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  1. Contact NCL and they'll have you fill out a form in advance regarding your special needs. My mom has an allergy to butter and they assigned a specific crew member to work with her each day to make her food choices and ensure no cross-contamination. I've toured the galleys and they have separate areas to prepare these types of meals. It was incredible and they went above and beyond. A few nights, the chefs even made a special dessert for my mom to eat that fit her needs. It was amazing!
  2. Hi -- We're booked with the free airfare promo and a friend is now also joining us on the same cruise (different reservation, but same airport). Is there a way to have NCL to book us on the same flights? I know you can "link" reservations, but I don't know if that will be taken into account when assigning air... Thanks!
  3. We're just off the Breakaway. For Belize City, we were told to meet at 9am in Cirque and they would escort us off as a group. That's a nice option, but we wanted to get off on one of the first tenders at 8am, so we ended up getting tender tickets instead.
  4. We have an 11:30am flight out of MSY after our Breakway cruise in December - Thanks for asking the question! The ship docks at 7am. As long as we walk off and are through customs by 9:30, I think we'll be fine. That being said, we also have Global Entry/TSA-Pre... So we shouldn't have any issues getting through security at the airport. Good Luck!!
  5. Happened to my Hubby too - We were so confused :)
  6. You can always ask - but I'm guessing no... They're VERY specific with the certificates...
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