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  1. We're diamond plus on Royal Caribbean. The last few times, we hated how crowded it was in the main dining room. In fact, they oversold our high season Alaska cruise. We finally gave up on the main dining room, and ate in the specialty dining all but two nights. Our fare was 30% higher than low season Alaska, and it was not 30% better. Crew also ambushed us regularly with promotions. They do have the best Junior Suites in the industry. You'll need a JS, to avoid the crowds.
  2. Saw one of those water dispensers at the Houston airport, and it worked great!
  3. On one of the Royal Caribbean ships, we had our cabin steward's supervisor come to talk w/ us. She said they sterilize the ice buckets. HAL's tongs are hard to retrieve ice, so I use a spoon instead.
  4. Always wondered how safe it was for animals to fly in the cargo hold of a plane. I wondered if they could get by w/ less oxygen than humans.
  5. No worries. I'm not going to pet any dog with or without harness. I hate it when dogs jump in my lap or go for my legs. Dogs used to always jump in my mother's lap, and the owner just sat there.
  6. We had a lady give a speech about see eye dogs in our Toastmaster's Club, and she said, same as Kazu, petting a dog while on duty was a huge no-no. If they're wearing the jacket, they're on duty, and it can really confuse them. Now, if they're not wearing the jacket, then it's o.k. to pet them. Not sure how many hours a service dog is "on duty" before it must take a break. We had a lady at our local office depot that had a dog w/ the jacket, and she said it was for her asthma. She brought the dog with her when she showed me where one of the products was. Strange enough, I don't know what happened, because I never saw her after that.
  7. On Royal Caribbean, if you have the balcony discount, I don't think they'll give the shareholder's benefit. We used to own Royal Caribbean stock, and I NEVER got any OBC from them.
  8. I used a wheelchair before my hip replacement. Needed it for boarding and disembarking. I would slow people down too much otherwise. I also requested a wheelchair in airports for the long trek between terminals. If not for that, I would have missed a lot of transfers. During the cruise, I just hobbled along as best as I could. I also had some extra cash available for tips.
  9. Do you have a special ID to travel w/ the service animal? I'm terribly afraid of dogs, and think it will latch onto my ankle and not let go. DH thinks if the dog bites, there's something really wrong w/ the dog.
  10. I would think the dogs would be charged a full fare like passengers. But I guess they could get in under the kids cruise free promotions. But then they're not kids . . .
  11. Saw a small dog (poodle maybe) in a stroller on formal night. The owner had dressed the dog in a black gown and tiara.
  12. We had some bad weather on our recent Voyage of the Vikings. We missed one port and left two early. In fact, the captain announced that he was stopping tender service at one of them, and I wondered how they were going to get the passengers already ashore back aboard. We were SO glad we hadn't gone ashore! He ordered more crew to the tenders to act as spotters, and eventually got them back aboard. We had some nasty weather, and ended up moving all the glassware on our cabins to the floor, when it started moving. Weather in the North Atlantic can be bad, and sometime after the tender ports, we started seeing a few passengers w/injuries.
  13. Put the wine in a separate bag, and just grab it at baggage claim and take it with you. You really don't want the bottle to break and mess up your luggage. We use wine diapers, but they still can leak.
  14. We had two coffee cups, two smaller espresso sized cups too. Each cabin cleaning, we got refills for regular, decaf and espresso. Neptune lounge has more choice w/ their machine. But the Nespresso in your suite is great for that first cup of coffee in the morning. Personally, we've never just ordered coffee through room service. Last cruise, DH made the trip to the Explorations Cafe each morning and brought back Coffee Mocha and Caramel Latte. I think you can mix up some Coffee Mocha in the Neptune Lounge w/ their cocoa mix and coffee machine, but not the Caramel Latte.
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