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  1. San Diego County beaches have been showing green Bioluminescence (probably the same as or similar to phosphorescence) for the last week. Google "Photos bioluminescence San Diego" and there are plenty of spectacular pictures. It happens pretty frequently, often in May. It coincides with a 'red tide' which makes the water look brownish during the day. We've seen a green flash twice - once on the Big Island in Hawaii and once sailing out of Papeete. Haven't seen a green ray, but did see a glowing pink one, also on the Big Island.
  2. Can anyone confirm that both ships are still in San Diego? The Marine Traffic website says they're there, but I can no longer find a working webcam for the harbor area. Anyone know of one? I really would love to get a view of the harbor! We used to see the ships during evening local news broadcasts, but now most of the shows are being broadcast from home.
  3. I tried forwarding mine, but the originator has found a way to somehow block forwarding - just get an error code. I could cut & paste, but mine is basically the same as the OP's. A neighbor posted on Nextdoor receiving a similar message and when she tried forwarding, hers turned to unreadable garbage. The people sending these are pro's, guess they'll continue as long as a small percentage of people panic and send them money.
  4. Laura - 'luvforsun' is right. We received the identical email and, like them, only use that particular screen name and password combination for Cruise Critic. Yes, the letter did have the actual password. Somehow the Cruise Critic database has been hacked and I suspect you will hear from others with the same problem.
  5. Deposit refunds hit our credit card today. Cancellation was on 4/6 for a mid-September cruise.
  6. We cancelled a May 9 Princess cruise on 3/11, had the refund on our credit card on 3/14. Cancelled a Celebrity mid-September cruise on 4/7, still nothing.
  7. Our earliest cruise memories are from the early '80's, so much of what we experienced has already been described by other 'old timers'. One thing that I haven't seen emphasized is that the cabins were TINY, unless you were in a suite. The beds were also tiny - our first cruise (Sitmar) had a "double" bed that was barely larger than what we'd call a twin. It was pushed against the wall, which was paper thin, and it was soon obvious that right on the other side of that wall was an identical bed. I swear we could hear them turn over in bed, among other things. I also remember passenger costume parties and talent shows that attracted the whole ship and were lots of fun - people got very creative.
  8. The September cruise was not until 9/18, so no commission for the agency. We'll stick with the TA for several reasons. Whether or not we stick with Celebrity is another story!
  9. Yes, they can charge a fee if it was disclosed to you at the time of booking. Ours does charge a $50pp fee; they waived the fee on our cancellation of a May cruise, but did charge it on a September cancellation. I don't begrudge them the small fee - they've given us many thousands of dollars in OBC over the years as well as good service. We just hope they can stay in business until (if?) cruising picks up again.
  10. This is perfect - you can insert a straw and sip your favorite drink without removing the mask!
  11. According to a USA Today article, the US Center for Disease Control reports that passengers on as many as 20 different ships/sailings may have been exposed to Covid-19. Here's a link to the article and list of the affected sailings: https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/if-you-sailed-on-these-cruise-ships-you-may-have-been-exposed-to-coronavirus/ar-BB12hnoE?ocid=spartanntp The lists include only cruises that made port calls or disembarked in the U.S., not those that did not make stops at any American ports, so in reality the list of ships which had possible exposures is much longer.
  12. We had our first HAL experience last year after cruising mostly with Celebrity and Princess for over 30 years. I'll now find it difficult to go back to unstaffed buffets. For the first couple of days I hated the HAL buffet - couldn't quite figure out where to enter lines, disliked telling someone what I wanted instead of just reaching for myself, etc. However, I soon reversed my opinion and loved it. First of all we really appreciated knowing we weren't handling utensils that had been already handled by dozens of others, many with questionable manners and common sense. The staff we had always honored any requests for 'more' or 'just a little', many got to recognize us and remember our choices. The salad bar was amazing, and the always hot and fresh breakfast items much better than the usual fare on Celebrity and Princess. It didn't seem to take much longer to get through the lines and our per diem cost was lower than on the Solstice several months later. What Celebrity and Princess do with their buffets when (if?) they return to business will definitely influence my future bookings.
  13. Just to clarify, does this change apply to existing GeoBlue policies (ours runs through September) or only new ones? We did not receive any notification of change which they surely must provide if it affects existing policies. It probably doesn't make much difference since we've cancelled all cruises through September, but I am curious.
  14. True, you can't TREAT everyone with respiratory symptoms as having COVID 19, but in this situation any reasonably educated and responsible person should have recognized the very real possibility and not told passengers and authorities that there was NO illness onboard. And, yes, those who have been out of the country are supposed to 'self quarantine', but in this case that quarantine would begin AFTER they arrived home. By that time, if they were infected (and we now know some were), they would have already infected others. I don't believe the cruise line thought the one passenger's illness was "another problem", I believe they chose to take a huge risk and lost the gamble.
  15. Mine just a few minutes ago said that my Norton anti-virus program expired today, "click here to renew now". Since I don't have Norton, I immediately shut down my system and it was gone when I restarted. I had simply clicked on the next page tab at the bottom of the page on a Celebrity thread. My DH had a similar occurrence earlier today. Definitely only happening on Cruise Critic.
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