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  1. We request two bags, one for regular and one for delicate (indicated on the form). You have the option of requesting folded or hanging. Great service! We've always used it, even when we had to pay.
  2. We had something similar when flying into Vancouver. American Airlines lost our luggage, and we had the Pan Pacific, Travel Guard, and Princess all looking for it. We always at least one cruise tag on the bags when we fly. The luggage was waiting for us after dinner.
  3. How do we find the pre and post-cruise hotels on the new HAL website?
  4. We ship our luggage to the pre-cruise hotel. One of our carry-ons (personal bag) is devoted to medicine these days. We stay at the Residence Inn (2 night pre-cruise) and always send a shopping list. We buy huge bottles of mouthwash (DH uses three different types), box of Puffs Plus, etc. We need larger bottles since many of our cruises are in the 20+ day range. We've taken to using sunblock & insect wipes, because they don't count as liquids. The wipes go into the carry-ons. Since DS needs three bottles of mouthwash, we've had to get creative.
  5. We bring a huge bottle of Coppertone, and also the individually wrapped wipes. The wipes go in our day bags, just in case we forget to apply it before we go out. We also bring the insect repellent wipes for the room and our day bags.
  6. I also vote for the laundry package. We send something out every day. When we get to the end of the cruise, we put notes in the packing cubes labeled clean and dirty. Also cross pack! We remove the caps from the toiletries long enough to put a plastic square over the opening, then replace the cap. Fewer leaks. Keep the shoes to a minimum. For the Caribbean, remember sunblock and sun hats.
  7. Is Westerdam also losing it's Ice Class? Why can't they incorporate the new Ice Class regulations into their next set of ships constructed? They just cut steel for another Pinnacle Class ship. How much does building for ICE Class add to the cost of a vessel?
  8. Wanted to add that on our 2019 VOTV, they swapped our Iceland ports, so Reykjavic was in the 2nd half and Akueriyi and Isafujor was the first half. Also, changed our Norwegian port.
  9. I don't understand this. What's the problem w/ Greenland, and what does the Gulf Stream have to do with it? Is it a climate change issue. Is Prince Christian Sund below 60N?
  10. Are all gangplanks at Santiago non-covered? Or did the Zaandam just "luck out." In Quebec City, we had an uncovered gangplank and embarked in a tent because the regular spot was already taken.
  11. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. We've had cruises cancelled by cruise lines three times now. We actually had two cancelled last year during the Prinsendam mess. I consider $150 a bit bad, especially when they told us it was only applied to their substitute. When Royal Caribbean cancelled the Rhapsody , we got $400 OBC for ANY CRUISE. We were supposed to start in Hawaii and go to Vancouver, but they redeployed the ship to Asia. There were people on that ship that had booked three cruises in a row and got all of them cancelled. With all three incidences, we found out about the cancellation on CruiseCritic first. Royal Caribbean pulled the cruise from their website, then waited two months before announcing the redeployment. I'd do a search and see if you can find any cruises on other cruise lines during that time period. If it's Alaska, we usually see five ships in any given port.
  12. We've also been in a Grand Suite on Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas and had a fabulous Concierge, Francis. He sent us emails the week before departure, and he also facilitated the best disembark we've ever had. We waited in the Concierge/Viking Crown, and he took us in groups down the elevator to the gangplank on deck 1. He stuck his key in the elevator panel, and turned the elevator into nonstop. I was wondering if all the Royal Caribbean ships do the disembark that way. He also told us that the Concierge lounge was for suite passengers only. I guess they had too many diamond plus members on that cruise. I don't remember any laundry service with the Grand Suite on Royal Caribbean. And we've been in a neptune a couple of times on HAL. The concierge was on duty the entire time it was open. We did have some scheduling conflicts for the Pinnacle grill, but decided it was a good way to save money. Not that we needed to save money, because we had a huge amount of onboard credit for that cruise. We're always impressed with the laundry service on HAL, and now we're getting laundry service as a loyalty perk. Much better than the laundry perk on Royal Caribbean.
  13. We did this on our 35-day cruise in 2016. We never got the bathrobes. They had the wrong sizes in stock, and they finally credited our account. Not as much as I thought we should have gotten though. We never got the tea and canopes. We had to order them by a certain time in the morning, and I kept forgetting before their deadline. The liqueur and wine was a limited list. They had what we wanted. We were able to finish the two bottles of wine, but not the alcohol. We left half of each bottle. We had visited the infirmary and the doctor kept taking us off alcohol due to antibiotics. Very impressed with their laundry service. Wasn't impressed with the breakfast the last morning in the pinnacle grill and "special disembarkation procedures." Not anywhere up to what we had in a Grand Suite on the Grandeur of the seas when the Concierge led us to the elevator and down to a special gangplank on deck 1. I think you'll have more selection ordering the items ale carte.
  14. We did the Victoria Pedicab in Victoria and also Butchart Gardens. Make sure Butchart is a ship tour, because traffic can be pretty bad at times and it's quite a drive. For Juneau, we've done the Gold Creek Salmon Bake, also the Juneau Photo Safari, Mt. Roberts Tramway is also nice, but wait till you're in port to buy the tickets. You don't want to take it on a cloudy day. For Ketchikan, I'd suggest the Misty Fjords Wilderness and Explorer cruise. Skagway, the White Pass Railroad. We did the legacy car the last two times and think it's worth the money. Burro creek is also nice. Never been to Sitka.
  15. DH being on low carb diet has requested veggies instead of carbs for the sides on HAL and they're always happy to comply. On Princess, I asked for a main dish sized entree once, and got it. Having food allergies, they usually insist I pre-order everything.
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