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  1. On our Feb 2020 cruise we were asked to watch a safety video in our room. We then attended a muster drill that was held in the main theater. No one had to bring life vest but they showed how to properly put one on. It was a quick and easy process. We were led by our group leader to our muster station.
  2. My wife and I were on the Norovirus shortened Caribbean Princess cruise that sailed last February 2. We did not get sick and despite the virus concern, we made the best of our cruise despite missing 5 of our 8 ports. At the same time, the Covid 19 virus was just starting to catch the attention of Americans. While we were disappointed by missing the 5 ports, we really enjoyed Princess' movies shown on the outdoor screen as well as in the theater. The movies were great and we really enjoyed the excellent sound system on both the outdoor screen system and the main theater. They played several con
  3. I have no vote. But I would be a bit concerned putting too many ships in the Caribbean in the meat of the summer hurricane season.
  4. I bought 101 shares today. It is what it is. Long term we will be ok. I booked a Princess Cruise next February.
  5. We just completed our first Princess cruise in February. It was a Norovirus shortened cruise and we did get to experience the emotions of a fairly "safe" intestinal bug. I can't imagine the stress placed on the crew and passengers when a more lethal virus outbreak is present. I applaud Princess as well for pausing their cruises until this virus outbreak is better understood and contained. While it had to be a difficult decision, it was the correct one. Time will only tell how this all shakes out. But we all hope that the long term impact is neglible for the public and for business.
  6. We did our 1st Princess cruise in February. We found the food to be excellent or lackluster. Our favorites. Calamari in Sabitini's was the best we have ever had. Plentiful and simply delicious. Black and Blu Onion Soup in Crown Grill. Very nice and the blue cheese didn't overpower the soup. Ribeye in Crowngrill, perfect steak, perfectly cooked. The volcano ice cream dessert off the children's menu in the MDR was very good. On the breakfast buffet, I enjoyed the corned beef hash with the grilled tomato to be very good. The lunch buffet was so so. I did lov
  7. We were on the Norovirus shortened Feb 2 Caribbean Cruise. Once the virus outbreak became known, we didn't make any changes to our cruise routine. Cruising in mid winter during the peak of the cold and flu season and with an older cruise passenger group, cruise passengers are always subjected to a higher chance of catching a virus, We take every precaution we can, including taking our own alcohol based hand de sanitizer with us to use after we get our food in the buffet. But it is what it is. We take every precaution and hope we don't get sick.
  8. We were on the shortened Feb 2 CB cruise. Couple observations we made. 1) Some people would bypass the hand washing line at the buffet and tell the staff member standing at the station that they were just cutting through the World Markerplace buffet as they were headed to the rear Salty Dog/Steamers buffet. On one occasion we saw a couple who bypassed the wash station standing in line getting served at the World Marketplace. Despite the Norovirus they knowingly bypassed the hand wash station. 2) We saw people wash there hands then immediately take their hand and rub the
  9. EDVM96. Thanks for the photos. I said rice above, but after your photo and consult with my wife, it was Risotto not rice. But whatever it was, it was a tasteless paste that delivered no flavor or moisture to the tail. We already booked our 2021 cruise so the lobster in the MDR didn't deter us from returning to Princess.
  10. Unfortunately our lobster was the worst we ever had on the last formal night. It was a dry tail (no drawn butter) sitting on a bed of very tasteless dry rice paste. Both my wife and I requested a second tail and when the waiter asked us if we wanted the 2nd tail, we both said no. It was our worst meal of our cruise. My wife ordered a lobster tail at the Crown Grill. It was large and served with drawn butter. She thought it was excellent. This was on our Feb 2 Caribbean Princess cruise.
  11. We said the same thing about the omelette beepers. While it was the last night of the cruise, those voting gizmo's they hand out for that singing competition is another source. Bottom line, there are many potential things that people touch or sneeze/cough on. Some are easily cleaned, some aren't. That's why chasing these viruses is so darn difficult. Nothing beats washing your hands frequently and using your own hand sanitizer frequently. My wife brought two small hand sanitizer dispensers that we used all the time. Tough battle as people are aged and traveling in the
  12. My wife and I were on the shortened Feb 2 Caribbean Princess cruise. Couple comments from our observation. The passengers on that sailing looked Old. Saw more canes, walkers,wheelchairs, scooters than on any other cruise. The ocean was really calm but I saw more people hanging onto the hallway safety rails. The other thing we noticed was the slow elevators. People were constantly pressing the elevator buttons despite them being lit. So handrails and elevator buttons are another potential source on the bug. Menus are also being touched so cleaning hands with Purell after handling the dining roo
  13. On our Feb 2 Caribbean Princess cruise we arrived at the terminal at 12:15. The line to get into the terminal was quite long. It was wrapped onto the front of the terminal. From our experience, the wait was to get through the security clearance X-ray stations. Once we cleared security, we picked up our Medallions and started walking to the ship in just a few minutes. I didnt pay attention to the time, but I estimate 20-30 minutes line time to get through security.
