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  1. Does Explorer of of the seas have a freestyle coke machine? Does Royal Caribbean still load drinks onto our seapass card for happy hour?
  2. Do they run out of chairs if we opt out of renting a cabana?
  3. Hamburgers and hot dogs? DH is very picky with his BBQ. Must be brisket and must have bbq sauce.
  4. Can we eat at the Coco Beach Club w/ the unlimited specialty dining package?
  5. We have an unlimited dining package. Can we use it at Coco Beach Club?
  6. Do the cabanas at Cococay each have their own restroom?
  7. If I have the unlimited specialty dining, will they charge me for a Chop's steak ordered from the MDR via room service? I'm in a grand suite.
  8. I feel your pain. We chose to cancel on March 9th, and then we had to cancel our two in September. We didn't book a room as nice as the Genie rooms, but it was still a nice suite. I'm really missing being out on the water. But we just booked a GS for next fall. Went up to a GS so we could avoid that packed dining room. Here's hoping. We did get the 35-day Boston - Canada - Iceland - Norway - British Isles and back last year.
  9. Do Diamond Plus Members still get the laundry perk?
  10. Thanks folks. Is there a way to order our amenity gifts? I used to do it in the profile, but couldn't find it. We're diamond plus. Do they still load three drinks on our seapass card?
  11. It's been a few years since we've cruised on Royal Caribbean. So I have a few questions. 1. Can we still prepay our gratuities through our travel agent? She told me it was available in the cruise planner. 2. Does the unlimited specialty dining include Johnny Rockets? 3. With the unlimited specialty dining or 3 dining package with the $35 in ale carte credit. Is that per package or per restaurant? 4. Can we order specialty dining via Room Service if we're in a Grand Suite. 5. Is there a Suites Only beach in CocoCay? 6. What's the deadline to cancel a shore excursion once on the ship? 7. Do they still offer free sea sick pills? The last time on the Radiance, they tried to send me to medical. Thanks for your help.
  12. The victim ate an infected Marmot (sp). In the Black Plague 22-part course series, they spoke of plague in Madagascar. Also people tend to die of it, because the symptoms can cover a lot of things, and the doctors can miss it. Not to start an argument, but while in China back in 1984, someone on our tour asked, "what type of meat is this?" My reaction was I don't want to know. Looked like it was from a pretty small animal and no knife cuts. They had something called silver fungus, which was pretty good. Six years of COVID would stink. They still don't have a vaccine for HIV.
  13. I watched the Great Courses Black Plague on Amazon Prime last month. And it took six years to burn itself out. It spread rapidly due to the sea routes. But the thing I didn't know about the Black Death was that it returned about every 10 years into the 17th Century. The last few lasted twenty and thirty years! The plague didn't return after the Great Fire in London in 1666.
  14. We've also cancelled three cruises for 2020, and may cancel the ones in 2021 too, depending on the unrest in the departure cities. One of the reasons we've been choosing HAL over other lines is the laundry perk. We also consider the specialty dining benefit. But the main reason would be the free laundry. That's the first thing we consider when picking a cruise line.
  15. So sad. Those small ships can go where the larger ships can't. I hope they have some small ship builds planned.
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