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  1. Just switched our February 2021 booking to the Have It All promo which includes the beverage package but that is not valid on Half Moon Cay from what I understand.  We also will also each receive a $50 drink card from the TA.  Anyone know if the drink cards can be used to purchase the HMC beverage package?  TA suggested we use them to buy bottle of wine but we don’t drink wine lol.  If we can’t use them for the HMC package I guess we could play it forward and hand out a couple bottles of wine to people we meet on board😊

  2. Thanks Tapi!  We also sometimes get frazzled with all there is to do on the ship and actually a more relaxing time sounds wonderful.  I was just reading about the Spa pass earlier today and thought that sounded like something that warrants some consideration.  Were you able to order it beforehand or did you wait until you boarded?  I am looking forward to your review.  

  3. Found some pictures on amazon, don’t think I will rent one of those😊.  What about shade on HMC - I love the sun but DH does not.  Last time there with the kids we rented a cabana and I remember a group of people set their chairs up in the shade right against our cabana so I’m wondering if there are lots of shady spots without renting a clam shell?

  4. HAL offers clam shell sunshades and Manta sun shelters for rent.  There is no picture of the Manta sun shelters on their booking page.   Can anyone tell me what the difference is between a clam shell and a Manta shelter?  

  5. 3 hours ago, CruisingAndDiving said:

    Oh yes!  100% agree with your comment on the Dive In burgers and fries....  I could really go for one right now 😍


    2 hours ago, doone said:

    Me too and the cheesy fries, oh yummy!!!!

    I have already checked out the menu and am looking forward to it!  

  6. Just booked our first cruise with HAL on Eurodam to what they call Tropical Caribbean (Key West, HMC, Grand Turk, Amber Cove) in February 2021.  Key West and Amber Cove are new to us.  Our cruises are based on itinerary, we have no loyalty to any brand and have cruised on Carnival, Royal Caribbean, NCL and Princess.  What will we find different on HAL?  I have read that there is not much entertainment which doesn’t really bother us since we usually have to pry our eyes open in order to stay up past 9 pm lol (and we aren’t old!), but what is there to do on sea days or early evening before or after dinner?  Less than a year out and no roll call yet!😱🤔

  7. I had MedallionNet on Coral May 8-15.  I had no problems at all with it using an iPad and iPhone.  It was down most of one day but no issues at all with speed.  We used FaceTime, email, Facebook but no downloading or streaming.  It didn’t work out on the balcony but was fine everywhere else.  

  8. 2 hours ago, capriccio said:

    That's the same one I posted earlier (post #6).  Wasn't able to find a more recent version.

    Uggh, sorry, I don’t know how I missed your post 🤦‍♀️

  9. 13 hours ago, Dani24 said:


    We'll be on the Grand out of SF in July. My understanding is that the base menu won't be too different, but there may be some "specials" based on region. If you are up for capturing the menus on your sailing, I know I would love to get a preview! Especially as it may help us in deciding what nights to do specialty dining. 🙂

    Yes, I will post menus after we sail.  We also have some specialty dining credits, which is why I wanted to see them ahead of time.

  10. They are not available to purchase in the gift section of my personalizer.  Are they usually available to purchase on board or should we bring them from home?  Would like them for coffee/hot chocolate on our Alaskan cruise and to keep my hands warm when partaking in the frozen drinks 😁

  11. On ‎4‎/‎11‎/‎2019 at 4:40 PM, Dreamer115 said:

    Just went there again and not there.  Maybe not available on all, only has OBC toward onboard purchases.  I've already bought enough now anyway, but would have liked to see it.  If they don't let me withdraw it from casino I guess I don't gamble this time around.  Thanks for looking though.


    Seems to depend on what browser you use.  I just went onto the Princess site using my Ipad and the casino credit option was not in my personalizer.  Went to my computer and used Google Chrome and again it was not there.  Switched over to Internet Explorer and there it was!

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