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  1. We've used SAS several times. When you reserve with them through their website, if you walk off with your luggage before 7:30, when you clear customs, call SAS and they will be there to pick you up by 8:00. We've made 10:50a.m. flights out of FLL.
  2. OMG...another lib apologizing for being an American!!!!:(:(:( FYI: The world right now respects us more than ever:) I have found the people from Puerto Rico and many other countries as very kind and very entertaining. I've been on many cruises out of PR and have not found any language problem.
  3. One more thing...if we won't be allowed to take our unfinished drink out of the DL, there will be a lot of wasted drinks. We aren't ones to hang around the DL because it's just too crowded.
  4. I may have missed this, but can you get a frozen drink with alcohol with your diamond coupons or in the DL OR do they HAVE to be virgin? Can they make a virign mudslide?
  5. Totally understand....I guess I was never able to understand how anyone could post over 150,000 times!! Hopefully he'll enjoy his grandchildren and his future cruises:)
  6. Why are you speechless? Also, I was wondering why Clarea" was no longer a host
  7. Totally agree with your review of Wonderland. We were grateful (and would have been mad if we had paid full price) that we hadn't paid full price as it was part of a dining package. As you said...one and done:)!
  8. You asked for an opinion.....Wonderland is NOT worth it. The food is awful, except the chocolate dessert. The ambiance is very nice...but the food and presentation were just not good. WE ended up going to the Windjammer (which we rarely go to for dinner) when we left Wonderland. Everyone has different tastes so you may like it...we did NOT! Happy cruising!
  9. Clarea, are you no longer a "host" of CC?
  10. Whenever I see or read anything about this case, all I can think of is: the grandfather has been punished enough...or how can you punish him more? He has lost is precious granddaughter and has to live with this every second of every day! One would think that through his constant grief and shock, he may not be thinking straight. One would also wonder if the family is regretting their legal action. Perhaps it's just being human to want to blame someone or something else. It was a TERRIBLE accident and my heart goes out to their family.
  11. We sailed on her 11/29----12/8 and were very disappointed in the condition of the ship. Also most of the employees were new and the activities were poorly planned and timed. Terrible idea that you were assigned a time to go to the ice show:( However, we made the most of our vacation and were determined to have a good time. We love the ABC islands, but have learned a lesson to only go on the most recently refurbed and/or newer ships in the future.
  12. Keep in mind the ones with the correct muster station were allowed in studio B first, the others had to wait until 10 min. before the show to choose their seats. Like I said, in all the cruises we've been on, this is a new set up. IMHO...not a good idea.
  13. The piano player was really good. One night he played Christmas songs and passed out song books for everyone to join. AND, best of all, most of the songs were the religious ones! And it was standing room only:)
  14. We've never been on a ship where you were assigned a time to attend the ice show based on your muster drill. We were fortunate that ours was scheduled for the evening, but what about those cruisers who were assigned the daytime hours? NOT good.
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