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  1. Have you been listening to the news lately? We're all caught up worrying about a lot more important things at the moment. There are no HAL cruises presently FYI.
  2. The fact is that the economic repercussions of this whole virus "experience" will be such that a large number of people to put it bluntly may be possibly losing their jobs and will be in no position to cruise. The cruise lines are just looking to take your deposits and hold the money. You may get FCC but it will be a long time before the cruise industry gets going again. Call me realistic. If you are in a position to cruise I am happy for you. In the meanwhile just looking to keep money coming in.
  3. Gone with the wind along with a lot of other more important things besides "what happens with my cruise". Take the FCC and keep your head down. Be well. p.s. don;t buy any cruise line stock.
  4. What will it be worth tomorrow if they stop bringing in revenue?
  5. Sadly Father, IMO you are being irresponsible in promoting the idea that it is totally OK for people to go on a cruise without being aware of all the possible things that could currently happen. If you think everything is ridiculous, consider that this may not be your area of expertise and that the Public Health officials are the ones who are educated in this and are trying to slow the progression and spread of the disease. What are you going to tell your bishop when he announces that for the immediate future all taking of communion from a shared chalice is suspended. Do you tell him he is being afraid of fear itself? Of course not, he's acting responsibily. As it is, the cruise lines may be taking decisions out of people's hands by suspending operations for the next several months. I wish you good luck Father.
  6. A wise Wall Street motto: Don't go back in the house until the fire is completely out. This one is still burning.
  7. You're the one injecting hostility toward women. It's been obvious since she took over that LLP has made it her goal to get the ranks of women in leadership positions at Celebrity to at least 25% of the work force in the short term. How is she going to accomplish that? Promote and hire women. For your example, a best functioning team would be from a cross section of PEOPLE, not specifically dependent on specifically chosen gender. This group was specifically chosen to make a choice and an example of FEMDOM. I personally don't care who's in charge when I'm on a ship, I just want the most qualified people taking me around. Period. Enjoy your cruising days. Don;t catch the virus.
  8. I used to go thru this at work. Our management was under instructions that women were to be promoted based on their gender because the firm overall was dominated by males. I witnessed a lot of people get passed over for promotion because of that. I would tend to doubt that in every position on a ship that 100% of the best qualified people were all women. But if that is your view of things so be it.
  9. According to a wise old Wall Street sage "Don;t go back in the house until the fire is completely out". There is still smoke coming from somewhere.
  10. Whatever happened to get the best PEOPLE you can, let them do the job and get out of the way.
  11. Sure sounded that Himself was promoting the idea of going on a cruise, with no offense to the good Father. Perhaps he has more Providential protection than the average person. In the meanwhile let public health science prevail.
  12. I'd rather depend on what Dr. Faucci says than your opinion, thank you very much.
  13. Nobody said you can't (as of yet). Just consider yourself duly notified. But I was wondering, if the cruise companies continue to operate and leaving it up to individual choice despite governmental directives, are they potentially liable for further incidents on their ships?
  14. If you do decide to go on a cruise despite the government warnings that have been issued, I would be prepared for the possibility if not the inevitability of not being able to get off the ship and\or being quarantined for an extended period of time. Lots of ramifications involved in that, some hidden ones like if you are on prescription medication do you have enough with you, do you have sufficient funds available, do you have work or family obligations. I mean the list is long. All because you don't want to be inconvenienced? Stay home and go another time. All that Dr. Faucci is interested in doing is stopping the possibility of a contagious disease spreading. You may not be a victim but you could be a carrier and a contributor.
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