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  1. Dudley Jean is supposed in the Diamond Lounge on the Enchantment until Dec 13th, before heading home.
  2. So, I plan to book 5 cabins for couples on a Princess cruise next fall. How does the Refer-A-Friend process work. I know that I give an email address for each party member, but how are those connected to the cabins that I purchase? Also, what discount percentage does Princess offer for booking 5 cabins? I've read multiple thread about the subjects but could not ever find the logistics behind the refer-a-friend or the discount available. Thank you in advance for any information.
  3. https://passportinfo.com/countries-that-require-visas-for-us-citizens/
  4. Things Princess Lists Meet Alaskan lumberjacks with North to Alaska and Puppies Hula dancing and ukulele lessons in Hawaii Street pan drum lessons in the Caribbean Mariachis on deck in Mexico Traditional Maori performance in New Zealand Brazilian samba dancers in South America Local dishes served in our main dining room Basketball sports court Ping Pong Miniature golf putting course Golf Driving Range Shuffleboard
  5. People watching Escape room Princess Choir Champagne Tower
  6. $ 150 per day/person we consider great $ 200 per day/person we consider okay $ 250 per day/person we won’t pay(?) but we are only two persons.
  7. Go to this rollcall and discuss with people on your cruise
  8. Most times it takes a code to get around a 5% additional card.
  9. B2b2b2b... we love certain itineraries and itinerary changes, but as some of us say, we love cruising. If you are talking 7 night cruises, they are over before they start. More nights are needed to make for a cruise.
  10. Yes. Quite funny. Please send me $100 next Friday. :p
  11. I could care less about Princess giving me something for my birthday and the “month of” would be about as important as the “year of”. Last time I checked everyone has a designated birthday, one of 366 possible days. Celebrate your day with your cruise mates.
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