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  1. My son contacted Carnival regarding his October 3rd sailing of the Magic. He was told that the ship is no longer taking reservations since it is "at a reduced capacity" for this sailing. My wife and I set sail on the same day on the Horizon, but haven't heard anything about it being at reduced capacity. I'm pretty sure that it will be since you cannot book this cruise any longer.
  2. I booked our cruise a year ago. It's an 8-day Southern cruise. I understand about the 3-5 day cruises being all that's left to choose from.
  3. Where did you see this? We are on the Oct 3rd Horizon cruise, but haven't heard anything about it being cancelled!
  4. We are scheduled on the Oct 3rd Horizon sailing. Why not go on the first cruises? The ships will be the cleanest that they've ever been, the crews will be thoroughly checked and ready to serve you and more. We're still thinking of going unless Carnival cancels again. We just wouldn't get off the ship during ports of call. Been to all of them before, so no big deal.
  5. No, I don't. But I do obey the recommendations put forth by, not only our governor but, the US government. They tell us to wear a mask outside of our home for my safety as well as the safety of others. It's not that hard to do. Do I like it? No. Will I wear it if told to? Yes
  6. Let's see here...fun or safety? Which would I choose? Wear a mask to Kroger or WalMart? Yes. Wear a mask to cruise? If I have to, then yes.
  7. We loved the Spirit and the Pride. Our favorites!
  8. I just received our 2nd all-time upgrade offer to move from an inside to ocean-view cabin for $426! No way! I'll use that money elsewhere on the ship or for an excursion.
  9. Best wishes and a lifetime of happy marriage! I sure hope that your cruise will sail as scheduled. We are scheduled to set sail on Horizon on October 3rd for our 46th anniversary.
  10. There is a really nice beach very near the dock. In fact, once you step onto the island, the beach will be on your left. There are many free lounge chairs, but an umbrella is around $20. There's also some lounge chairs that are not free. I forget which ones they charge for. I'm sure someone will let you know on this board. Also there is a HUGE pool at Jimmy Buffet's Margarittaville right next to the beach. I believe that it's free and lots of pool activities take place there. Some may not be suitable for young kids, but fun for the adults. You'll have fun no matter which of these two you may choose.
  11. Has anyone stayed at the Crown Plaza Miami hotel before? Good or bad? Do they offer shuttle to the port? If so, how much is it?
  12. Thanks for your input guys! I booked with SAS for $15-pp for our return trip to FLL airport.
  13. The ONLY time that we have been offered an upgrade was 2 years ago. We had an inside cabin booked on the Valor. Five minutes after boarding the ship, my cellphone rang and it was from Carnival. The rep asked if I would be interested in moving to a balcony cabin? I said "sure, how much?" She had the nerve to say $800! I told her to forget it, that I would spend my $800 elsewhere. I will probably never get another upgrade offer again.
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