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  1. You have it backwards and are wrong in certain respects. Harmony has Grease and Symphony has Hairspray. I have been on both (just having recently sailed on Symphony) as well as Allure and Oasis. I liked Harmony much better and it was my favorite Oasis class ship. Symphony for some reason felt more crowded (I sailed the same week on both - last week of June). That was strange. The shows were better on Harmony (I liked Grease better than Hairspray and thought The Fine Line was the best show I have seen at sea). Now maybe RCCL just changed the menu's but I didn't think the food was that good on Symphony (including MDR and the buffets in comparison). It was just ok. I did like the sports bar on Symphony instead of the Mexican place but they didn't really seem to be in tune with ongoing sporting events (i.e. during the women's world cup when the USA was playing, they instead were showing a replay of a men's soccer game on all the TVs or baseball - same game on all TV's). If I was going to sail again on an Oasis class ship, Harmony would be my choice.
  2. I actually live in Miami so I am very well versed in tropical weather. A typically summer thunderstorm that pops up is usually not going to have sustained winds greater than 25mph for more than 30min to 1hr. In those cases, the ship can delay docking for an hour. I am talking about sustained winds of >25mph lasting more than 2-3 hours (which legitimately could stop a cruise ship from docking). This is usually due to tropical waves or being along the boundaries of high and low pressure or fronts (these situations are most definitely forecasted). Take a look at the forecast for Roatan on weather.com. They are expecting sustained winds of 25mph for the next several days. If RCCL knows they can’t dock in these conditions, their ships should most definitely change course (or reverse the itinerary).
  3. I disagree. 3 day forecasts have become rather accurate over the last several years. If they are forecasting 25-35 mile per hour winds, the ship should adjust it's itinerary.
  4. You were just lucky. I followed the exact instructions as well on Harmony while wearing a tshirt. On the first turn, the mat shifted, my body turned on it's side and I burned my shoulder as well. I highly suggest long sleeve shirts and pants for riders. Not worth it.
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