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  1. Thanks guys for all your comments. I'm sure we'll have a great trip.
  2. Hi fellow aussie cruisers. Probably not the right board to ask however just want to know any aussies cruisers opinions of the volendam. Booked on her for next june cruising the inside passage of alaska from vancouver. Opinions on the ship or any tips would be great. Cheers Bob 👍
  3. Couple of years back on the solstice we missed dunedin and fjordland due to a ensuing cyclone heading to tge south island of nz. I think we received $30.00 bucks pp for missing these ports. 25%is pretty good if you ask me. Ps. By the way I'm glad we outrun that cyclone at the time as tge weather wasnt going to be pretty if we had stayed.
  4. Did the p & o aria last year out of brissie to the islands and had a great time. The ship was fine with biggish oceanview cabins. Food was ordinary but edible and the staff and entertainment were good. No where near the quality of say celebrity but a fraction of the price. Would I go again with p & o again. Most definitely if the price and itinerary was right.
  5. We did the msc Lirica when it was brand new. Cruise in the Caribbean from fort Lauderdale. Although the ports were great we hated the cruise line and are very reluctant to cruise with them again. The whole experience was bad, customer service, food, entertainment ect. Ps. This cruise was a long time ago and they now have some beautiful new ships with cheap cruises available however we are not game to book with them. Celebrity, princess or Hal will do us just fine.
  6. On our cruise on the aria, yes they were. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. Thanks for the responses. Decided to pull the pin on the cruise. Looking elsewhere. Cheers Bob
  8. Hi fellow cruisers. Have the opportunity to cruise 7 nights Brissie to the whitsundays on the pacific dawn in january. Not really sure now after reading the shocking reviews. What do you think?????
  9. Hi guys. We have the opportunity to cruise on the pacific dawn next january, 7 nighter to the barrier reef. After reading reviews of this ship we are really concerned about going. What are your recent experiences kind regards Bob.
  10. Thanks guys. Looks like I'll bring our bathers. We love the water. Cheers Bob 👍
  11. Hi hal cruisers. Going on the volendam for 1st time in Alaska in june, 2020. Just wondering if we should bring bathers, ie is any of the pools heated?? Cheers Bob.
  12. Hi fellow hal cruisers. Going on the volendam to Alaska from vancouver in june, 2020 for our first time. Have booked a package with cruise and land content with "cosmos". Just wondering if we can pay for our cruise grats prior to sailing or do we have to get them loaded onboard??. Thanks Bob
  13. We have decided to pay for the grats and just enjoy the cruise. Thanks guys for all your opinions. Cheers Bob 👍
  14. Exactly what we are now concerned about. The falling Aussie dollar.
  15. we'll see. I'm very reluctant to buy hey don't want to rock the boat.
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