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  1. If they need to downgrade you, are you also given the option of cancelling?
  2. Okay..thanks for the info....I must have looked at the wrong date. We still did not receive an email from caribbean day pass with our passes. The initial we rec'd said they were processing our request with our $30 receipt.
  3. I understand that going on a 14 day cruise may mean packing more clothes...but thank goodness our "undies" don't weigh much and there is no way I would want strangers touching them. Plus when I hear the awful stories of how clothes are returned after sending them to the laundry, there is no way I would take the chance. But " to each his own."
  4. Never understood the laundry need. We just wash any of the clothes we need and hang them to dry after we've "towel dried them." I guess we just don't feel comfortable having strangers touching our "stuff," personal and otherwise:)
  5. We just booked Barcelo through Car.DayPass and saw that shorexc. passes were sold out for the same day. I hope we don't have a problem. I also noticed that Barcelo was sold out that night for anyone who wanted to stay. there. Not sure why .......
  6. Did I miss your post letting us know what cabin you were assigned to and when?
  7. We do the same thing you do and have never had a problem with tags tearing or being removed. We do not attach them to our luggage until we are leaving the hotel for the port.
  8. Harmony is a GREAT ship....so much to do! The only thing I didn't understand was why they haven't replaced the chairs in the American Icon dining room (deck 3). They are made with bonded leather with most of them cracked and/or torn. The main dining rooms on decks 4 and 5 had beautiful comfortable chairs. Have a wonderful cruise as I hope you get to go to Coco Cay....it is beautiful...the blue ocean water as well as the pool!
  9. Agree...the cabin attendants work so hard and have always been so kind. On our recent HOS, when I waited line at the Cafe Prom to ask for a paper cup and lid (which are now behind the counter, out of reach)for my tea, the young lady turned her back from me and walked to the back room before I could say a word. HOS would have only one crew member at a time in Cafe Prom, even after a show when there would be an influx of people creating a long line. The food selections were also VERY minimal in Cafe Prom. for how many cruisers there were on the ship. From then on, I just went to the Diamond lounge to get my paper cup and tea. Our past RC cruises had many happy crew members who seemed to love their job....it was just really different on the recent OS. The other 5 people I cruised with felt the same way...just a strange vibe all around.
  10. We just got off Harmony on Sunday and I brought up this issue on my survey. We noticed there were few smiling faces and even rude crew members at the Cafe Prom. This was our 19th cruise with RC and it was the unfriendliest cruise we have been on. We refused to let this ruin our good time.
  11. That's what I figured...we keep checking everyday for our end of Nov. cruise to see if we have a cabin assignment.
  12. Totally agree....after a day at the beach, we can't wait to shower and get all the sand and salt off of our bodies and bathing suits.
  13. Agree with everyone...hope for, but don't expect an upgrade. How soon after booking a GTY do you usually receive a cabin assignment?
  14. Totally agree...WAY too crowded. We just went in to get a glass of wine on our way to dinner. Now that we can use our Diamond "coupons" on our set sail pass in the MDR, we will totally skip the DL.
  15. We all have different tastes and I'm happy for you that you had a "wonderful" experience at "Wonderland." Ours was the opposite. The only food we liked was the chocolate dessert. But the ambiance was beautiful. The food was just too weird for us...and it was a huge rip off for $50pp.
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