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  1. We did the Panama Canal in 1999, and I think the pilot had to board the ship. Also, during the Gatun Locks, the outer decks were packed, and we were right next to the land. The Ryndam seemed like a close fit.
  2. According to the blog, docking in Hilo, Hawaii. Yikes! Can't imagine trying to get flights back home.
  3. No Fox News, Trump treated that the ban doesn't extend to goods, just passengers. I guess all those container box loaders we see in ports involve little face to face contact.
  4. Our TA transferred my cruise back to HAL in 2017, and shore ex cancelled all of our shore excursions. I had to repurchase them, and they had gone up in price. I did read on Royal Caribbean thread about someone that was asking how to transfer their cruise back, because the TA had disappeared. I think they managed to talk Royal Caribbean into transferring the cruise back.
  5. Good point! I'd have a pretty hard time getting an appointment w/ an MD. Not to mention sitting in the doctor's office right before the cruise and catching everything. I don't understand why they can't get the ship's doctor to check them. They're going to lose a lot of money.
  6. We've been in both an SS and a NS. The Neptune Lounge is a lot less crowded than it's counterpart on Royal Caribbean. No free alcohol (beyond embarkation night). We had a B2B, and they did not invite us for the embarkation night reception on the second leg. When they say "embarkation" night, they mean the day you actually board the ship! The Neptune Lounge also has a cappuccino machine. They also offer free snacks throughout the day. These snacks are better than the lounges on Royal Caribbean. But all cold snacks. You can also get a continental breakfast first thing in the morning, then go down the the Pinnacle after it opens. The concierges are on duty whenever the Neptune Lounge is open. You're also supposed to get some free bubbily in the room, but to be honest, we didn't finish it.
  7. Pretty jammed together on inside muster drills too.
  8. We register via the S.T.E.P. program, and we're often getting emails from embassies about voting.
  9. Obviously very short handed! Our TA isn't getting anything done either.
  10. Emailed my personal cruise consultant at HAL, and she phoned me back. Unfortunately, I'd gone through a TA, and they're not very helpful.
  11. Did something similar to me. Never got it cancelled, because the TA's cancellation department closed for the night. So, I have to go through the whole annoying thing again tomorrow.
  12. We got the message from Ashford. After another two hours, the TA told us the cancellation department was closed.
  13. I'm confused. We got standard trip insurance through a third party. Is HAL going to refund us in Future Cruise Credit? We're leaving on March 18th. The idea of getting stuck on the ship wondering if everyone I'm near has COVID-19, or staying in our cabin for 18 days doesn't appeal. If we're going to stay in our cabin, we may as well be at home with reliable internet. Called the TA an hour ago, and he said they were not offering anything, because they hadn't heard anything bad about any of their ships.
  14. We're scheduled to leave on March 18th, but we didn't get cancel for any reason, and they're telling me that they have no information of things going bad on any of their ships. If we do end up cancelling and getting no refund/future credit, we'll probably cancel all our HAL cruises and go with another line.
  15. I'm also interested. Our cruise leaves on 3/18, cruise plus Southwest Airlines.
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