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  1. I picked up some NCL at just over $11 today. Just a small amount, so I can more easily stomach it going to $5 !! Tom
  2. Yep - I guess we all spin that roulette wheel in one way or another eventually!
  3. I've read up on that a bit, and what I've come up with is that only a portion is recirculated. The recirculated air is apparently going through HEPA filtration which supposedly does a good job. Thus, in theory - it comes down to surfaces around you, focus on common hygiene, and hope nobody ill is close enough to directly infect oneself. I'm open to any other insight or opinions on this - but I can definitely take care of what's in my control in my immediate personal space (just through extra awareness). Tom
  4. I'm all in for "better" news. I have a quick round trip flight up to DC next weekend. I've been watching seat availability on that flight for the last couple of weeks. In first class, I'm now the only seat booked out of 20. There were a few more booked, but I guess they've cancelled. If I thought I'd have all that space open around me, that would be ideal - but I'm sure that there are plenty of folks in coach chomping at the bit for those other 19 seats! I wonder if airlines are making any efforts, especially with less crowded flights, to space people out when possible? Tom
  5. Simply stated, this was coming without regard to who sits in the oval office. That said, I think that most reasonable people would agree that the "curve" that we'll experience will not be as flat as it would have been in the absence of clear cutting many federal agencies. That only compounded the last couple+ decades of not properly funding them to begin with. We should care less about the unbounded performance of the stock market at the cost of regulations meant to protect people and the environment (GREED) These are facts, though in these times, they seem to be ever more "inconvenient".
  6. Yes, and I understand that in some cases they're opting to devote their limited resources to those who they feel will stand a better chance of survival ... which can boil down to those who are younger.
  7. From what I've read, there's reason to believe that this virus will not behave similarly in that regard to influenza. So, I'm not holding out hope. But who knows !
  8. Understood. I do wish that we, as a country, could be a little more proactive in this regard. And, for that matter, the environment, infrastructure, and on, and on... !! 🙂 Tom
  9. True - and for anyone to suggest otherwise, would be to prove their ignorance. Nonetheless, some rather salient points were made in this article.
  10. What ship are you going on Jim? I'll leave the light on for you 🙂 Have a great time - with no surprises !! Tom
  11. ... provided they can stomach a potentially 2-3 week "excursion" following debarkation! Granted, that's a very unlikely outcome - but who knows what the state of affairs will be over the next few weeks. "Humpday" of this whole process is not here yet... Really, that's the only big downside in my opinion. Everyone must make their own judgement call, and be willing to accept whatever occurs.
  12. Now, if they add a couple of zeros, they might be on to something !
  13. That's just silly - as, soon enough, there will be at least as much risk domestically (in terms of crossing paths with a carrier). But, then again, until we REALLY start testing - we've no idea. I doubt ignorance will be bliss.
  14. Yep - similar to the concept of starting with a penny and doubling it daily. But we do, at least theoretically, have the ability to intercede.
  15. You will KNOW it's bad if/when Disney starts closing locations (stateside that is)!
  16. A little gloom with a side helping of doom! Reality will be somewhere between a stable geniuses prediction and exponential disaster scenarios like that link!
  17. Regarding "bonding" - I wonder how many relationships will be negatively impacted by weeks stuck in a room under very stressful conditions. Ouch !
  18. Let me break out my Ouija board !! BEST reason not to cruise right now is the slim chance of becoming part of a bobbing petri dish as sea, basically stuck in your cabin. I cancelled a Celebrity sailing for the end of this month, but I actually did that in December for unrelated reasons. It was our office cruise. That takes a lot of pressure off my staff now as well, as it turns out. Tom
  19. I booked an excel (forward). Knowing that they were a bit smaller, but also I was not sure about looking out over the deck below rather than the sea -- only the lowest aft deck or two were available then. Bummer on the ship not being ready. At least they gave people a lot of heads up. Not to go too much OT (well, ok!) but what in the world happened to make it miss their mark by that much?
  20. Hiya there Jim ! Amazing what can bring me back to the boards from time to time :) My next booked cruise is on the Mardi Gras next March. By then, hopefully this all will be well in the past. If nothing else - in the meantime I think I'll periodically recheck my cruise rates !!
  21. Sorry to hear that - wow. I recall being booked on a Carnival cruise which was its first or second sailing. Although there's something to be said for that "new ship smell", there were several areas of the ship which were not finished, and you could tell the crew were not all working well as a team yet. That was enough to convince me to steer clear of early voyages - that said, it looks like you were a few voyages after the initial sailing. Again -- WELCOME !! Tom
  22. What happened with your previous sailing - have not been following things (but, WELCOME) !! Tom
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