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  1. I have used RetinA for years....I purchase mine thru ReliableRX which is a on-line pharmacy out of Dubai India. They run specials and I have never paid more than $4.00/per tube!! The 1st time ordering you will be asked to submit a picture of your drivers license. You fill in your doctors (I used my general practioners) name/phone number, though they do not call to verify. I have always paid with my Visa, with no problem. I highly recommend them. They offer all brands and all percentages.
  2. can you tell me why a passport/card I needed?
  3. thanks for breaking it down for me......
  4. we are doing Celebrity in 5/2020. in going over our itinerary, I am somewhat confused by the break-down of the days. For Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier, we arrive at 5:30 am & leave at 10:00am? is this enough time to do anything??? on that same day, we leave for Junea at 1:30 pm & depart at 10:00 pm. Are we at sea from 10:00 am thru 1:30 pm?? The next day we are at Skagway from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm...the same day we head for the inside passage at 6:30...….Is it still light during the time we are going thru the passage? sorry for my ignorance...….I am mostly a Caribbean sailor!!
  5. we too use GEO for out of the US.....very reasonable
  6. we too wipe down our room upon arriving......especially the phone & the TV changer!
  7. wow lots of good info thx everyone!!
  8. awesome recommendation: we shall check out Juneau Whale Watch...thanks
  9. can you recommend any tour operators that you used in Alaska?
  10. great info....though I don't mind spending money on vacation, I found the excursions to be so expensive. I will definetly check out Dyea Dave Tours. thank you!
  11. what are the "must sees" in St. George and Hamilton? as we are booking for July 2020
  12. I am a big perfume fan.....I favor Chanel Coco & CK Euphoria......both have always been cheaper on the ship vs on land.
  13. Hello all, we have booked our Alaskan cruise, Seattle to Seattle, on RC for May 29, 2020. I knew that excursions would be pricey. As with other ports, has anyone found an excursion company that it not with the cruise line & offers better prices? we are doing: Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway & Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier. Also, are any of these ports nice enough to just get off the cruise ship & walk around? Thank you
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