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  1. I won't get FCD because my cruise isn't until August so I'm not near final payment yet. The Caribbean for Oct/ Dec/ Holiday are pricing where I would think they'd be any other late March. If I knew for sure that Alaska was a no go - I'd rebook now to get the free gratuities, etc. but my deal for Alaska was killer and I really really want to go this year. So I wait........
  2. If I can't go to Alaska - you better believe I'll do anything before this year's out to get on a ship - so to me - it's 20% savings. I'm in.
  3. So many memories... so hard to pick. This was Zuiderdam - Jan 2010 Panama
  4. Carnival stock started rising and finished up. The President made sure to give carnival specifically kudos
  5. My cruise is in August. I really hope it will still go. Fingers crossed that this “threat” clears up ASAP.
  6. When I took the Zuiderdam to Panama in 2010 I had a SY signature suite. I took a last minute upsell to a SA. I was told I would get double credits because it was an upsell not an upgrade. SY - at least back then - did not qualify for double credits. I did get double credits BTW.
  7. Paid upsell - yes double credits. Free upgrade - no. Either way I don't believe a Signature Suite qualifies for double credits. Neptune Suites and above.
  8. Yes on the bad rap. Yes on the gone totally mad. and Yes probably more likely to get it on a commute.
  9. My coworker left yesterday on the Bliss. He loaded up his Nook just in case. If I were leaving right now - sure I'd throw in a few cross stitch kits... ornaments - small, easy enough to complete, and not take up room in the suitcase. @laumicmah I wouldn't be stuck in my room. I'd have a balcony. Shows.. wouldn't miss them. I'm sure I'd have enough food to sustain myself. Casino - I could do without. I would have taken full bottles of meds (Mom always taught me to take at least an extra week's worth no matter where you are going, I'd be sure to have plenty knowing this *might* happen). The only thing I'd hope I have enough of is wine &/or persecco. I've spent many cruise days alone on my balcony not being under quarantine... It is my happiest place on Earth.
  10. I'm no stock expert but I don't think that can be done. I had set my buy threshold at $20 but now I'm thinking it might go lower. And for anyone that thinks I wish any ill towards CCL, no I do not. I do hope I can capitalize on this. The company & the industry will come back - it's all just a matter of time.
  11. Stock dropped another 15% just after trading started this morning. I'm sure the taken out of context warning that noone should cruise will only help it drop further. Do we want to place bets on how low it will go?
  12. All I know is I wish I could take the next two months off of work because I really wouldn't mind being "trapped" on my balcony somewhere warm for next to nothing. Maybe I'd get it on the plane there... maybe it'd get it on board... and maybe I'll get it here going to the supermarket. If I have to be quarantined anywhere - I wouldn't mind it being on a ship.
  13. The cruise industry is hurting and it going to hurt. They are already giving people (stockholder or not) OBC just for taking the cruise they already bought. It's unlikely that they would take away anything from people that will cruise, especially investors.
  14. I can't help with your other part but have heard of the companies requiring self quarantine. I have a coworker leaving today on Bliss out of NYC. Since it's just Bahamas he won't have to, but this is a legit concern.
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