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  1. Thats odd - small and 'limited choice' stores [Aldi, Trader Joes, IGA, Lidl] typically do not have a pharmacy, but most branches of the majors [King Kullen, Stop & Shop, Shoprite] seem to have them. [Or you can just follow a few miles of receipts back to a CVS]
  2. We normally do room service or KC for breakfast - except for disembarkation days. Then, we typically have the 'do not disturb' sign out and go to an early breakfast in Britannia, then back to the room to brush teeth and collect our things. Typically, the only part of the process we don't like is the tedious wait in the Queens Room for the last set of disembarking passengers [decks 4 and 5]
  3. We had a 1957 Plymouth 2 door [with push button automatic transmission ] that had seat belt anchor knock outs for the front seats [installed in 1962].
  4. This is the third week of working from home - that's been a routine for a few days each week for years. Our across the street neighbor is a 'first responder' and needs to continue to work, despite showing symptoms. Mrs Bear was a paramedic, and we cleaned out her kit [masks, gloves, airways...] and dropped them off across the street. We currently do not have a cruise scheduled - we were looking at the August 2021 'grand Norwegian' TA round trip. Hopefully putting our deposit down this summer.
  5. From my experience this fall [M929B, two Southampton days] the UK paperwork is done on board, so you can just walk off with the self disembarking passengers. I just made a quick trip to Boots, returning before the terminal was ready for arriving passengers to check in. This resulted in a detour through the baggage area to the crew check in on deck 1. [I needed the umbrella I was carrying for some of the walk back to the terminal] Over in the "ports of call - Europe - British isles/western Europe" forum, there are some posts by John Bull describing some sample DIY tours - to Portsmouth, Salisbury / Stonehenge, Isle of Wight, or local Southampton sights. We had two low key/local days - The first was a rainy Sunday, so about an hour after my Boots excursion, we caught a taxi to St Michael's church, and an Uber back to the ship after the service and Tea. Our second layover day was the following Friday [sunny 🙂 ] we both had picked up a sinus infection [did not respond to the over the counter decongestant from Boots, needed prescriptions from the QM2 medical center ]. Mrs Bear put out the word on Facebook that we would be hanging out at "The Dancing Man" - a brew pub across from the Red Funnel ferry terminal. We did get a chance to meet some of her facebook friends, and had a pleasant couple of hours - and nice beer.
  6. Used Safari's develop menu to change the user agent string to pretend its an iPad - and at first glance things look normal [can post this comment]
  7. On my Mac with Safari, I am seeing the 'site map' as a transparent overlay of the page. The 'site map' remains fixed in location, and I can scroll the normal page under it. I cannot click any of the normal links. Some tests with alternate browsers showed the site was still not fully functional in Chrome [could not log in], FireFox [the 'NoScript' extension may be blocking things] A fairly recent version of Opera seems to work - need to see when/if things break when I update it to the current version
  8. That's an indication of a novice coder bug - that date is the 'epoch' marking the beginning of time for UNIX derived operating systems. The code rendering the date got a zero instead of a proper value. If it logged an error, it likely was downed out by the sheer volume of internal errors generated within the web site
  9. Back in 2010, we discovered our 'upgrade' at check in in Brooklyn [from deck 4 sheltered balcony to 8003, right next to the Library]
  10. Cunard will book single 'voyages' or multiple overlapping segments - so passengers will change [old one leaving, new passengers arriving] at several ports. For example last on our NYC round trip, there were passengers booked for cruise segments from Quebec to Southampton , NYC to Southampton, Southampton to Hamburg, Hamburg to Southampton, Hamburg to LeHavre, Southampton to NYC, and LeHavre to NYC. Some things were treated as separate segments [e.g. our WiFi time balance was credited at Southampton, Hamburg and again at Southampton] Other perks were treated as a single 'voyage', like only one 'world club' invite for the round trip.
  11. Back in 2017, on a TA round trip, two of out table mates had been upgraded to QG - but decided to have dinner in later seating Britannia instead.
  12. Take a look at Holland America's "Voyage of the Vikings". (transatlantic round trip, typically from Boston). Check their web site, and discussions here on the Holland America forum.
  13. I have the M10.2 with the 'R' lenses [14-42 & 40-150] and have used them on cruises and general photography. For general camera setup, you may want to look at Robin Wong's OMD Cheat Sheet Look elsewhere on his blog for many photos taken with Olympus cameras [indoors, outdoors, macro], and gear reviews. I would say use Single Auto Focus almost exclusively - its quick focusing and reliable. When outside in daylight I tend to use program mode with the silent [electronic] shutter. [I will use program shift sometimes to open or close the aperture] For shots from the moving boat, depth of field will not be an issue for shooting things on shore, or other boats. At base ISO [200] and the kit lenses wide open you will see shutter speeds from 1/125 to 1/800 depending on scene brightness. I don't think a river boat move all that fast [needs to minimize wake] so the vessel's motion will be more important to judge as it impacts your composition than needing to freeze motion. For night shots, I will use Aperture priority, with the lens wide open [or as wide open as a kit lens goes]. I will pay attention to shutter speeds, and not count on anything not stationary to be blur free when exposures are over 1/30 of a second or so. I do have night shots I am happy with at very low shutter speeds [a second or two] I have a few where the primary light source was a full moon.
  14. See John Bull's message on this topic https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2725303-southampton-as-a-port-stop-not-embacation-port/?tab=comments#comment-59171221
  15. Two dogs ago, our wiemeriner "Mr Roux", apparently trained himself to alert to low blood sugar. He would nudge/hit or bark until my wife roused. When she checked, her meter would show low readings [40 or less]. When our current dog [Miss Judy, a 10 year old Beagle] paperwork caught up with her it stated that she had been trained/certified for blood sugar. Mrs Bear is taking better care of blood sugar levels these days, but Judy did alert a couple of times - and sure enough the meter said 'too low'.
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