  14. We were on the Feb 2 Norovirus cruise. When we arrived back in Ft Lauderdale, we saw sanitation service trucks already parked on the dock. So I am sure that ship was as sanitized as possible. Indeed Princess staff served food, drinks and seasonings in the buffet. Average age of the Feb 2 cruise passengers were quite old. We saw more canes, walkers, wheelchairs and scooters on this cruise than any other cruise. I would not hesitate to cruise again on this ship.
  15. We were on the Feb 2 Caribbean Princess Norovirus shortened cruise. From my observation, the cruise started out in a normal fashion. Winter is the heart of the cold and flu season so there are always people on the cruise with colds. Unfortunate consequence of winter cruising. However my wife and I commented as soon as the first night on the age of the passengers. Empirically, this cruise probably was the oldest average age cruise we were ever on. We ate one night with a couple who were 94 and 92. We saw more walkers, canes and scooters on this cruise that ever before. Then the Noro
  16. We were on the Norovirus shortened 2/02 Caribbean Princess cruise. We were credited approximately $70 for port fees of the 5 missed ports. That credit showed as a refundable on board credit on our statement. Do I need to do anything to get that money or will Princess automatically process it? Will we get a check or a credit on our credit card? Thanks all.
  17. Just ate there last week. I ordered the ribeye and it was large and really good. I ordered the cream spinach for the vegetable and the serving size was quite large. My wife got the lobster and it was large and served with butter. It was much better than the main dining room lobster as it was small, served with no drawn butter and served over a dry clump of tasteless rice. I asked the waiter if the $10 charge would apply if my wife wanted to order a steak with her lobster tail. He said that was correct. Both my wife and I were so full after our meal we barely ate 1/2 of
  18. We were on this cruise which was our first time on Princess. Princess did everything they could but they could not stop the virus. Many very old people who appeared frail. Some people refused to wash their hands. I didn't get that at all. Lines at the hand wash basins were long and I saw more than a few just walk into the buffet. The only criticism of Princess I had was allowing the band to play in the lobby area by the guest service desk. I loved the sound system that ship had plus they played loud which I love. But on the first morning after they announced the ship was heading ba
  19. I can get either discounted groceries or gas if I buy gift card at a Giant Eagle supermarket. A friend of ours pays for their entire cruise via these gift cards. The supermarket offers $.10 discount for every $50 spent. They double that offer numerous times per year. Just trying to save some bucks, nothing more, nothing less. Thanks to all who commented.
  20. I am deciding on how much $ to spend on Princess Gift cards to pay for on board purchases. I don't want to overspend on cards however. Are there any items in the gift shop that are at fair value and that are really nice?
  21. Can you cash in Princess Gift Cards at the beginning of your cruise to pay for excursions and on board purchases? I want to avoid the last minute rush to settle your account at guest services. I can get some discounted gas if I buy Princess Gift cards. I don't want to buy many. Thanks all.
  22. My emergency comment is solely based on us having to make an emergency call out due to a health event. I am going back to my local AT&T store for clarification on exactly what I need to do. The person I talked to at AT&T said that IPhones (which we don't have) turnoff all phone capabilities to make/receive phone calls and to receive data when in airplane mode. She said "cheaper" phones can still allow data transmissions while in airplane mode which would trigger the $10 charge. I thank all of you for your comments. They are helpful. This topic is particularly
  23. We have Samsung Galaxy 3 phones by the way. They are not flip phones but are lower end smart phones. Normally we just have our phones off and in Airplane mode on cruises. But we had planned to use the Medallion app to take advantage of that service. So our phones will be on more than usual because of that. This will occur while we are in port which I assume will result in Island cell service availability. Since we are retired, I don't want any surprise charges on our cell phone bill especially if we didn't use the phone to call, text or browse. Thank you.
  24. Was talking to a couple and cruise cell phone coverage came up. They claim they had their inexpensive cell phone on airplane mode for their entire cruise. Despite not making any calls on the islands, they got hit with $10 per day calling charges(AT&T plan for international calling). They asked for an explanation and was told that inexpensive cell phones can still receive data despite being in airplane mode. So they had to pay the $10 fee per shore day despite not using the phone. We have inexpensive cell phones. We want to have the cell phone coverage only for emergencies, so w
  25. Our flight is scheduled to arrive at 11:05. We got our flights through Princess ezeair as it was impossible to get flights otherwise. We honeymooned in Fort Lauderdale back in 1978 and I wanted to spend a couple precruise days there. The flights were basically full and if there were seats available, the costs were outrageous. Same on hotels. Darn Super Bowl. Price gouging is absolutely insane. So after a lot of energy, we booked our flights through Princess as they were our last option. We leave Pittsburgh at 6 am, fly to Philadelphia and ultimately arrive in Fort Laud
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