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  1. What sort of camera are you using? Pictures are so sharp! And (dumb question) how do you post your photos onto your posting? Thanks!
  2. Nice shots! Thank you. Have A6300 Sonys - so one of two isn't bad! (i.e.telephoto and stabilized camera)
  3. Thanks, but I was more interested in the locale, noise factors, convenience etc. The TA at Holland America knows my requirements - 3 people, somewhat handicapped etc - and took care of us in previous cruises on HA.
  4. Aloha 8373seth! Could you take a look at the location of C1149 for me - wondered if it is a good fit for 3 people, two elderly? Thanks - and safe trip!
  5. Too lazy to look it up, but how do you mount the micro-SD card to the Kindle? Thanks Dave!
  6. Dear Campolady: Thank you for assisting visitors to Malaga. I was tempted to go to Cordoba but being handicapped and muy viejo, a four plus hour journey just to get there might be too much! I usually get around on a (handicapped) scooter. Would it be a problem using one in Malaga such as in the market, the Museo Picasso, the Cathedral, the Alcazaba? While I can go very short distances using a cane, the scooter would be preferable!
  7. Thank you, Ruth. Hope to meet up with you one of these days!
  8. Taking a back to back cruise originating in Amsterdam, back to Amsterdam at 7:00am and then the cruise goes from Amsterdam to Rome on the same day at 5:00pm. If we are in the same cabin on both cruises, what is the usual procedure should we want to go on a tour at the end of the first cruise?
  9. Aloha Rich: Wasn't sure if you were still keeping an eye on your Nieuw Statendam posting so ... We are on a B2B in September, the first being from Amsterdam to Amsterdam. Unless HAL decides to upgrade us to a suite, our cabin will be the same. What would be the procedure if we wanted to take a tour when we return to Amsterdam - supposedly the NS arrives in Amsterdam at 7:00AM and departs at 5:00PM? Thanks, Tom
  10. JUSTIN/DAVE Looking at the possible price for the (?) A7000, would you consider the A6400 instead? Quiz: compare and contrast!
  11. I remember when you were building it - time flies! I forgot when I got my Mac!
  12. VIC: Planning on three-four days in Rome. Been there several years ago. If my 86-year old legs can take it, will try for the 4th and basement! Might just spend time photographing gelato stands!
  13. JUSTIN and VIC: Thanks - and JUSTIN, that was what I was debating - prime or zoom. During my old Nikon days, I seem to had gravitate towards my 180mm f2.8! VIC: Great shots! I think laziness would make me use the 18mm-135mm as a primary! Decisions, decisions, decisions ..
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