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  1. In the past I have found that the Australian approval was available for less cost elsewhere, including your travel agent potentially. Not sure if that is still the case. The NZ ETA is new so I have no info on that. I also got the email from HALs contractor and was disturbed by it. It is also a sales effort packaged as "HAL is helping you".
  2. Interesting comment about adding the additional stps increasing revenue. I had assumed they found them more marketable and could increase the per diems. Either way, our less expensive quick getaways are going away.
  3. I never knew the sand was imported. Thats a lot of sand.
  4. Sounds good to me i grt best value and the other lines bump up the value of my shares!! I wish.
  5. Oops, I had forgotten about excursions. We so seldom use a ship excursion.
  6. Yes I agree it seems unreasonably high. They should set it lower and then add if the charges exceed the hold at any point in the cruise.
  7. I would not be concerned about the creaking. It is supposed to act like a ship!!! However visible shims are unacceptable.
  8. I think you could also make an appropriate deposit to your card before you leave so it has a positive balance.
  9. Those bad pools that prevent cabins being placed underneath.
  10. It should be a hold, not a charge. I would be very surprised if NCL didn't do something similar. Even hotels often do something similar. I can't confirm the actual amount but it sounds as though it is right. It is just reserving a part of your credit limit to ensure you will be good for the bill at the end of the cruise. Neither unusual nor unreasonable.
  11. It used to be that HAL refurbished before it really showed as needed. Obviously not anymore. It was my beef with Celebrity that they let the older ships get too worn before refurbishing.
  12. I think it was a matter of the time. My sister's was very early.
  13. Suggest you consider the transportion after u disembark. We did this a few years ago. It was not smooth. My sister had arranged a taxi but it was a long way from the ship and they had to drag their bags. We took the Peoplemover but it doesn't start that early. We missed the first one as the gate was still locked. The next one, we ended up going the wrong way as the electronic signs at the station were reversed. Not a major issue but did waste time.
  14. I would also vote for Kenai. We stYed post cruise near Seward a few years back and really enjoyed our Kenai cruise. Lots of wildlife.
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