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  1. Greetings to all! Can anyone suggest a hotel for 2 nights, in or near the city of Sydney, so we don't need a car. Perhaps with transportion to the airport. HAL is offering a package that's $800. I guess that includes transfers, but are they really that expensive? Suggestions or recommendations appreciated. I would like to stay under $200 (USD) a night. Thanks!
  2. I don't see any recent thread regarding time to complete Cuba immigration and exchanging money. I'm envisioning 1000 people getting off the cruise ship at the same time. I'm sure they've gotten efficient at doing it quickly, but can anyone give me an idea of how long this takes? Our cruise ship gets in at 8AM. If we get off pretty quickly, should we be ready to tour by 10AM?
  3. CountessP

    Currency Exchange

    Thanks to all for the come back. The CAD I was given did include all fees. So it sounds like it's just not worth the trip to exchange when you take into account your time and gas. I'll just get what I get in Cuba!
  4. CountessP

    Currency Exchange

    In doing my own calculations, it seems it may not be worth changing. I would love it if someone checked my math!! Planning on converting $400 to CAD, which I'm told will be CAD485, minus the 3% = CAD470, which according to my converter, = CUC356. Then I did the calculation from USD, minus 13%, gives me $348 = CUC348. An $8 CUC difference. Am I right? If so, not worth the aggravation, so would appreciate if someone could tell me if I've done it correctly.
  5. I just arranged a dive with Cuba Blue. Thanks so much for the info. Forgot to ask them, boat dive? How are their boats? Did they mention a tour of Artemisa? Is that to fulfill the government tour requirements? How was it? They also mention lunch. How was that? Not your typical 2-tank dive excursion!
  6. Thanks for the info. We are staying overnight, and plan to do other things besides the HOHO, which I agree is a good introduction. In truth, because I speak the language, I expect I will get plenty of opportunity for 1 on 1 with the people. In fact, I am hoping to spend the evening hours dancing and drinking Cuban rum with the people!!
  7. Scuba, we are also hoping to dive. When are you cruising? We leave next week, overnight stay. I'm not having much luck finding a dive operator except for one which will take us on a 2 tank shore dive in Havana. Hoping to find someone better. Will let you know if l do, hope you can do the same. Sent from my SM-T710 using Forums mobile app
  8. I recall reading something about keeping a journal of the "educational" things you do for 5 years in the event of an audit. My husband also does a video of the tour, so I guess that would be a video journal? He'll often post them on YouTube as well. Hope that isn't an issue.
  9. First, thanks to EVERYONE for sharing all your knowledge. Very much appreciated. Now I have to ask, what makes a private tour so much better than doing both HOHOs. I very much enjoy HOHOs, and also speak fluent Spanish. And the HOHOs seem to cover a lot of territory. Any thoughts or insight appreciated!
  10. This is what I've been reading, time and time again, on different sites. The info has been consistently the same. A good thing! And Thanks!
  11. Thanks! Unfortunately, no euros. I wonder how they are with rupees, which I happen to have too many of!! With an exchange booth at pier, I guess that's the way to go.
  12. I understand Americans suffer quite a bit when exchanging to CUC. Is there an exchange location at pier? Will the driver take you somewhere or do it themselves? I am wondering the most efficient and economical way of changing money.
  13. Thanks for your thoughts. I've emailed three tour companies I found online, including Blexie. But whether we use them or not, I guess we arrange payment when we meet them on the pier? I don't have to be concerned that RCL, or Cuba immigration, will not let us into the country unless we have a prearranged tour? That is my biggest concern.
  14. CountessP

    Self tour in Cuba

    Hubby and I just booked this cruise. I hope to book a tour at the pier. Is that OK? I'm wondering about this Travel Certification Form we have to complete for visa. I plan to select a third party program and assume I can do that once we get to Cuba. Any thoughts?
  15. We are leaving for Cuba in about 2 weeks. Hoping someone can offer a suggestion for the evening that is not the Tropicana. Maybe high end hotel/casinos? I wouldn't mind hearing some local music at a the local plaza. Wonder how easy/safe it is to stroll at night. I speak fluent Spanish. Thanks in advance. Sent from my SM-T710 using Forums mobile app
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