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  1. Travel activities are what you make them. Do what you enjoy and meet local people. I once spent an enjoyable few hours in an Irish pub in, iirc, Koln watching an Irish National Rugby team match with a Guinness (or more) after an off ship meal of zigeunerschnitzel . . . Can’t get more local color and culture than that. Hope the OP can find a local club and manage to contact them to arrange some court time. We cruised with people who pre-arranged tennis, horse riding, skeet/trap, and a lap of the Ring during the cruise.
  2. Hoyaheel, FYI or fwiw. In the past I posted links relevant to non cruise questions with no blowback. Key thing to avoid are competing travel agency sites and sites with “inappropriate” content. Unless pickle ball is something other than I think it is, the latter should be no problem. 🙄
  3. Not quite accurate. Travelers are not routinely asked for their passport when crossing an intra-Schengen border; but anyone may be asked for their passport at a crossing. If checked and it is from a Schengen country, no issue. If not from a Schengen country with proper entrance stamp, it won’t be stamped again. If non-Schengen and no proper entrance stamp the traveler has “some ‘sprainin to do.”
  4. Take a look at Grand Circle. We have been on cruises with multigenerational family groups and older teens traveling with a grandparent. The kids were well accepted by the crew and other pax. Also, the Program Director model seemed to lend itself well to getting good free time options.
  5. Vantage and Grand Circle both do France (Rhône and Seine) and are among the few that dock in Honfleur. Grand Circle overnights, two nights there. Vantage?
  6. As if a lot of non Asians can readily distinguish by sight specific ethnicity or nationality of someone.
  7. And the definition of racism you use is? From what source? Just curious.
  8. Agreed. At least if you locally, you have more resources to correct problems. And it’s easier to vet the retailer.
  9. If you aren’t a Rolex expert, you might want to have a long talk/tutorial with your local trusted jeweler. Some (hesitant to say many) island jewelers don’t represent their merchandise is the same manner that jewelers here do. I don’t know whether it’s a matter of best practice or regulation. Visited an island jewelers store with a cousin who is a semi-retired jeweler and someone we dined with. After listening to the sales pitch for a watch that a cruiser we dined with thought was a good value cuz asked several, what to me were technical, questions. Apparently they were very on target as the store manager came over, listened for a bit, informed us that cuz knew too much, and politely asked us to leave.
  10. It sure would have been enlightening if someone had indicated that their worldly travels and living in other countries had been under military auspices. Fact is even military need passports for leisure international travel not under orders. And, they may need a passport to enter other countries even with orders.
  11. Well, let’s not go to far with that. ID card is only good to enter the country of assignment wit orders and travel within that country when permitted by a Status of Forces Agreement. Here are a few actual problems. https://www.stripes.com/news/soldiers-may-run-into-problems-when-deploying-overseas-without-a-passport-1.537478 It would not make Stars and Stripes were it not a problem in more cases. And the article says just that.
  12. There was no issue with the design; it was just unusual for a passenger vessel. Similar designs are common in freight vessels on the rivers.
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