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  1. When used to describe a port it means.......theres absolutely nothing there at all ...... and the only way to see anything is to go on a ships tour ....having already been to the only places Cunard are offering tours to pretty much the only option is to stay onboard ....that equals " dead and alive " In my English expression
  2. Cunard should have sorted all of that out many many months ago and if they could not they should have allowed any upset cruisers to cancel without penalty The future cruise people on QV were still taking bookings for the cruise and not telling people KK was off when we were on QV 2 weeks ago yet they were very well aware of the change so Cunard are well at fault
  3. phillipahain

    Just off Q Elizabeth ...very disapointed

    Thank you Maggimou for cinfirming what we experienced The bean counters are sadly spoiling what was previously a very enjoyable experience
  4. The moral is book via the USA then you can cancel the cruise ...Cunard are well out of order to still be advertising and selling this cruise still featuring KK and they could be sued for misrepresentation When you have already been to Vietnam and done the tours that are available from what is definitely a dead and alive port and wanted to have a day in KK the excuse Cunard could not secure an Anchorage is ridiculous ..its a tender port and they planned the cruise over 2 years ago so had plenty of time to secure and confirm anchorages so have no business changing things late in the day and treating UK passengers differently to the USA
  5. phillipahain

    Just off Q Elizabeth ...very disapointed

    Totally agree hope the refit changes the ghastly brown cream orange theme ...the yatch club is horrendous The seating on many chairs throughout the ship desperately need replacing I was comparing the quality of the food and the service in Basic Brittania Restuarant at Dinner versus same last year ....Last year the food quality and taste and service was faultless sadly the major changes of the menu along with quality and service this year was most definitely very poor by comparison We have done many many cruises on Cunard and always preferred it to other Carnival Corp offerings although to be fair not tried Seabourne . It may well be very true that theres been so many cheap deals on Cunard and other cruises that the lines are cutting costs to match ...its a sad reflection of the kickbacks of the last 10 years of financial repression which has severely hit the pockets of many of the older generation Something the powers that be refuse to face or understand this also affects the HighSt too
  6. phillipahain

    Just off Q Elizabeth ...very disapointed

    The whole point of going on a cruise especially Cunard is to have chance to dress up It also should be a chance to enjoy good food served correctly Anyone can go and eat in Mc Donalds or whatever in Jeans and a tshirt Its not a matter of 2018 versus 1918 .......no one is talking about the OTT dressing of 1918 ...just a chance to dress up and wear something different to the everyday
  7. phillipahain

    Just off Q Elizabeth ...very disapointed

    On QE ...Mark was Executive chef Plates and food in BritanniaDining room were never hot Menus changed quite dramatically from last year ....where the menu and items were great No objection to reducing number of courses but the poor meat quality , tough steaks and beef no matter what cut or whether Rare or well done ...fish was dry and lacked a nice sauce The lamb was good but it took way too long for black pepper or mint sauce or horseradish etc to be served ... In the Lido even the minute it opened ...french fries were cold , many hot dishes were unappetising and again lukewarm and even if this was mentioned nothing was done to correct the problems Stilton or Danish Blue was only on offer in the evening in the Lido never at Breakfast or Lunch ...yes you could order it in Brittania at Dinner but thats not the point
  8. We booked in March 2018 but were notified in July Yet passengers who booked onboard QE just 10 days ago were not told
  9. phillipahain

    Obstructed View Cabin

    Theres more than one kind of obstructed view cabin on QE 5077 and either side are fine you are simply looking out onto the mechanics and the tops of the tenders ...the base of the balcony is level with the tops of the tenders so no great issues
  10. Cunard who of course are hiding behind spurious T and Cs have for no good reason whatever in July 2018 cancelled Kota Kinablu and replaced it with a dead and alive port in Vietnam and consider they have done everything right because you can now visit Hue and Danang Many cruisers will have already been there but wanted to go to and booked especially for Kota Kinablu ....of course if you had booked in the USA you are entitled to cancel penalty free 120 days before but not if you booked in the UK To add insult to injury there are passengers who booked Southampton to HK whilst onboard QE in Sept 2018 who even then were not told of this change Cunard needs to treat passengers with an awful lot more consideration ansd stop hiding behind spurious " we can do what we like " contracts or they will loose even more business
  11. Long term Diamond members Did 14 day QE Southampton to Southampton last Aug Sept ....food etc was great Other family members did cruise before and afterwards and were equally happy Booked 17 day Southampton to Southampton this year and oh boy has the food quality gone downhill Very very concerned now as had already booked Southampton to Hong Kong on QMary Jan 2019 back in March 2018 and being in the UK denied option to cancel ......bad enough they have cancelled Kota Kinablu stop and replaced it with dead and alive hole of a port in Vietnam but not bothered to tell anyone who booked onboard QE .....but if the quality of the food on QM is like QE it will be the last time we sail Cunard Have always loved the dress code, the chancd to dress up and wear glamourus clothes the entertainment , the food , but it seems that USA guests refusal to dress nicely has wrecked Dress Code and other influences of Carnival PLC has spoilt the rest
  12. phillipahain

    Free/Included Laundry

    Some of us have put in the days to earn the perk of Free Laundry
  13. phillipahain

    Cruise Director and Lecturers

    Terry Bishop and his wife are definitely superb
  14. So sad that Ray Solaire wont be on he really is the best CD of all Time Any ideas who social hostess is please anyone?
  15. Anyone know who the CD and social hostess will be on there ?