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  1. The good news is that I looked at the port times and our ship would be the first due to dock. If we get there first and get off quickly hopefully we can beat the rush. We are also there much later than everyone else (11pm) so the evening should be lovely. I have to imagine the port wouldn't schedule more than they could handle. Also, in October maybe these ships won't be sailing at full capacity? I can hope, anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. I like to check the cruise port calendar when I am planning cruises, just to see how many ships will be in port at the same time. On the Greek Islands cruise I am considering with Seabourn, there will be 8 ships in port the day we are in Corfu! Most are smaller ships but there is a Costa ship and an NCL ship in there too, with over 6000 guests between them. And this is in October, which I picked because it was off season and would be less crowded. Is there any way this isn't just a complete nightmare? Is there even room at the dock for that many ships? It's not listed as a tender port on the itinerary. I don't see any other dates with that many ships listed, the most is usually 5 and most only have 2 or 3.
  3. Thank you! What time of year was your cruise? We are planning on October, so hopefully everything will be a bit less crowded and touristy. It also probably will be warm and sunny but not necessarily beach weather. Our cruise ends on a Tuesday so we will stay the rest of the week, and we will do Athens and something else, we can figure out what later. I just was thinking of Santorini because all my friends had said not to miss it and it's not on our itinerary. Where in Bucks County do you live?
  4. Reviving this old thread, as we are hoping to do exactly this. Any more feedback? @jajsmom did you end up doing this?
  5. The price for these on our May 2020 Oasis cruise has reached $2000. I guess people must be reserving them for the price to go this high, but this is a phenomenon I truly don't understand. That's more than we paid per cabin for the entire cruise (and that's for an ocean-view balcony cabin). They started at $1499 and I thought that was outrageous, and I assumed the price would come down once nobody reserved at that price. I was very wrong.
  6. You could also just call and ask...couldn't hurt.
  7. I tried to book coco beach club when I already had a thrill island pass, and it told me there was a schedule conflict. I don't think they will let you do it. You can try now if you want - it won't cancel your existing reservation, it will just tell you that the new one can't be booked.
  8. Those sunset pics are spectacular! We went to Costa Rica last year (land trip), loved it so much.
  9. Are they giving the free swag to everyone on the cruise? Or just the high tier guests?
  10. FWIW, I don't think you sound crazy or unreasonable and I would have had a fit also. And I am also very easygoing and laid back. Bottom line is they screwed up your day, and honestly you probably should have gotten more than 20% off in the first place. I'm glad you had fun anyway! Pics and review are great!
  11. It was a lot of pics but they were all so beautiful! I especially loved all the whole, beautifully decorated cakes on the buffet with a cake knife in front for self service....I'm sure that went well. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. I will try to remember to do that! Sailing in 14 days. We are in a Spacious Ocean View Balcony (have a Royal Up bid in for a Grand Suite but I'm sure there's no way we are getting that LOL). I purchased one of the multi usb hubs that plug directly into the wall so we will see how that goes.
  13. Wow, way to add insult to injury! The 4th day is Friday, right? So as of now it is still supposed to leave Southampton on November 8? I wasn't sure if there were any more weather woes.
  14. Thank you so much for the pics of the Queen Mary - so fascinating! Would love to check it out sometime. Looking forward to the rest of this review! Also, a few of the pics in post 15 are showing as unavailable, at least to me.
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