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  1. Rich: What's happening in Lincoln Center? Was impressed by the quintet they had on the NS when we were on a cruise in September.
  2. Dave: Waiting for your report! My son and I just came back from s B2B cruise and took (too) many pictures. Photographs were takenin both jpeg and AWR and my son took his in jpeg and rw2 files. Separating the "RAW-like" files, I ran the jpegs through Luminar(-3) Flex batch program. I was very impressed and so I am waiting for the Luminar4 to see what that program will do.
  3. Where there are cobblestones in Rome, beware of the gaps between stones. The narrow wheels on the rollatpor can get stuck in those gaps and you can lose your balance and fall. The rollators with large rubber wheels seem to be a better bet than those narrow hard wheels.
  4. Sorry - should have added that I was using the rollator for exercise on shipboard though the last two days on the cruise, I did use the scooter more and more. If you are using the buffet for meals, a rollator with a seat (use it as a tray) is better as a scooter only has a basket. If you are in the dining room, a scooter is OK though yoou may need a cane to do a few steps to your chai.
  5. I just came back from a rather long B2B cruise - Norway, Iberia and on to Rome - this on Holland America. I live in a condo, had two lumbar and onw cervical surgeries and also aged - 87 come April. Buying a scooter is out of the question for me - space in a condo is a limiting factor. I have been on at least three cruises where I rented a scooter - the last being from Special Needs. For exercise, I used a rollator for the most part on the ship. The Nieuw Statendam is one of HAL's larger ships. The scooter could not fit in our obscured-view cabin and the crew kept moving the scooter when we went to sleep, kept it charged, and would bring it back in the morning. When the bought-tours were over and there were several hours left in the port, armed with a map and phone,, I would go out with the scooter and explored parts of the city. Of course this would depend on whether the city would be regarded as "safe" but I had no problems in any of the ports that we had. The ship's people would assist passengers using scooters at the docks - helping you get it down or up the gangplank/ramps. Having the scooter is, in my opinion, is a MUST!
  6. HELP NEEDED! Took a bunch of photos yesterday in a museum. Many paintings have either varnish or glass protection which reflects the overhead lights. Is there a way or removing or at least minimizing the reflection using either Lightroom or Photoshop? Thanks
  7. I’m presently on the NS in Bergen and about to return to Amsterdam.They have cloth bags.
  8. I am traveling with my A6xxxs and with the Sony 10-18mm zoom and a Rokinon 12mm. Isn’t a duplication of effort? I don’t print beyond 8x10. (Space) and probably wouldn’t crop that much.
  9. Perhaps I was looking at the wrong page, but I didn't see anything about it in the "Spa" brochure in the HAL webpage. Do you make the reservation for a pass onboard?
  10. Looks as if I will sell my 70-300mm and get the 70-350mm. For me physically, lighter is better!
  11. Aloha from Hawaii! I'm going to be on the NS a week from now - was thinking of a semi-live report with photos. How did you do the reports? And how did you incorporate your pictures and videos? Thanks - and incidentally, great job!
  12. What features would make it better tham the 70-300mm lens? Is the 70-350mm for full frame?
  13. Aaron and Dave: Thanks much. Very useful information. Probably will stick to my A6xxx being a cheap pake!
  14. Great to see the "Big Three" discussing the pro and con of the FF and APS-C A6600. What are the disadvantage of using the Sony lenses that I bought for use on my A6xxx if I went over to a full frame Sony?
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