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  1. This is like a big glass of water after a month of drought! I'm hanging on every word. Thanks for sharing!!!
  2. Thanks so much for the detailed answer and the amazing photos! I wish I could be there now
  3. Your cruises look so exciting in a slow paced, every moment is a wow moment, way. I'd love to do this type of trip but I worry that I'll age myself out of being able to go. What I mean is I might be unable to do many of the activities and expeditions because of walking issues, etc. How do you manage older passengers that aren't as capable? Are they not allowed to do some excursions or are there different levels of excursions? I'm also wondering about special diet needs. More than just allergies but low salt or vegetarian or low carbs. Can diets be accommodated when it's a sm
  4. I found it! I didn't read up on things yesterday because it was my husband's birthday. Well shoot. 😞 https://www.carnival.com/health-and-sailing-updates?icid=default_butterbar_health&safety_06032020
  5. I haven't checked things out today. It's not until September 15th anymore?
  6. Maybe some people like to wait until they get official word of a cruise cancellation? Hope springs eternal. 🙂
  7. A member suggested that I "sticky" a thread dedicated to the NCL Mastercard. Great idea! Please post all the facts you have on the card and the program and answer as many of those FAQ's that you've seen here on the board. You can even link to other threads on Cruise Critic if needed. Let's try to make this thread "Just The Facts" so members can get the information without having to search through pages of posts. Thanks!
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