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  1. Hello!!! I'm enjoying your vlogs 🙂 I wish I had seen this a few weeks ago, my hubby and I were aboard the Mariner September 6th through 9th and stopped in the casino pretty frequently. I'll be back on board September 27th for my girlfriends 50th birthday celebration. She's also a casino frequent flier..... Her birthday group count is up in the 80s, any chance you can do a birthday announcement one evening? Her Daughter is also celebrating her 30th birthday. You won't be able to miss us. Just a thought 😊 thanks for what you do
  2. I have a question about purchasing the digital picture package. My son and his girlfriend are in one cabin, and the kids are in with me (grandma). If he purchases the package does he do it and will it include the kids? If I do it will it only include me and not my son? Thanks for any input 🙂
  3. I was just going to ask how late in the Royal Up game we would find out we were winners or not. Honestly I just did it for fun, perfectly happy with my inside cabin but we'll see what happens. Sailing April 6th on the Rhapsody of the Seas;)
  4. All my cruises were in the Caribbean, except for Hawaii and we stopped in Victoria Canada.
  5. I read an article about a man who missed the ship in Nassau. He stated he had his birth certificate with him while at the Atlantis. My question is, how many of you bring your passport/birth certificate on shore at port stops? Honestly, in probably 20+ cruises, I have never brought anything but my Drivers License and cruise card on shore. I am usually a cruise line excursion purchaser unless we're just shopping or going to the beach. Just wondering 🙂 28 days and counting
  6. Ok thanks, virgin strawberry daiquiri too or banana, peach etc....
  7. I'm wondering about milk shakes on the Rhapsody as well, my granddaughter has the refreshment package. 🙂
  8. When do you sail?? Trying to figure out how far out our bids will be accepted or declined
  9. I know they will have to move me if I add a person, that could be the difference......
  10. Were you in a cabin that would fit the third person or did they have to move you?
  11. Hmmm maybe I'll call them, I am guessing it all depends on who you get on the phone.....
  12. I tried to search for the answer but I'm horrible at searching . I am booked and paid in full for our sailing in April. I'm wondering if I can add a person to our cabin. Currently we are in a 2 person only cabin, and we got a fantastic deal on this sailing. Will Royal Caribbean allow me to add on a person and will they change my price to the current rates? Thanks in advance
  13. Are the shakes included in the deluxe and/or refreshment drink packages ?
  14. Thanks for the information, so if I get my granddaughter an arcade card she wouldn't be using her seapass card right?
  15. Anyone know if you are allowed to bring swim noodles when you go on a snorkeling tour??
  16. I am wondering if we can bring swim noodles on a snorkeling tour to the reef. We are sailing with RCCL if that makes a difference 🙂 thathanks in advance
  17. Carnival let me put a cap on my kids card, so I would put $$ onto the card in cash and when they were out I would put more on it. They were not connected to my credit card. I'm sure you could do the same with Royal Caribbean. Those arcade games add up fast !!!
  18. I'm having issues logging into the rccl.com website..... Anyone else having problems?
  19. We are sailing on the Rhapsody in April. Does the app work with my ship? It shows my reservation (and linked reservations) but then says "your reservations on ships not yet available in this app"..... does that mean it's just too soon, or the ship doesn't have this service??
  20. The Radiance of the Seas had one in the Pub.... it was always busy 🙂
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