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  1. It has been a while - two or three years - but we have cruised on 4 occasions in Asia, two on the Volendam. The once and only time we had a balcony was on the Volendam but it was non-usable as it was either too cold or too windy! (November).] However it was a great cruise with interesting ports - my wife wouldn't mind going back to Hong Kong and I would like to re-visit Seoul and Shanghai! On sea-days there was a lot to do on ship-board - though I confess I would rather read, process photos and the like. Food was good. People were varied, interesting and friendly. We either went on tours with people on the CCs, or using TourbyLocals or on our own. The locals were friendly or at least neutral. And when we made these trips, we had just entered our 80s!
  2. I would get it now to fool around with = rather than experimenting with it on your trip!
  3. Campolady: My wife, son and I will be visiting Malaga for the day arriving on the Nieuw Statesdam in September. Because of health reasons, we cannot drink alcohol in any form. How does one handle going into a tapa bar without buying wine or beer or the like? Thanks much!
  4. Are there any canal cruises beginning at the cruise terminals/Movinpick Hotel area? Open or closed boats? We get to Amsterdam in the morning hours and check-in at the hotel is around 3:00pm and we would have a couple of hours to kill!
  5. Thanks for posting the above. Am planning a trip right now and had in mind my Mac Lite, iPad, Kindle, external hard drive etc in addition to two A6xxx and lenses! So your article gives me pause for thought. The proposed increase in Adobe from $10 to $20 and without Photoshop (Bridge?) is making me wonder about Dave's suggestion of Adobe Elements coupled with Luminar! It may be Adobe doesn't want rank-amateurs with limited income (and usage) anymore.
  6. My fault, I fear! I was wondering whether the battery is easily removable to lessen the weight? Of course you would probably have to get a basket and trey for cruise purposes unless someone lugs your stuff/food around.
  7. Comments on Adobe raising price to $20.00 a month?
  8. iMac! I switched from Windows way back when Apple did Photoshop better.
  9. I've taken my rollator both to Europe and Asia. From Hawaii to Europe or Asia, I would always check the rollator as baggage - a rollator being a "medical device" doesn't count as baggage. I would always use wheelchair assistance from the airlines to get to the plane. I can walk for very short distances using a cane and so from the doorway of the plane to the seat isn't too much of a problem. In boarding the cruise ship, I would also use wheelchair assistance and either have the baggage people take the rollator on board or my son would wheel it - the seat makes a good place to place a carry-on! If the boarding the ship is simple (i.e. short) I would use the rollator to board. If the boarding the ship is one of those back and forth, up and down, it is easier to board by wheelchair as my walking ability is limited. I also would rent a mobility scooter for cruise ships and for tours if possible.
  10. Thanks Dave for your critique. I noticed that I use their Photolemur quite a bit - it is one of the filters in my Photoshop.
  11. It is much easier using a rollator especially on grass, cobblestones etc (make sure you have your hands on the brakes!) The rollator is probably better for balance problems as I usually had to use both hands on a walker and the rollator, being heavier and with four wheels, could be manuvered with one hand. The advice about a (rented) scooter on the ship is good advice too - and handy on tours if the bus can handle it
  12. I booked with ToursbyLocals for a tour (Cadiz to Seville).
  13. Technically speaking, Aloha Tower is a lighthouse at the ocean-end of Fort Street. Facing Aloha Tower, Pier 11 would be on your right-hand side.
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