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  1. Yes, we reckon 2021 looks a bit dodgy the way things are, especially with no travel insurance for any health issues associated with covid. It seems a big risk. Also we may not be able to fly to canada from here.
  2. Not air canada. Aussies only get 2 year flight credit. NO REFUNDS.
  3. You don't get any refunds from air canada I'm sorry only air credits for 2 years.
  4. Hi fellow Aussie cruisers. was cancelled out of our bucket list cruise to Alaska this year. Contemplating another attempt in june, 2021. Any other aussies thinking the same trip. We consider there is a fair few risks involved. What do it gets think??
  5. Hi fellow hal cruisers. Have been reading where some of the older ships owned by carnival Corp may be sold or scraped. Do you think the volendam could be one as it is quite old.
  6. Hi. Our travel partners just checked with their t/a and were told that the Brisbane flight is only out now because of no business at the present moment thus why they are only going from Sydney. They were told that the Brisbane flights will be up and running in 2021. The refunds situation is interesting though, we were told by fc that this won’t happen. cheers bob. ( Gold Coast )
  7. Hi mm down under. its not that I don’t believe you however where can I find this information about Sydney to Vancouver flights ONLY, Our T/A 2 days ago didn’t mention it. We were set to go direct Brisbane to Vancouver in 2021. Regards bob
  8. Can someone please tell me if air canada is still flying direct from brisbane to vancouver in 2021 OR do you have to fly from Sydney????? Regards Bob.
  9. Dont know about wearing a mask on air canada, 14 hours direct from Australia to canada.
  10. Do you guys think the alaskan cruises will go ahead in the summer of 2021??. Here's hoping coming from Australia. Regards Bob.
  11. Hi fellow hal cruisers. We want to keep an eye on a alaskan cruise for 2021. Is there any way we can keep checking out the cabin bookings please. Cheers Bob.
  12. How can anyone book for alaska this far out for 2021. There is to many variables that could or couldn't happen at this time. Flight, coach and cruise protocols will all change at some point. Vaccine may not be available or insurance for that matter to cover anything associated with this pandemic. We are going to sit and wait and would only commit with all refundable deposits.
  13. Thanks Ann. We are considering booking June, 2021 with a refundable deposit and see how things go, however won't pay finals to we ensure things are all good or a vaccine is available. Cheers Bob.
  14. Going on the volendam out of vancouver on 9th may, 2021. I HOPE..
  15. Hi fellow Aussie cruisers. wife and I had a Canadian Rockies and Alaska cruise booked for June which was subsequently cancelled due to the pandemic. We are going to make another attempt to do the same trip in June, 2021. Due to our cancellation this year we have the option of taking full cash refunds minus $600.00 in cancellation fees from flight centre OR Take credits and roll them over hopefully to use in 2021. Just wondering what you guys would do, it’s a hard decision. ps. We are a bit concerned that flight centre could go under.
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