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  1. I totally agree, with the stupidity of offering "tremendous " cruise offers when they don't even know when they will cruise again. I am NOT booking anything more until I actually see a cruise happening from the US ports. I am a political person and truly believe that after the elections this will all go away.....don't waste your time commenting.....it means nothing to me.
  2. I apologize if this has already been addressed....new to this cruise line. We are thinking of cruising, early Fall, on the Snake River. Any word on the departure port? of if this is going to happen? Thank you
  3. I received an email today that said: Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line has not resumed operations just yet. So they don't seem to have a plan in place, or a date to resume
  4. I would do more all inclusives, as they still offer warm weather and beaches & possibly visit more places in the good ole USA
  5. so then we ARE limited to our cruising....hmmm
  6. I am confused.......have they opened up international flight travel in the US to other countries?
  7. Seems like the frustration is starting to get to all of us......be it cruising....or other traveling. I totally agree that no one knows when this will end. I had 5 cruises cancelled, with one pending in December. I get my refunds so I am good with that. But I really detest the idea that the cruise lines continue to offer & book, take the money, when they really don't know what the future will bring. I am shifting my traveling to all inclusives in the Carib, and visiting the good old USA>
  8. oh wow...no empathy here....just saying
  9. This may be a good time to find a good TA. We have done dozens of all inclusives. Sandals are fabulous.....but very expensive. A TA could personalize your trip & will also let you know what areas are now open. We are headed next month to Secret Maroma/Cancun. Also, take some time to view some YouTube presentations. Have fun!!
  10. it IS very sad & i too, feel like, cruising may be falling apart. unsure as to how long they can continue with no sailings.....of if, and when, they open up, prices might be so high that none of us will want to pay the prices
  11. It just is all very sad and frustrating
  12. I know that the Covid has controlled much of our lives lately. My hubby and I are Diamond + & both members of the Club Royale. I have had 5 cruises cancelled since the Covid, as i am sure, some others have. I am throwing in the towel......I am so sick of booking, being hopeful, only to have my cruise cancelled. My computer is full of post its, trying to track the refunds that I am getting. Although we truly love and miss cruising, we are just not going to do it anymore....
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