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  1. You have it backwards. Robots in Bionic Bar on Royal make one drink at a time. Humans in other bars do multiple pours.
  2. Regardless of what they call it, each of the cruise lines we used over the past several years has added a specified amount to our account daily to compensate crew for service. It has been, I don't know how many, years since we were given "tip" envelopes and a list of "suggested" amounts broken out by position when traveling on one of the large cruise lines. That old tradition that required me to carry more cash than I preferred is not something I miss. Cash tipping is still a part of our cruising experience on river boats and small < 100 pax ocean going ships. On those cruises it is a lump sum group tip that is divided among the entire crew. I'm good with whatever method the cruise line implements for their crew compensation package as long as they inform me in advance so I can be prepared.
  3. We could have a long, off topic, and interesting (if it stayed civil) discussion about ways to reduce the flooding problems in the US. Federal funding is only one, very necessary, element of "solving" the problem. Maybe it's not simply a matter of more funding. Maybe it's a matter of redirected funding. Difficult decisions. https://www.nj.com/data/2018/07/these_nj_properties_flood_over_and_over_again_costing_taxpayers_like_you_millions.html
  4. We had similar experience on the last several cruises on BA. We only asked for one as the space was somewhat limited.
  5. The ship's crew all spoke English, except possible some of the seamen or kitchen utilities. Even those were learning as it was part of their ticket to better jobs. The company we went with only sells in the US, all activities and tours are in English. We did fine without any Greek, Albanian, Croatian. On that trip, most of our cruising was done overnight. Typically departing port dinner time or later and arriving early enough for tours to start in the morning. Because we went in November, it was dark when we transited the Corinth Canal in the early evening. We have cruised with this company three other times, Baltic, Western Med, and Western France/Iberia, all with similar cruise times.
  6. And indeed Customs probably has a list of what you purchased onboard the ship and they may have a list of what you purchased on shore. Some merchants report sales to US customs. Most of the time, the Customs officer doesn't want to take the time and effort to calculate the duty on minimal overages. But they will likely be hard@$$€$ if you get caught not declaring.
  7. Caffeine Demon that little magnifying thingy that jewelers use
  8. Duty Free merchandise my also be not what you think it is. A friend is a jeweler, both on the ship and on one island he went stores and looked at items. Watches were overpriced in general. On some top end watches the store absolutely refused to disclose gold content and gemstones were misrepresented and artificially enhanced. Interesting he bought a bracelet because of it's unique design. He got asked to leave another store when he pulled out his loupe.
  9. Would you need a passport if the travel was by train? By car? Would your id be checked as a matter of routine on either of those trips?
  10. Times have changed for sure and it's been a lot less than 50 years. It's the residual fear of a national identity card's effect on the perception of lost Liberty (and personal privacy) that led to the proxy for it - REALID. Here's the next step in the erosion of privacy. https://www.nextgov.com/emerging-tech/2019/10/lawmaker-tsa-should-halt-facial-recognition-programs-absent-formal-policies/160685/
  11. Last time we cruised NCL to Bermuda (2018) a Dark and Stormy was priced over the amount allowed in the drinks plan. There was a surcharge. Also, don't be surprised if you get told that ginger beer will cost you because it isn't a fountain soda. That one is definately a YMMV.
  12. Count us among those that travel with multiple credit cards as well as debit cards for ATM use. Sometimes the anti fraud algorithms do dumb stuff. We live in NJ, all of 15 minutes, on a non game day from the sports arenas in Philadelphia PA . . . 4 professional teams and other events. In little more than an hour I bought gas in NJ; drove across the river; bought game and event tickets at the Park, the Linc, and the arena only needing to drive through parking lots; and had my card declined at a supermarket back in NJ. Called the CC issuer, to be informed it was because my card was used out-of-state during the time I was in NJ. Fortunately they approved the reprocessed charge (smallest of the bunch). I can only imagine if it were the Rhein I was crossing rather than the Delaware.
  13. Yes, many (perhaps all) driver's licenses are machine readable. On flights out of PHL, EWR, MCO, and JFK over the past year I have yet to see the TSA document checker do anything other than visually examine my ID. Given that, i can't imagine how there is any kind of data base check.
  14. That itinerary was our very first river cruise. Loved it and did all theIr European River itineraries since then. Not luxe physically, but service is top notch. Crew, particularly waitstaff, will know your name and your preferences in very short order. One difference you'll notice is that the groups are larger than on OAT trips. Basic things like loading and unloading bus will take longer.
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