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  1. Amen, I don’t understand why Carnival is known as the party ships, but are so hyper sensitive about drinks. I have more than double the trips on Carnival than Norwegian, so I’m not a Carnival hater, but it kills me that they let Norwegian wipe the floor with them on this subject. My recently booked trip on Vista was the same price as a similar NCL cruise that included the drink package; so in essence NCL was almost $400 cheaper, and NCL will let you get two drinks every time you go to the bar if you wish - no limits.
  2. My suggestion is do it yourself. I’ve used all three methods over the years and suggest a TA if you have a prior relationship with them. If you’re only cruising and not doing other types of trips then they are not needed. PVP’s IMO are a complete waste of time. Maybe it’s just my PVP based upon the comments I’ve read in this thread. I’ve had the same one for years and he isn’t worth a dime. I’ve caught him in several bold face lies over the years, to the point it was entertaining. And I can’t tell you how many times he’s called and left me a voicemail about him needing me to call
  3. For me it’s about getting everyone together from the start. I’ve cruised solo many times on multiple lines and easily make friends with groups, couples, singles, etc. But if you have fifty people cruising alone on the ship it just seems to make sense to get them all together from the start. Meeting people to hang out with is the easy part; finding all the solo cruisers is the challenge! 🙂
  4. I was wondering if any solo cruisers could chime in on their recent experiences on Carnival. I strictly cruised Carnival up until a few years ago, but after I tried out Norwegian I became a fan of their solo cabins and nightly events for solo travels. They do a great job of creating a fun atmosphere for everyone traveling solo; young and old. I remember Carnival always having a singles meet up at certain bars but the majority of the time next to no one would show up. Is this still the same norm, or have they advanced any? Thanks in advance.
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