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  1. We are taking our 2nd Oceania cruise in March and it will be our first time on the concierge level. We were told embarkation is at noon (one hour before the others). Is that pretty strict? If we show up at 11:30, can we likely check in? Also how does the complimentary laptop and Ipad work? Is it one or the other or can we request both? Thanks for your help
  2. We are about to take our 2nd Oceania cruise, this time on Riviera. Our first was on Regatta which only had Polo Grill and Toscana. Now we are going to have those 2 plus Jacques and Red Ginger. Can anyone give us a comparison of the 4 restaurants? Also, I can see on the deck plans where Polo Grill and Toscana are, but where are the other two? Thanks for your help.
  3. Do Celebrity ships have wifi access?
  4. Can anyone recommend a good beach to visit while visiting this port? Taxi ride to the beach?
  5. What is a fun thing to do on St. Kitts. We like beach visits. Any recommendations?
  6. Does anyone know how much a taxi is from the cruise terminal to Orient Beach? Do you think it's safe to take a taxi there?
  7. wailea4me

    Visa for China?

    If we are only visiting China - Shanghai, Xian, Beijing - do we need a Visa? We are US citizens.
  8. This will be our first time sailing with Oceania so no experience with laundry facilities. I read different posts that said there is only one self-service laundry room on Regatta and don't bother trying to get in. Also read that if we send our laundry out, it comes back folded in a bag so pants and shirts are not pressed. Is this all true? Is it possible to get shirts/pants laundered and pressed? Is there a link on the Oceania website with prices of laundering/cleaning?
  9. We are on an Oceania cruise in March from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro. This is our first time in South America. Is it safe to use our credit cards in restaurants and stores?
  10. We are sailing on Regatta departing Buenos Aires on March 6. Does anyone know what time we will actually be allowed to board? Some lines will allow boarding before the published time.
  11. Yes I thought we could choose between the 2. So there is a Spa Terrace on the Regatta, just very small. Is the picture shown the Spa Terrace on the REgatta?
  12. I didn't realize that. We are on Regatta. So no Spa Terrace?
  13. We have our first Oceania cruise coming up in a month. I've been reading about the Cabanas and also about the Spa Terrace. Are the Cabanas a different thing than the Spa Terrace. If so, are either of them worth the expense?
  14. Does anyone have contact info for Neyla or Marcio? Thank you
  15. Has anyone used a guide from ToursbyLocals? I realize it depends on the actual guide you book with. We disembark the morning of 3/18/13 in Rio and our flight departs in the evening. We are considering a city tour with Tours by Locals and then go to the airport. That way we can just keep our luggage in his/her car. What do you think?
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