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  1. I enjoy seeing the trivia questions and answers. A little knowledge never hurts an intelligent person!
  2. The idea of a Catholic priest on board is more for the benefit of the crew. In the early days of HAL, the crew was mostly from the Phillipines and predominately Catholic. The Catholics believe that a priest is an intermediary between man and God. I'm not sure of the Jewish faith/beliefs but Protestants from Luther, Calvin, Knox et al believed that there was no need for an intermediary and that it was direct connection between Man and God.The Muslims also believe that there was no need for a priest/intermediary between Man and God. An Imim is a religious teacher but not a necessity in its Faith. So the fact that the crew may be mostly Catholic would fairly mean the necessity of a priest to practice its Faith. For Protestants and Muslims, there is a direct connection between them and God and no need for an Intermediary.
  3. Dave: Do you use your TV to show your photos? If so, what is the procedure? Thanks!
  4. JUSTIN: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Liked the close-up of the Wilson snipe - but a hand-held 600mm?!!! Wow! Very impressive. I have enough problems holding my 70-300mm!
  5. Had an OV on the NS. Had plugs on the bed frame.
  6. Over the years, I've been hacking away at Lightroom. Book after book from Amazon; tutorials at YouTube etc. If one just started with LightoomCC or Lightroom2019, what complete tutorials would you recommend to avoid piece-meal learning?
  7. Reminded me of my favorite car, the Lotus Elan which I absolutely loved - then my two oldest were born!
  8. I had been a Mac user for many years and have an iMac mid 2017. I recently decided to "upgrade" by boosting the memory from 16GB to 32GB. Seems to be working perfectly specially with the Photoshops/Luminar4
  9. Dave and Justin - thanks again for your input. I look forward to Havoc's review of the A6600. I have been taking photos for almost eighty years! In my last trip, I used the A6400 almost exclusively for its fine autofocusing. In all fairness, the A6300 had the 70-300mm lens attached! I doubt if I would ever get to Justin's average of 1,000+ frames per day. I think I would average perhaps 400 shots and half of that would be ARW's (for insurance). So the battery life is not that important having a duo-battery charger. I'm not sure whether the idea of having two memory cards in the camera is something that I would need My shooting is strictly as a rank-amateur - family, travel and some food! My lenses are all Sony except for one Rokinon but the idea of stabilization has some appeal - insurance and perhaps future non-Sony lenses. DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS! (Of course one can always side-step)
  10. Justin and Dave: Thank you for your comments. I had replaced one of my A6300 previously with the A6400 and found it to be "better" and was wondering about replacing my other A6300. With Havoc's comment about the new sensor and the fact that the prices seem to be going down, there's lots to think about. Looking forward to his review.
  11. My wife and son took a trip to China (mostly to the interior) and got their visa through Panda Travel on Kapahulu Ave (Honolulu). If I recall, the cost for visas are the same for 144-hour or 10-years. Get the 10-year one as you never can tell if you would ever go that way again.
  12. If I were to give up my A6300, which of the Sonys - A6400, A6500 or A6600 - would be the best for the bucks spent? (I realize the A6600 being the newest would probably have the best re-sale value.)
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