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  1. Thank you all for your help! I’m within the 60 days and will start with a call to my TA.
  2. I need to move my parents reservation to the same TA that I use. I’ve never done that before. Do I call the TA or Royal Caribbean to do it? If I call Royal Caribbean, how does the TA “know” a reservation is coming to them....especially if it’s a large agency and I’m not using a specific person. Also, will I get a new reservation number. I’m concerned about losing all the excursions etc I’ve already booked. My parents also have a refundable fare and I’d like to take advantage of a lower non-refundable deposit rate. Appreciate any advice before sit on hold forever on the phone trying to figure this out. I make all travel plans for my parents as my dad is extremely hard of hearing. Thanks.
  3. I know this question has been asked before. I’ve seen it myself but didn’t pay attention because it wasn’t relevant to me at the time. I’ve searched the board and just not seeing the posts with this specific question. I may have to cancel my early December 2019 symphony cruise. We’ll get $300 FCC. If I cancel on 1 July 2019, do I have to embark on another cruise by 1 July 2020? Or can I just apply it to any cruise I have placed a deposit on by 1 July 2020? I have a cruise scheduled for fall 2020 I’d like to place it against. Also, how do I receive my fcc code? How long does it take to get it after a cancellation?
  4. 2 — We did an 8 day southern Caribbean in Oct 2018. Days 2 and 6 On Freedom.
  5. Hand sanitizer does not kill the norovirus. Cruiselines that don’t push the use of sanitizer actually have fewer outbreaks according to studies. Theory is that hand sanitizer gives folks a false sense of security so overall handwashing with soap goes down. I first heard this on a rick Steve’s talk and looked it up for myself. Now I just constantly wash my hands when I’m on ship.
  6. If I’m sharing my cabin with children, do I have to buy a beverage package for them if I want the deluxe package? Large family cruise in the works. Also, how do I just “search” just within Royal Caribbean. If I have a generic question, I get responses for every cruise line.
  7. Thank you all for your suggestions on timing. I actually have 3 cruises reserved now — 27 May, 30 Aug and 27 sept. Will be watching prices and airfare rates when they become available. I asked about 30 Aug because it is sooooo much cheaper than the other dates. I can get a center hump junior suite for nearly the same price as a standard balcony on the others. Im leaning towards the end of May cruise just because I like green and flowers.
  8. Thinking about doing the 9-night, 30 Aug-8 Sep 2020 eastern Med cruise from Rome on Explorer. Will be our first cruise in Europe on RCI. I’m curious as to the guest mix at that time of year. Kids are still out of school in Italy until mid Sept, so wondering if lots of locals go on RCI versus the European cruiselines. Can anyone give me some perspective on what I should expect? Lots of kids?? Percentage of Americans? Just trying to get some idea on the “feel”. I enjoy experiencing other cultures (was even an exchange student in high school), so really just a curiosity question. Trying for a romantic getaway.
  9. Ive done both excursions. I’ve climbed DRF twice. The first time, my son Nicholas was 7 and went along. We put him between my husband and I during the climb and it worked out great. I never felt it was unsafe for him. There were lots of kids in our group. You do have to be attentive and younger kids will need some steadying hands occasionally. Did the Family New Hope Estate excursion in April 2018. The description above is accurate. You might have time to do 3 events. We did zip lining, ATVS, and Tubing. It was a great time. Do not expect to feel like you experienced real Jamaica on this excursion. It’s pretty much bus there, do activities and bus back to the ship. Theyre both great excursions. DRF is more of a must-do in my opinion because its a unique opportunity, but only you guys know how adventurous your girls are.
  10. Cruised Freedom of the seas in Oct 2018. Third time going out of San Juan. Other times were on serenade and jewel. We had a great time and loved our itinerary. Met some great people through our roll call. That being said, we did notice that English speakers were in the minority. I was kinda surprised at the number of Puerto Rican guests who spoke no English at all. I had to use my rudimentary Spanish quite a bit...like in the elevator just trying to be let out on a couple occasions. No big deal. The pool deck was packed and rowdy, but that’s pretty common on every cruise. We do beach excursions if getting wet is important to us. Because there were so many Spanish speakers, it was always easy to get good seats at shows and ship activities that were generally in English. There may have been some activities in Spanish, but I didn’t see any advertised. There is also a higher than normal chance that excursions get cancelled for lack of participation when so many guests already live in the Caribbean. i wouldn’t let the reviews stop me from going on Freedom. We could always find peace when we wanted it. Just recognize that communication glitches and cultural differences can exist in the public areas more so than on cruises originating in conus and a small dose of extra patience might be needed.
  11. I booked a refundable cabin on this itinerary as well because the prices were comparatively great. It’s probable we’ll end up on the same trip as you! Thought about the junior suite for double points that will get me close to diamond, but decided we’d just splurge on the land portion of our vacation instead. Only downside is it’s likely to be hot and muggy!
  12. I booked a 2d balcony cabin on the above cruise for $2300 per person because any balcony category above that was soooo much more expensive. For example, a category 2b, our normal selection, was nearly $6000 per person. A balcony guarantee is $4500! It’s been like that since the itinerary was released. Thought it was a glitch that rci would correct by now. Now I’m wondering if the ship is chartered or something for that cruise. Anyone see this sort of thing happen before with prices or have any idea why rci would basically take those rooms off the market with crazy prices. It’s the same way in other room types as well.
  13. Thank you for the responses. I’m going through itineraries now. It’s about a $500 increase to cabin cost to do refundable. I’m debating with myself.
  14. I’m looking at booking a Med Cruise for fall 2020. Since it’s so far out, I’m planning to book it refundable. I’ve seen posts where people say they have converted later to a non-refundable fare to save money or get perks. My question is....are there any issues or limitations to doing this? Can I just call RCI or my TA and request the change when the cruise is closer? Just looking for a little bit of “how to” on this.
  15. Ate at chops twice and it was probably my best chops experience in 6 cruises. Food was cooked perfectly. Had no issues making our shows if we told our servers. I also like that the chops on Freedom has a high up ocean view with big windows. Chops and Giovanni’s are at the entrance to the windjammer on deck 11. I’ve seen quite a few negative comments on here about FOS customer service. I did not experience anything short of cheerful, attentive service at any dining venue. Ate in the MDR 5 times. Food was acceptable/good. Lets just say I didn’t leave the cruise (sitting at SJU now) feeling hungry (or skinny)!
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