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  1. Another one intending to leave the phone in the cabin.....(same trip as Lady Meer). We have managed to do all we need to do on the app but it took us a while to realise that we BOTH had to put in a credit card separately on each phone and that we needed a security photo that wasn't the same as putting up our profile picture. but I think we're there now.... I guess we'll find out if it really is all hunky dory on Thursday!
  2. These replies are all so helpful - thank you all
  3. Hello all - we're on the Regal British Isles cruise next week and I can't remember if it has US sockets so I'll need to bring my UK to US adapters? We've been on her before but that's a few years ago and I just can't remember. It's probably safest to assume that US ships have US sockets so my default position will be to bring adapters. But if anyone can tell me for sure, Id be grateful. thanks Jackie
  4. I stumbled across this as I too have HSBC cover. Thank you for the link, ziggy, - very helpful
  5. This is helpful for me, too - I cancelled our Liverpool and Glasgow tours a few days ago as we can now travel independently and I was nervous about not receiving an email acknowledgement - it seems this is standard practice. And I'll relax about not seeing the money yet back on our credit card!
  6. I popped over to our Roll Call - thanks for the suggestion, nini, - and it appears to be true and I've seen this on the Princess website: In accordance with health authority guidelines, fully vaccinated guests may choose to explore destinations independently, and should comply with all local guidance relating to social distancing and face masks. I'm cautious about Belfast though so will watch this space...
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone - I'm hopeful now but not counting on it 🤞
  8. Hello all - I'm sure the answer is 'yes' as I've not seen anything to suggest otherwise, but what do you think the chances are that the rules will change and that Princess will let us off the ship under our own steam anytime soon? We're on the Regal on 23rd September stopping at Liverpool, Belfast and Glasgow. The rules have changed considerably since the cruises were announced so I wonder if the company will make any changes? I'm sure the most important consideration for the ship is controlling our potential contacts with others onshore and the need to keep us all, if not in a bubble, then within an acceptable envelope of contact risk. But it would be nice if a bit of flexibility were possible....
  9. Hello all - I am about to book a January 2023 trip from BA to Santiago and we'd like to add the Iguazu falls 5 day pre tour. And then I panicked about spiders and snakes! I'm averagely scared of both, as are most Brits probably, as we don't really get any types to worry about. I've been fine in Australia a couple of times, even in the forest bits, and also in India, but the 'Actual Jungle' is a whole different prospect. (And my own daughter has done lots of trips to Africa and central America and has had regular encounters with both which haven't fazed her too much.... so I know this is overthinking it.) So those of you who've been there - how careful and wary do you need to be and have any of you ever had an encounter there which you'd say was truly scary? And I'd be mad to not go just because I'm a bit worried, right? Thanks all.
  10. Well, mine was very apt when we first started cruising but I think I should change it now the kids have all flown the nest! Suggestions for a new handle will be warmly welcomed..... something along the lines of 'Getting-my- own-life-now'; or 'retirement-here-we-come' ; or the widely acclaimed 'SKI team' (ie Spending the Kids Inheritance!)
  11. I requested a refund on our cancelled August Scandinavian cruise on 5th March and had the money in my account last week - I was happy with that.... (on a Cunard cancelled cruise for June I had the deposit back in 2 days - wow!)
  12. Ann - they've just put a Giants Causeway excursion on for the Regal sailing on 23rd Sept - we're currently 'waitlisted' - so its worth going on again to check for your sailing date??
  13. That's what I'm hoping too! I was hoping for the Giants Causeway for the Regal 23rd Sept cruise but its not on offer at the moment .... I'm prepared to sit tight and see if that changes as we get closer to the day....
  14. Thanks for asking, seapals! I decided it wasn't fair on the 30 year olds for them to be the reason we would have to cancel a trip so I've booked a hotel in the Isle of Wight for my actual birthday week. BUT I have also booked the Regal cruise on 23rd Sept for just my husband and myself, stopping at Liverpool, Belfast and Greenock - its almost an exact replica of the Cunard cruise we've had cancelled for June which was just going to be the two of us, so I don't feel guilty about that at all! So it seems you and I think pretty much alike 🙂 Enjoy your summer!
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