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  1. this is why they re-added it on the newer ships like the Bliss, Encore, Joy with a new new of Observation Lounge
  2. NCL been canceling a lot of regular cruises to create non-revenue sailings for the media/press/travel agents. I wonder if the true reason for shorten the cruises to enter dry dock 2 days early is so they can do 2 day travel agent cruise to show off the ship at the end of drydock
  3. according to https://www.marinetraffic.com/ it shows the ship making a stop at Ponta Delgada on the 22..most likely to offload any remaining construction materials and pick up more crew
  4. in one of my travel insurance policy it says this for trip interruption: seems vague usually it is a bad idea to do a charge back with the cruise line. while you might get a refund, they might be side effects. this is why having travel insurance with a cancel anytime policy is preferred
  5. it depends on policy. every insurance company is a bit different. I noticed my policy with AIG TravelGuard has a different definition of Trip interruption then my nationwide policy. the best thing to do, is give them a call and explain the issue.
  6. it could of been worse. Norwegian modified the Encore transatlantic crossing and it is now a 9 day cruise with no port stops
  7. this is why you need travel insurance. they can make you whole a lot better then norwegian
  8. this is why having travel insurance is important. they can make you whole a lot better then norwegian
  9. that was at ocean plaza..the sunrise does not have an ocean plaza area
  10. give the ta the gift card number and pin number. they can use those numbers to submit a payment
  11. Mazatlan is one of the few rare ports where you need to take a shuttle bus/train to and from the terminal area to the ship. you can not walk to the ship. i got a feeling, the breakdown is due to a shuttle issue
  12. it is non-transferable..use it or lose it
  13. Norwegian does a few Canada/NE cruises in May/June which is early in the season. Canada cruising season usually ends late October/early November.
  14. if its before final payment, they can usually adjust your booking with the lower price if it is after final payment, you are SOL
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