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  1. the menu posted is a new menu that is being rolled out fleetwide. I was on the Norwegian Dawn November 2 sailing when i noticed they switched to the new menu.
  2. yes. the typical shrimp cocktail is very small. i had it on the Norwegian dawn and it was like 4 little tiny shrimps
  3. they do have it but it is very very rare to find it. I was very very lucky i found it for my Carnival Legend cruise in May.
  4. Even the free restaurants is just as bad. On my Norwegian Dawn cruise a few weeks ago, Bamboo restaurant was soo slow that it took about 2 and half hours. It took a little over one hour for the entree to come
  5. nothing will be that great compare to the recent 20% latitude promotion
  6. your cruise is sold out. upgrades can still be available if someone where to cancel last minute
  7. If you booked directly with Carnival, this could of been avoid as it would be easy to fix by calling carnival when you first noticed it. Since you had issues contacting your TA, this caused delays that allowed to cabin to be assigned to someone else. This is why i like book directly with Carnival and hate dealing with TA
  8. Windows 7 is the main operating systems for everything these days. it is very rare to find a windows xp computer except for specific company's In a few years, that will change when Windows 7 goes End of Life and everyone will be upgrading to Windows 10 At my job, we still have like 5 Windows XP computers and that is due to the equipment that uses very special manufacturer created software for a manufacturer created equipment and device.
  9. like everything else in the supermarket..the raising food prices. I've been going to the same supermarket for about 5 years now and its very annoying when i see my favorite food items prices go up every 6 to 12 months or so.
  10. It is already rolling out fleetwide. that is the same menu i had on my november 2 norwegian dawn cruise
  11. did you try to plug that flash drive into a different computer? did you try using a different program to open the pictures?
  12. Last year Black Friday deal was a coupon code for like 5 to 15% off a shore excursion
  13. Tampa has the same problem as New York and that is sailing under bridges. The port/terminal itself can handle bigger ships, these bigger ships is also too high/tall that prevent it from sailing under bridges. For Tampa, ships to need to less then 180ft tall to fit under the Skyway Bridge.
  14. Check your email about redeeming points
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