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  1. What do the cabin steward actually clean in our staterooms? We're wondering how much we actually need to clean. Also, how often do they clean the railings?
  2. How fast is Eurodam's Internet Speed? I'm considering prepaying, since it's cheaper. But I want to be sure I can stream first.
  3. HAL's website is awful. I really lost my chance, I had some IT guys in the elevator w/ me in Rotterdam, and didn't grump at them once! If you can afford it, I'd suggest the Neptune Suite. Otherwise, if it's an old Amsterdam (not the Nieuw Amsterdam), the Vista is the cheapest way into a room w/ a balcony. You'll get double loyalty credit in the Vista or Neptune Suite. I also suggest getting the laundry package. We boarded the Veendam in Montreal once, and boarded by walking thorough a rather short gangplank (no switchbacks), took the elevator up to our deck, and found our cabin right outside the aft elevator.
  4. Also try some thermacare. They are one time use wraps that get warm when exposed to air.
  5. I'd check the requirements at state.gov too. Depending on how soon you cruise, you should be able to order an expedited passport. Back in 2015, mine took about 7 weeks, and I paid for expedited return shipping.
  6. When do they usually announce the Shareholder Benefit?
  7. For the stateroom upgrade, is it w/in the same category? I'd love to be able to move from a Signature to a Neptune. I don't remember seeing any priority lines at Shore Ex or Guest Relations.
  8. Does anybody know how much the cost of Club Orange? I'm also looking for copies of their expanded menus. Personally, I think they should work the club orange amenities into the 4 star and 5 star perks. I know on Royal Caribbean, the Diamonds or Diamond Plus members got priority seating and specialty coffee in the main dining room for breakfast, as well as a bottle of wine to the stateroom.
  9. Wonder which ship is doing Voyage of the Vikings. Also, noticed none of those 17-day Canada/Greenland include Prince Christian Sund.
  10. I did this in 2016. We could pick 2 bottles of spirits and two bottles of wine. Very limited list. We never got the robes, because they never had the right size in stock on a 35-day cruise. They did credit our account something like $30 each. We didn't do the afternoon tea, because we had to order it before 10 on the day of, and we kept forgetting. Pillow menu didn't help much since we were in a Vista suite. We did like the free unlimited laundry, and we got a new bunch of flowers each week. Special embarkation procedures involved breakfast in the Pinnacle Grill, but no dedicated departure lounge on the Rotterdam. If you're interested in the alcohol, I'd suggest ordering it separately. If you email ship's service, I bet they'll send you the list.
  11. Often the photos at the gangway are not the best place to get a scenic photo. If they're to take photos, I want something scenic behind me. I think a better idea would be to assign the photographers to given ship tours (promoting this in the ship tour brochure) and have the photographers take photos of us during the shore excursions.
  12. Get one of this people to check into it. I complained about the absence of Epi-Pens on the ship, and they refunded my doctor's visit to my credit card. I probably should have complained on the Navigator app, but I didn't. It had to do w/ no epi-pens on the ship, and the ship's doctor's RX not being accepted in the US. They were going to try in Canada, but fortunately I'd found my epi-pen by then. BTW, they did say I was o.k. as long as I was on the ship, because they had epinephrine, and to dial 911. But I'd already started (much to their chagrin) to cancel all shore-ex with a food element.
  13. We bought insurance on our first cruise, and we had to cancel the cruise four days before sailing. We got our money back, and put it toward another cruise. Again getting insurance. We had to use it again, because the ship was late getting into port, the bus broke down in the airport, and we missed the last plane of the night. But we didn't worry, because we had insurance.
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