vaccine or antibodies since you could spread Covid. I know these are rhetorical questions that have no answers at this point. But, I hope someone at the cruise lines are thinking about this now and will have a plan when vaccines are available. Thought it would be interesting to see others’ opinions.
  10. I will be surprised to see sailings before a vaccine is available to the general public. Then I suspect proof of vaccine will be required (like yellow Fever for some sailings)
  11. Announced no sailing until after October 31 today. No one knows how many more of these types announcement will happen.
  12. I was going to say that when I read your comment earlier about what was in the bags. We don’t have children so have never had to travel with everything required for their comfort and safety. Now I’m thinking you probably did pack light!
  13. That is a lot of luggage for just a week! Wow....we’ve been gone for 3 months with one small backpack each to a warm weather only destination and 5 months with that backpack and a carry-on rolling bag each for a trip that included weather from 40F-90F. We travel light so that we can easily handle our own luggage and can easily use public transportation. I know everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to the amount of things to take on a trip but wow! Did y’all use everything in all those bags?
  14. Our FCC came from cruises we cancelled in March that were past the final payment date. Refund wasn’t an option for most of the money we had paid. Didn’t feel comfortable waiting on the cruise line to cancel because the cruises took us US to Europe followed a Baltic Sea cruise followed by a several months on land in Europe then a cruise Europe to US. We were hitting deadlines to get refunds on cancelled lodging and day tours. Another concern was that the first cruise would get cancelled and the Baltic cruise wouldn’t and we would either have to fly to Europe (doable but a pain and expensive to get last minute tickets) or we would have to forfeit the cost of the cruise. Wish we could have seen into the future.....
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